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A Systematic Review of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acute Procedural Pain on Neonates.
Balice-Bourgois C., Zumstein-Shaha M., Vanoni F., Jaques C., Newman C.J., Simonetti G.D., 2020/05. The Clinical journal of pain, 36 (5) pp. 390-398. Peer-reviewed.
A Comprehensive Scoping Review Protocol of Using Living Labs to Explore Needs and Solutions for Older Adults with Dementia
Verloo Henk, Lorette Adrien, Gomes da Rocha Carla, Amoussou Joëlle Rosselet, Gillès de Pélichy Estelle, Matos Queiros Alcina, Mendez Rubio Montserrat, von Gunten Armin, 2020/03. Smart Homecare Technology and TeleHealth, Volume 7 pp. 19-27. Peer-reviewed.
Epidemiology of at-risk alcohol use and associated comorbidities of interest among community-dwelling older adults: a protocol for a systematic review.
Latanioti M., Schuster J.P., Rosselet Amoussou J., Strippoli M.F., von Gunten A., Ebbing K., Verloo H., 2020/01/09. BMJ open, 10 (1) pp. e035481. Peer-reviewed.
Medical library services in Switzerland: catching up with EBM.
Bissels G., Klein S.D., de Kaenel I., 2019/12. Health information and libraries journal, 36 (4) pp. 372-377. Peer-reviewed.
Instruments for the identification of patients in need of palliative care: a systematic review protocol of measurement properties.
Teike Lüthi F., Mabire C., Rosselet Amoussou J., Bernard M., Borasio G.D., Ramelet A.S., 2019/11/28. JBI database of systematic reviews and implementation reports. Peer-reviewed.
Malaria standby emergency treatment (SBET) for travellers visiting malaria endemic areas: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Tan R., Elmers J., Genton B., 2019/06/01. Journal of travel medicine, 26 (4). Peer-reviewed.
Medication Management Models for Polymedicated Home-Dwelling Older Adults With Multiple Chronic Conditions: Protocol of a Systematic Review.
Pereira F., Roux P., Rosselet Amoussou J., Martins M.M., von Gunten A., Verloo H., 2019/05/28. JMIR research protocols, 8 (5) pp. e13582. Peer-reviewed.
Does candidate for plate fixation selection improve the functional outcome after midshaft clavicle fracture? A systematic review of 1348 patients.
Vautrin M., Kaminski G., Barimani B., Elmers J., Philippe V., Cherix S., Thein E., Borens O., Vauclair F., 2019/02. Shoulder & elbow, 11 (1) pp. 9-16. Peer-reviewed.
Polypharmacy Among Home-Dwelling Older Adults: The Urgent Need for an Evidence-Based Medication Management Model.
Pereira F., von Gunten A., Rosselet Amoussou J., De Giorgi Salamun I., Martins M.M., Verloo H., 2019. Patient preference and adherence, 13 pp. 2137-2143. Peer-reviewed.
Experiences of newly diagnosed cancer patients in confronting the finitudes of life: a qualitative systematic review protocol.
Stanic J., Perrenoud B., Rochat E., Ballabeni P., Jaques C., Schaer-Chaudhry A.C., Zumstein-Shaha M., 2018/12. JBI database of systematic reviews and implementation reports, 16 (12) pp. 2288-2294. Peer-reviewed.
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