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Words, Books, Images, and the Long Eighteenth Century: Essays for Allen Reddick
Bevan Zlatar Antoinina, Timofeva Olga, Ittensohn Mark, Steiner Enit, John Benjamins.
French Lessons in Late Medieval England: The Liber Donati and Related Manières Dialogues
Critten Rory G., Arc Humanities Press.
James Joyce, Epiphanies: A Critical Edition
MacDuff Sangam, Beja Morris, Ferrer Daniel, McFadzean Angus (eds.)Joyce James, Editions Hermann.
Learning to manage the writing process collaboratively - an empirical analysis of communication strategies in a CSCL environment
Langlotz A., Schiltz G., Häfliger D., Zwimpfer D. Journal of Writing Research.
Cueing emotional stance in online disagreements
Locher M., Langlotz A. Journal of Pragmatics.
Grandson in the World: From the Pays de Vaud to Edward III’s Court
Renevey D. dans Batt C., Tixier R. (eds.) Booldy bot meekly: Essays on the Theory and Practice of Translation in Honour of Roger Ellis, Brepols.
Prayer and Devotion: the Use of the Name of 'Jesus'
Renevey D. dans Cesario M., Urban M. (eds.) Western and Orthodox Christianity', Departments of Knowledge: Preserving and Reinventing Traditions of Learning in the Middle Ages, University of Manchester.
Representations of Tunisian Undocumented Migration on the internet. Methodological Approaches to a Digital Anthropology of Facebook
Salzbrunn Monika, Mastrangelo Simon dans Auer Anita, Thorburn Jennifer (eds.) Approaches to Migration, Language and Identity, Peter Lang.
"A Mixed Welcome: The Critical Reception of Mary Wollstonecraft."
Steiner Enit Karafili dans Research Companion to Romantic Women Writers., Routledge.
Cultures of Sensibility
Steiner Enit Karafili dans The Cambridge History of European Romantic Literature , Patrick Vincent.
Atkin T., Baccianti S. p. 6 dans Atkin T., Baccianti S. (eds.) Play: Aspects and Approaches (Collection of papers presented at the 5th Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference), Medium Aevum.
Play: Aspects and Approaches (Collection of papers presented at the 5th Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference), ed. by Tamara Atkin and Sarah Baccianti (Oxford: Medium Aevum, forthcoming 2016)
Atkin T., Baccianti S. (eds.), Medium Aevum.
'The Latin Connection: Geoffrey of Monmouth in Iceland'
Baccianti S. p. 25 dans Flood V., Byrne A. (eds.) Crossing Borders in the Insular Middle Ages, Brepols.
'Veni, Vidi, Scripsi: The Use of Sources and Eyewitness in History Writings of the Medieval North'
Baccianti S. p. 25 dans Cesario M., Magennis H. (eds.) Storehouses of Knowledge: Early to Late Medieval, Manchester University Press.
Swelling in Anger: Somatic Descriptors in Old English and Old Norse Literature'
Baccianti S. p. 25 dans Flannery M. (eds.) Emotions and Medieval Media, Brepols.
Eleventh-Century Drag Acts? Three Old English Poems at Exeter Cathedral
Critten Rory G. Exemplaria: Medieval, Early Modern, Theory.
Love Visions and Love Lyrics
Critten Rory G. dans Oxford History of Poetry in English, 1400-1500, Julia Boffey and A. S. G. Edwards.
French Didactics in Late Medieval and Early Modern England: Thinking Historically About Method
Critten Rory G. dans McLelland Nicola, Smith Richard (eds.) The History of Language Learning and Teaching, vol 1. Sixteenth- to Eighteenth-Century Europe, Legenda.
French Lexis in the Auchinleck Manuscript: A Digital-Philological Approach
Critten Rory G., Picca Davide, Gay-Crosier Cyrille Digital Scholarship in the Humanities. Peer-reviewed.
The evolution of language ideological debates about English and French in a major humanitarian organisation
Garrido Maria Rosa Language Policy. Peer-reviewed.
From Grizelda’s Patience to Feminist Grit: Angela Carter’s « The Patience of Grizelda » as a Hidden Intertext to « The Bloody Chamber »
Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère M. dans Crofts Charlotte, Mulvey-Roberts Marie (eds.) Angela Carter’s Pyrotechnics, TBD.
‘Morning Glories of the Night’: Angela Carter’s Translational Poetics in Fireworks
Hennard Dutheil Martine Contemporary Women’s Writing, Oxford University Press.
Local meaning-negotiation, activity types, and the current-discourse-space model
Langlotz A. dans Zima E., Brône G. (eds.) Interactional Discourse in Cognitive Linguistics - Theory, Methods, and Application, John Benjamins.
The role of emotions in a discursive approach to relational work.
Langlotz A., Miriam L. dans Haugh M. (eds.) The role of emotions in a discursive approach to relational work., Cambridge University Press.
Entre paysage allégorique et allégorie du paysage: locus amoenus, exil pastoral et terre inculte dans l'oeuvre de Edmund Spenser
Nievergelt M. dans Imbert C., Maupeu p. (eds.) Le paysage allégorique entre image mentale et pays transfiguré, Presses Universitaires.
Review of Laura Ashe, Ivana Djordjević and Judith Weiss (eds), The Exploitations of Medieval Romance. (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2010)
Nievergelt M. Notes and Queries.
Autonomy will set you free, or will it? Autonomy, Survival, and Precarity
Steiner Enit Karafili pp. 108-124 dans Jane Austen and Critical Theory chap. 6, Michael Kramp.
Steiner Enit Karafili dans The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Romantic-Era Women’s Writing , Natasha Duquette et al..
Nënë, ku je? Flaubert, Borges e Barthes (Mother, where are you? Flaubert, Borges and Barthes)
Steiner Enit Karafili Letra nga diaspora (Letter from the Diaspora).
Doktor i Gjuhës, Skllav i Shkencës: Samuel Johnson dhe fjalori i anglishtes (Doctor of language and slave of science: Samuel Johnson and the Dictionary of English)
Steiner Karafili Enit, 2021/04/18. Peizazhe të Fjalës (Wordscapes)
Holy Harlots in Medieval English Religious Literature: Authority, Exemplarity and Femininity
Vuille Juliette, 2021/04/17. Gender in the Middle Ages, D. S. Brewer.
Relire Comme le sable et Le Creux de la vague: Histoire, gender et roman
Cossy Valérie, 2021/04/15. La cinquième saison, Revue littéraire romande, 14 pp. 91-97.
Heroines and Local Girls: The Transnational Emergence of Women's Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century : by Pamela L. Cheek, Philadelphia, PA, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019, 270 pp., £66 (hardback), ISBN-13: 978-0812251487
Cossy Valérie, 2021/02/16. Women's Writing pp. 1-3.
- Aïcha, Garrido Sardà Maria Rosa, 2021. pp. 1-3 dans B.A.S.S. Meier-Lorente-Muth-Duchêne (eds.) Figures of interpretation , Multilingual Matters .
Endlich Zeit zum Forschen; Enfin du temps pour la recherche; Finalmente è tempo di ricerche.
Schwyter Jürg, 2021. aphasia, 2021 (1) pp. 18-19, 48-49, 72-73.
Ich hoffe, dass dieses Buch Vorurteile über Aphasiker beseitigt
Schwyter Jürg, 2021. dans Lukesch Barbara (eds.) Wer sind wir ohne Sprache? Das Aphasie-Experiment, Edition Punktuell.
Medieval English Multilingualisms
Critten Rory G., Dutton Elisabeth, 2021. Language Learning, 71 pp. 12-38. Peer-reviewed.
Multilingualism, nationality and flexibility: Mobile communicators’ careers in a humanitarian agency
Garrido Maria Rosa, 2021. Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication. Peer-reviewed.
Cape Cod, Literature, and the Illocality of Thinking About Capital
Pickford Benjamin, 2020/12/18. dans Thoreau Beyond Borders, University of Massachusetts Press.
Différence de sexe et humanité: l'aporie des Lumières selon Frankenstein
Cossy Valérie, 2020/11/09. dans Porret Michel, Testori Olinda (eds.) Frankenstein, Le démiurge des Lumières, Georg.
Supralocalisation Processes in Early Modern English Urban Vernaculars : New Manuscript Evidence from Bristol, Coventry and York
Gordon Moragh, Oudesluijs Tino, Auer Anita, 2020/10/19. International Journal of English Studies, 20 (2) pp. 47-66.
Community, Solidarity and Multilingualism in a Transnational Social Movement: A Critical Sociolinguistic Ethnography of Emmaus
Garrido Sardà Maria Rosa, 2020/09/01., 1ère édition Routledge Critical Studies in Multilingualism , Routledge .
“Lions for Lambs: Ambivalent Memorialisation and Melodrama.”
Soltysik Monnet Agnieszka, 2020/09/01. dans Hollywood Remembrance and American War.
Une critique éclairée des livres selon Isabelle de Charrière, Jane Austen et Mary Shelley
Cossy Valérie, 2020/07/01. dans Vanoflen (Laurence) (dir.) Femmes et philosophie des Lumières, De l'imaginaire à la vie des idées, Classiques Garnier.
"The Picnic is Over*… or Maybe Not : Impératif de Croissance vs Protection de l’Environnement, ou l’Impossible Conciliation."
Loetscher Audrey, 2020/05/20. Études de lettres, 312 (2020-1) pp. 51-54. Peer-reviewed.
1980: un écrivain romand est une femme
Cossy Valérie, 2020/05/20. Études de lettres 312 pp. 135-139.
“Danse pour moi, Salomé” A presença assombrada de Salome de Oscar Wilde nos bailados de Maurice Béjart
Loesch Juliette, 2020/05/01. dans de Oliveira Mickaël (eds.) A presença do texto na dança e no teatro contemporâneos, Centro de Estudos de Teatro / Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa.
Répétitions avec variation : leitmotivs et résonances dans les Salomé de Maurice Béjart
Loesch Juliette, 2020/03/31. dans Gauthier Céline, Loesch Juliette, Serol Lucas (eds.) Traces et résonances. Ré-écrire, consigner, adapter la danse, Centre national de la danse, service Recherche et Répertoires chorégraphiques.
Traces et résonances. Ré-écrire, consigner, adapter la danse
Gauthier Céline, Loesch Juliette, Serol Lucas (eds.), 2020/03/31., Centre national de la danse, service Recherche et Répertoires chorégraphiques.
Cossy Valérie, 2020/02/15. dans Alice Rivaz, Come la sabbia, Romanzo, Edizioni Paginauno.
Negotiating ethics: between contractual forms and collaborative reflection [Blog entry: Chroniques du terrain]
Garrido Sardà Maria Rosa, 2020/01/21..
"Lessons of Skin: Solidary Cosmopolitanism."
Steiner Enit, 2020. Cosmopolitan Endeavors: Women's Writing. Specal Issue, 27 (2) pp. 46-62.
[Compte-rendu de] Learning Languages in Early Modern England, John Gallagher, Oxford, OUP, 2019
Critten Rory G., 2020. Journal of British Studies, 49 pp. 897-98.
[vø:rtər] Mélanges de linguistique, de philologie et d'histoire ancienne offerts à Rudolf Wachter. Avec une préface de Barbara Wachter.
Aberson Michel, Dell'Oro Francesca, de Vaan Michiel, Viredaz Antoine (eds.), 2020/01. Cahiers de l'ILSL, 60 238, Centre de linguistique et des Sciences du langage.
Angela Carter lectrice de Colette, ou les affinités électives in '1980. L'an zéro du monde contemporain?', Eds. Jérôme Meizoz et Gilles Philippe, 2020
Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère M., 2020. Etudes de Lettres, EDL 2020/1-2. Peer-reviewed.
Carter’s ‘Furious Laughter’: Baudelaire, Breton, Beckett
Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère M., 2020. dans Gustar Jennifer, Sivyer Caleb, Gamble Sarah (eds.) Ludics and Laughter as Feminist Aesthetic: Angela Carter at Play, Sussex Academic Press.
Cosmopolitan Endeavors
Steiner Enit Karafili (eds.), 2020., 27 2, Special Issue: Women's Writing.
Cosmopolitanism as a Practicable Orientation.” Cosmopolitan Endeavours.
Steiner Enit Karafili, 2020. Women’s Writing , 27 (2) pp. 1-10.
Der Tag an dem alles anders wurde: Mein Leben nach dem Schlaganfall; Le jour où tout a changé: Ma vie après l’attaque cérébrale; Il giorno in cui tutu cambiò: La mia vita dopo il colpo apoplettico.
Schwyter Jürg R., 2020. aphasia.
Ein persönlicher Erfahrungsbericht zur Coronakrise; Un témoignage personnel sur la crise du Covid-19; Un racconto d’esperienza personale sulla crisi del coronavirus.
Schwyter Jürg, 2020. aphasia.
Language as a resource with fluctuating values: Arabic speakers in humanitarian and social work
Hassemer Jonas, Garrido Sardà Maria Rosa, 2020. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 264 pp. 131-161. Peer-reviewed.
Locating Charles d'Orléans: In France, In England, and Out of Europe
Critten Rory G., 2020. New Medieval Literatures, 20 pp. 174-215. Peer-reviewed.
Paroles de bêtes et critique de l’anthropocentrisme chez Angela Carter: de la traduction à la réécriture de 'La Belle et la Bête'
Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère M., 2020. dans Taivalkoski-Shilov Kristiina, Poncharal Bruno (eds.) Traduire les voix de la nature, York University.
Renaissance Personhood: Materiality, Taxonomy, Process
Curran Kevin, 2020., Edinburgh University Press.
Transnational trajectories of multilingual workers: sociolinguistic approaches to emergent entrepreneurial selves
Garrido Maria Rosa, Sabaté-Dalmau Maria, 2020. International Journal of Multilingualism , 17 (1) pp. 1-10. Peer-reviewed.
Voelke Pierre, 2020. pp. 93-97 dans Aberson Michel, Dell'Oro Francesca, De Vaan Michiel, Viredaz Antoine (eds.) [vøːrtər] Mélanges de linguistique, de philologie et d’histoire ancienne offerts à Rudolf Wachter, Centre de Linguistique et des Sciences du Langage de l’Université de Lausanne .
The Genres of Genre: Form, Formats, and Cultural Formations
Heim Cécile, Vejdovsky Boris, Pickford Benjamin (eds.), 2019/12/01., Narr.
« C’est curieux ça » : L’écriture translingue comme démarche esthétique dans la Salomé d’Oscar Wilde
Loesch Juliette, 2019/12/01. pp. 111-120 dans Anokhina Olga, Ausoni Alain (eds.) Vivre entre les langues, écrire en français, Editions des archives contemporaines.
Stephen Graham Jones
Heim Cécile, 2019/11/23. The Literary Encyclopedia.
"Ce que vous me dites est l'accomplissement de vous-même"
Cossy Valérie, 2019/11/07. dans Tout Catherine Colomb, Zoé.
"Taking Carbon Culture to Court: Civil Lawsuits as Political Manifestoes in US Climate Change Litigation."
Loetscher Audrey, 2019/10/14. SPELL (Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature), 38 pp. 43-63. Peer-reviewed.
La nouvelle jeunesse des contes. Transcréations des recueils de Perrault et des Grimm
François Cyrille, Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère Martine (eds.), 2019/09., 3 310 232, Etudes de Lettres.
Translation, Illustration, Transcreation. From the Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault to Classic Fairy Tales Retold
Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère M., 2019/09/01. Revue Etudes de lettres 310 pp. 59-80. Peer-reviewed.
The Unnatural and Accidental Women
Heim Cécile, 2019/07/24. The Literary Encyclopedia.
Cossy Valérie, 2019/06/12. dans Alice Rivaz, La pace degli alveari, Paginauno.
Harmoniser un trio désaccordé? Amour, désir, et féminisme selon Alice Rivaz
Cossy Valérie, 2019/05/31. dans De l'amour chez les écrivains genevois, Société Genevoise des Écrivains - Suzanne Hurter.
Jeux de langue et Olympiade linguistique : méthodes ludiques pour diffuser le savoir linguistique
de Vaan Michiel, Auer Anita, 2019/05/07. Cahiers de l'ILSL 58 pp. 213-228. Peer-reviewed.
Via Rome: Medieval Medievalisms in the Old English Ruin
Critten Rory G., 2019/05. Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 49 (2) pp. 209-231. Peer-reviewed.
"Mary Wollstonecraft’s ‘Love of Mankind’ and Cosmopolitan Suffering".
Steiner Enit Karafili, 2019. Studies in Romanticism, 58 (1) pp. 3-26.
[Compte-rendu de] The Auchinleck Manuscript: New Perspectives, Susanna Fein (ed.), Cambridge, Brewer, 2016
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Angela Carter’s objets trouvés in Translation: from Baudelaire to Black Venus
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Die Stadtsprache Yorks im späten Mittelalter. Ein Baustein zu einer alternativen Standardisierungsgeschichte des Englischen
Auer Anita, 2019. pp. 81-95 dans Pickl Simon, Elspaß Stephan (eds.) Historische Soziolinguistik der Stadtsprachen. Kontakt – Variation – Wandel, Winter.
Geographical Variation in Late Medieval Administrative Documents: Evidence from York and Coventry
Oudesluijs Tino, Auer Anita, 2019. pp. 111-133 dans Stenroos Merja, Mäkkinen Martti, Thengs Kjetil Vikhamar, Traxel Oliver Martin (eds.) Essays and Studies in Middle English – 10th International Conference on Middle English, Peter Lang.
Household Knowledges in Late Medieval England and France
Burger Glenn D., Critten Rory G. (eds.), 2019., Manchester University Press.
Introduction: The Home Life of Information
Burger Glenn D., Critten Rory G., 2019. pp. 1-15 dans Household Knowledges in Late Medieval England and France, Manchester University Press.
Les métamorphoses de 'La Belle au Bois dormant' en traduction: du salon mondain à la nursery victorienne
Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère M., 2019. pp. 57-79 dans Auraix-Jonchière Pascale, Calas Frédéric (eds.) La Belle au Bois dormant' en ses métamorphoses: Textualité, transtextualité, iconotextualité., Presses Universitaires Blaise Pascal.
Linguistic Regionalism in the York Corpus Christi Plays
Auer Anita, 2019. pp. 111-122 dans Auer Anita, Renevey Denis, Marshall Camille, Oudesluijs Tino (eds.) Revisiting the Medieval North: Interdisciplinary Approaches, University of Wales Press.
Revisiting the Medieval North of England: Interdisciplinary Approaches
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Setting the Scene: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Medieval North of England
Auer Anita, Renevey Denis, Marshall Camille, Oudesluijs Tino, 2019. pp. 1-12 dans Revisiting the Medieval North: Interdisciplinary Approaches, edited by Anita Auer, Denis Renevey, Camille Marshall & Tino Oudesluijs, University of Wales Press.
The Face of Judgment in Measure for Measure
Curran Kevin, 2019. dans Face-to-Face in Shakespearean Drama.
The Manières de Langage as Evidence for the Use of Spoken French Within Fifteenth-Century England
Critten Rory G., 2019. Forum for Modern Language Studies, 55 (2) pp. 121-37. Peer-reviewed.
The Multilingual Household in a European Perspective: London, British Library MS Harley 2253 and the Traffic of Texts
Critten Rory G., 2019. pp. 219-43 dans Household Knowledges in Late Medieval England and France, Manchester University Press.
The Mundys Will Never Let You Die: Reproducing Images and Stories of Snow White in Bill Willingham’s Fables
Pozniak Lucia, Walz Marie Emilie, 2019. Etudes de Lettres, 310 pp. 207-231.
« Chemins de l’in(ter)disciplinarité » : une démarche exploratoire à la croisée des sciences de la culture et des sciences de la nature
Berthoud Anne-Claude, Merminod Gilles, 2019. dans Journée de la recherche 2019.
«Les Fées» en Angleterre: du salon d’Ancien Régime au jardin des Lumières
Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère M., 2019. pp. 73-88 dans Peyrache-Leborgne Dominique (eds.) L'écho des contes: Des Fées de Perrault à Dame Holle des Grimm. Versions littéraires, variantes populaires et reconfigurations pour la jeunesse, Presses Universitaires de Rennes.
“Mood, Provisionality, and Planetarity in Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.”
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Ennuyeuse l'Angleterre de Corinne?
Cossy Valérie, 2018/12/10. Annales Benjamin Constant, 43 pp. 43-57.
La non-durabilité
Loetscher Audrey, 2018/12/02. Fabula, Atelier de théorie littéraire. Peer-reviewed.
Neoliberal Violence: Colonial Legacies and Imperialist Strategies of the Contemporary Western Adventure
Heim Cécile, 2018/12. The Journal of Popular Culture, 51 (6) pp. 1434-1452.
The multiple semantics of PIE deictic *bhe in Baltic
de Vaan Michiel, 2018/12. Baltistica, 53 (1) pp. 5-15. Peer-reviewed.
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L'invisibilité paradoxale des femmes de la vigne selon Emma Chevalley et Catherine Colomb
Cossy Valérie, 2018/09. pp. 123-141 dans Carruzzo-Frey Sabine, Kaenel Philippe (eds.) Acteurs de la vigne, Antipodes.
Heritage-language speakers: Theoretical and empirical challenges on sociolinguistic attitudes and prestige
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'The Fall of the House of Usher' and the Architecture of Unreliability
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The American Woman Warrior: A Transnational Feminist Look at War, Imperialism and Gender
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Alice Rivaz et Catherine Colomb: femmes et francophones en littérature
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Penser la scène
Bouvier David, Chaperon Danielle, Eigenmann Eric, Groneberg Michael, Grosset Sébastien, Guénoun Denis, Laughery Vincent, Pahlisch Colin, 2018/03. Etudes de lettres, 1/2018 306 194, Michael Groneberg.
Ten years after the stroke: Me talk slightly less funny
Schwyter Jürg R., 2018/01/31. English Today pp. 1-4.
Ghosts of the African Diaspora: Re-visioning History, Memory, and Identity
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All is Connected to All (Beyond Normative Perception): Maxine Hong Kingston and the Psychedelic Politics of the Counterculture
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Author, Scribe, and Book in Late Medieval English Literature
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Book review of Anna Watz's Angela Carter and Surrealism: « A Feminist Libertarian Aesthetic.»
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Comment changer une grenouille en prince? Les métamorphoses traductives de “Der Froschkönig oder der eiserne Heinrich” en anglais, d’Edgar Taylor à Philip Pullman
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Ecriture et littérature à l'heure de la radio selon Alice Rivaz et Virginia Woolf
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Preserving Swiss Dialect Features in the Diaspora: The Case of New Glarus
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