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Studying in the English Department enables students to acquire knowledge and specific skills in medieval language and literature, modern English literature, American literature, diachronic and synchronic linguistics, as well as interdisciplinary approaches in Comparative literature and Gender Studies.

Given the high level of English taught in Swiss schools, all teaching is in English; students must have reached level B2 in English (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) when they begin the first year of the BA programme, the propaedeutic year which provides them with the specific skills needed to write papers at the university level. At the MA level (required language level: C1 or higher), students have a choice of continuing generalist studies in several areas or concentrating in one of the four areas of English study (90 credits MA). They may also take an extra semester in a Faculty-level interdisciplinary "Programme de specialisation" in Comparative European Literature (CLE), Medieval Studies (CEMEP), New American Studies, or Translation Studies. Studies in English prepare students for secondary school teaching, other professions in communication, and doctoral studies in view of an academic career.

Doctoral students receive close specialised counselling but also participate in the activities of the Department, the FDI and the CUSO conferences.

The already close relationship between the Department and the academic world in other countries is maintained through numerous exchanges involving students, which also brings English speaking undergraduate and graduate students to Lausanne. The international ties developed by the English Department can also be grasped by its organization of field trips and conferences, its invitation of internationally renowned lecturers, its research in numerous fields and its publications in internationally recognized journals (see under "Research").


Comparative literature
Discourse analysis
English literature
Gender studies
Literature and culture
Literature in North America
Literature in the British Isles
Medieval literature
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