Laboratory Capitalism, Culture & Societies

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Laboratory Capitalism, Culture & Societies (LACCUS)
Quartier UNIL-Mouline
Bâtiment Géopolis
CH-1015 Lausanne

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The research conducted at LACCUS analyses different social spaces marked by economic and sociocultural inequalities. These are often continuously increasing but variously experienced, and sometimes widely accepted by decision makers and opinion formers, whether in the world of work, the arts, education, sport or more generally. These inequalities should be linked to recent transformations in capitalism which have led to the reinforcement of its intrinsic logic, and to its "post-industrial" extension to areas such as intellectual production, care and affective relationships. These changes are inseparable from those occurring in the cultural field, which is a place of both the expression (in the audiovisual industry and the arts in general) and the production of these changes (e.g. the artist or researcher without a secure income as a model of the "new worker"). By examining the contexts of production of inequalities and the social spaces in which they interlock, this research focuses both on ideologies (speeches, images, stories) and the power relationships they support, and on the practices of social actors who aim to grasp and question them through political action.
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