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Department of Physiology (DP)
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The missions of the Department of Physiology of the University of Lausanne are:

1) Teaching physiology to medical, biology, psychology, and sport science students.Physiology is the dynamic study of Life.

As an integrative science, physiology takes advantage of other basic disciplines, ie morphology, biochemistry and cell biology, to study organ and system functions and their regulation. As a dynamic science, it addresses not only the functioning of organisms under standard conditions, but also how organisms adapt to a changing environment, or even to pathological conditions.

2) Conducting research activities in biomedicine.

The research activities of the department of physiology are mainly focussed on basic and integrated metabolism, which includes murine and human metabolism, sport physiology, patho-physiology of obesity and diabetes, central nervous system regulation of energy metabolism, role of neurotrophins in obesity and fetal heart metabolism. The research projects currently underway are resolutely oriented toward the understanding of complex human diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cardio-vascular diseases. A large array of skills is present in the department, and covers many facets of experimental metabolism, from cell biology to clinical research, making it perfectly suited for competitive translational and clinically oriented metabolic research.


Genomic medicine
Glial reactivity and neuroinflammation
Gut motility
Myocardial reperfusion
Neurotrophic factors
Obesity and diabetes
Physical activity
Spatial memory
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