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Multi-Institutional Audit of FLASH and Conventional Dosimetry with a 3D-Printed Anatomically Realistic Mouse Phantom.
Ashraf M.R., Melemenidis S., Liu K., Grilj V., Jansen J., Velasquez B., Connell L., Schulz J.B., Bailat C., Libed A. et al. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics. Peer-reviewed.
Acute hypoxia does not alter tumor sensitivity to FLASH radiotherapy.
Leavitt R.J., Almeida A., Grilj V., Montay-Gruel P., Godfroid C., Petit B., Bailat C., Limoli C.L., Vozenin M.C. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics. Peer-reviewed.
Chances and challenges of photon-counting CT in musculoskeletal imaging.
Mourad C., Gallego Manzano L., Viry A., Booij R., Oei EHG, Becce F., Omoumi P. Skeletal radiology. Peer-reviewed.
Review of chemical models and applications in Geant4-DNA: Report from the ESA BioRad III Project.
Tran H.N., Archer J., Baldacchino G., Brown JMC, Chappuis F., Cirrone GAP, Desorgher L., Dominguez N., Fattori S., Guatelli S. et al. Medical physics. Peer-reviewed.
Average dose rate is the primary determinant of lipid peroxidation in liposome membranes exposed to pulsed electron FLASH beam
Grilj Veljko, Paisley Ryan, Sprengers Kevin, Geyer Walther-Reiner, Bailat Claude, Bochud Francois, Vozenin Marie-Catherine, Vinogradov Sergei, Froidevaux Pascal, 2024/09. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 222 p. 111887.
Photon-Counting Detector CT for Liver Lesion Detection-Optimal Virtual Monoenergetic Energy for Different Simulated Patient Sizes and Radiation Doses.
Racine D., Mergen V., Viry A., Frauenfelder T., Alkadhi H., Vitzthum V., Euler A., 2024/08/01. Investigative radiology, 59 (8) pp. 554-560. Peer-reviewed.
Comparison of the dosimetry of scandium-43 and scandium-44 patient organ doses in relation to commonly used gallium-68 for imaging neuroendocrine tumours.
Gomes C.V., Mendes B.M., Paixão L., Gnesin S., Müller C., van der Meulen N.P., Strobel K., Fonseca TCF, Lima TVM, 2024/07/15. EJNMMI physics, 11 (1) p. 61. Peer-reviewed.
Metrology for advanced radiotherapy using particle beams with ultra-high dose rates.
Subiel A., Bourgouin A., Kranzer R., Peier P., Frei F., Gomez F., Knyziak A., Fleta C., Bailat C., Schüller A., 2024/07/04. Physics in medicine and biology, 69 (14). Peer-reviewed.
A joint physics and radiobiology DREAM team vision - Towards better response prediction models to advance radiotherapy.
Vens C., van Luijk P., Vogelius R.I., El Naqa I., Humbert-Vidan L., von Neubeck C., Gomez-Roman N., Bahn E., Brualla L., Böhlen T.T. et al., 2024/07. Radiotherapy and oncology, 196 p. 110277. Peer-reviewed.
Infrared microspectroscopy to elucidate the underlying biomolecular mechanisms of FLASH radiotherapy.
Martínez-Rovira I., Montay-Gruel P., Petit B., Leavitt R.J., González-Vegas R., Froidevaux P., Juchaux M., Prezado Y., Yousef I., Vozenin M.C., 2024/07. Radiotherapy and oncology, 196 p. 110238. Peer-reviewed.
Sensitivity of automated and manual treatment planning approaches to contouring variation in early-breast cancer treatment.
Zeverino M., Piccolo C., Marguet M., Jeanneret-Sozzi W., Bourhis J., Bochud F., Moeckli R., 2024/07. Physica medica, 123 p. 103402. Peer-reviewed.
Testing emergency radiation doses by metastable TL peaks in quartz − preliminary investigations
Palczewski P., Bailat C., Chruścińska A., Cresswell A.J., Duller G.A.T., Fasoli M., Fitzgerald S., Martini M., Polymeris G.S., Roberts H.M. et al., 2024/06. Radiation Measurements, 174 p. 107128. Peer-reviewed.
On the acceptance, commissioning, and quality assurance of electron FLASH units.
Palmiero A., Liu K., Colnot J., Chopra N., Neill D., Connell L., Velasquez B., Koong A.C., Lin S.H., Balter P. et al., 2024/05/24..
Proposed DRLs for mammography in Switzerland.
Dupont L., Aberle C., Botsikas D., Ith M., Lima TVM, Menz R., Monnin P., Poletti P.A., Presilla S., Schegerer A. et al., 2024/05/16. Journal of radiological protection, 44 (2). Peer-reviewed.
Radiothérapie fractionnée dans l’espace : introduction en pratique clinique [Spatially fractionated radiotherapy : introduction into clinical practice]
Kinj R., Kobeissi G., Patin D., Herrera F.G., 2024/05/15. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (874) pp. 978-983. Peer-reviewed.
A high-resolution large-area detector for quality assurance in radiotherapy.
Oliveira A.M., Akkerman H.B., Braccini S., van Breemen AJJM, Gelinck G.H., Heracleous N., Leidner J., Murtas F., Peeters B., Silari M., 2024/05/09. Scientific reports, 14 (1) p. 10637. Peer-reviewed.
Optimization of CT pulmonary angiography for pulmonary embolism using task-based image quality assessment and diagnostic reference levels: A multicentric study.
Viry A., Vitzthum V., Monnin P., Bize J., Rotzinger D., Racine D., 2024/05. Physica medica, 121 p. 103365. Peer-reviewed.
Very high-energy electron therapy as light-particle alternative to transmission proton FLASH therapy - An evaluation of dosimetric performances.
Böhlen T.T., Germond J.F., Desorgher L., Veres I., Bratel A., Landström E., Engwall E., Herrera F.G., Ozsahin E.M., Bourhis J. et al., 2024/05. Radiotherapy and oncology, 194 p. 110177. Peer-reviewed.
Long-Term Results of Stereotactic Radiotherapy in Patients with at Least 10 Brain Metastases at Diagnosis.
Kinj R., Hottinger A.F., Böhlen T.T., Ozsahin M., Vallet V., Dunet V., Bouchaab H., Peters S., Tuleasca C., Bourhis J. et al., 2024/04/29. Cancers, 16 (9). Peer-reviewed.
Joint EURADOS-EANM initiative for an advanced computational framework for the assessment of external dose rates from nuclear medicine patients.
Struelens L., Huet C., Broggio D., Dabin J., Desorgher L., Giussani A., Li W.B., Nosske D., Lee Y.K., Cunha L. et al., 2024/04/22. EJNMMI physics, 11 (1) p. 38. Peer-reviewed.
Minimum and optimal requirements for a safe clinical implementation of ultra-high dose rate radiotherapy: A focus on patient's safety and radiation protection.
Garibaldi C., Beddar S., Bizzocchi N., Tobias Böhlen T., Iliaskou C., Moeckli R., Psoroulas S., Subiel A., Taylor P.A., Van den Heuvel F. et al., 2024/04/20. Radiotherapy and oncology, 196 p. 110291. Peer-reviewed.
Assessment of temporal resolution and detectability of moving objects in CT: A task-based image quality study.
Monnin P., Rotzinger D., Viry A., Vitzthum V., Racine D., 2024/04. Physica medica, 120 p. 103337. Peer-reviewed.
Comparison of volumetric modulated arc therapy and helical tomotherapy for prostate cancer using Pareto fronts.
Wüthrich D., Wang Z., Zeverino M., Bourhis J., Bochud F., Moeckli R., 2024/04. Medical physics, 51 (4) pp. 3010-3019. Peer-reviewed.
EANM guidance document: dosimetry for first-in-human studies and early phase clinical trials.
Stokke C., Gnesin S., Tran-Gia J., Cicone F., Holm S., Cremonesi M., Blakkisrud J., Wendler T., Gillings N., Herrmann K. et al., 2024/04. European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, 51 (5) pp. 1268-1286. Peer-reviewed.
A foveated channelized Hotelling observer model extended to anatomical liver CT images
Evans Laura K., Abbey Craig K., Klein Devi S., Bochud François O., Schmidt Sabine, Racine Damien, 2024/03., SPIE MEDICAL IMAGING, 18-23 February 2024 pp. 209-218 dans Medical Imaging 2024: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment.
Randomized phase II selection trial of FLASH and conventional radiotherapy for patients with localized cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma: A study protocol.
Kinj R., Gaide O., Jeanneret-Sozzi W., Dafni U., Viguet-Carrin S., Sagittario E., Kypriotou M., Chenal J., Duclos F., Hebeisen M. et al., 2024/03. Clinical and translational radiation oncology, 45 p. 100743. Peer-reviewed.
A combined approach for the calculation of activation yields and the characterization of materials for a medical cyclotron.
Bonvin V., Bochud F., Theis C., Vincke H., Damet J., Geyer R., 2024/02. Applied radiation and isotopes, 204 p. 111116. Peer-reviewed.
Construction and dosimetric characterization of a motorized scanning-slit system for electron FLASH experiments.
Oesterle R., Bailat C., Buhlmann D., Bochud F., Grilj V., 2024/02. Medical physics, 51 (2) pp. 1396-1404. Peer-reviewed.
Long-term field studies of a distributed network of sensors for environmental radiological monitoring
Heracleous N., Bauer K., Gallego Manzano L., Murtas F., Silari M., Svihrova L., 2024/02. Radiation Measurements, 171 p. 107065.
More May Not be Better: Enhanced Spacecraft Shielding May Exacerbate Cognitive Decrements by Increasing Pion Exposures during Deep Space Exploration.
Vozenin M.C., Alaghband Y., Drayson OGG, Piaget F., Leavitt R., Allen B.D., Doan N.L., Rostomyan T., Stabilini A., Reggiani D. et al., 2024/02/01. Radiation research, 201 (2) pp. 93-103. Peer-reviewed.
Task-based detectability in anatomical background in digital mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis and synthetic mammography.
Monnin P., Damet J., Bosmans H., Marshall N.W., 2024/01/12. Physics in medicine and biology, 69 (2). Peer-reviewed.
Gated cardiac CT in infants: What can we expect from deep learning image reconstruction algorithm?
Gulizia M., Alamo L., Alemán-Gómez Y., Cherpillod T., Mandralis K., Chevallier C., Tenisch E., Viry A., 2024. Journal of cardiovascular computed tomography, 18 (3) pp. 304-306. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of the Mean Cochlear Biologically Effective Dose on Hearing Preservation After Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Vestibular Schwannoma: A Retrospective Longitudinal Analysis.
Tuleasca C., Toma-Dasu I., Duroux S., George M., Maire R., Daniel R.T., Patin D., Schiappacasse L., Dasu A., Faouzi M. et al., 2024/01/01. Neurosurgery, 94 (1) pp. 174-182. Peer-reviewed.
The contest between internal and external-beam dosimetry: The Zeno's paradox of Achilles and the tortoise.
Cicone F., Sjögreen Gleisner K., Sarnelli A., Indovina L., Gear J., Gnesin S., Kraeber-Bodéré F., Bischof Delaloye A., Valentini V., Cremonesi M., 2024/01. Physica medica, 117 p. 103188. Peer-reviewed.
Activity standardisation of <sup>32</sup>Si at IRA-METAS.
Nedjadi Y., Durán M.T., Juget F., Bochud F., Veicht M., Schumann D., Mihalcea I., Kossert K., Bailat C., 2023/12. Applied radiation and isotopes, 202 p. 111041. Peer-reviewed.
Measurement of the 171Tm beta spectrum.
Juget F., van Dijk M., Maugeri E.A., Schumann M.D., Heinitz S., Boyarsky A., Köster U., Shchutska L., Bailat C., 2023/12. Applied radiation and isotopes, 202 p. 111058. Peer-reviewed.
Effect of Conventional and Ultrahigh Dose Rate FLASH Irradiations on Preclinical Tumor Models: A Systematic Analysis.
Böhlen T.T., Germond J.F., Petersson K., Ozsahin E.M., Herrera F.G., Bailat C., Bochud F., Bourhis J., Moeckli R., Adrian G., 2023/11/15. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics, 117 (4) pp. 1007-1017. Peer-reviewed.
Nitrogen isotopic composition as a gauge of tumor cell anabolism-to-catabolism ratio.
Straub M., Auderset A., de Leval L., Piazzon N., Maison D., Vozenin M.C., Ollivier J., Petit B., Sigman D.M., Martínez-García A., 2023/11/13. Scientific reports, 13 (1) p. 19796. Peer-reviewed.
Comprehensive evaluation and new recommendations in the use of Gafchromic EBT3 film.
Liu K., Jorge P.G., Tailor R., Moeckli R., Schüler E., 2023/11. Medical physics, 50 (11) pp. 7252-7262. Peer-reviewed.
FLASH-RT does not affect chromosome translocations and junction structures beyond that of CONV-RT dose-rates.
Barghouth P.G., Melemenidis S., Montay-Gruel P., Ollivier J., Viswanathan V., Jorge P.G., Soto L.A., Lau B.C., Sadeghi C., Edlabadkar A. et al., 2023/11. Radiotherapy and oncology, 188 p. 109906. Peer-reviewed.
Investigating the Influence of High-Speed Gantry Rotation in Cardiac CT on Motion Artifacts in Aortic Stenosis Patients Not Premedicated with β-Blockers: The FAST-CCT Randomized Trial Protocol.
Fahrni G., Gullo G., Touray A., Fournier S., Jouannic A.M., Lu H., Racine D., Muller O., Pozzessere C., Qanadli S.D. et al., 2023/10/12. Journal of cardiovascular development and disease, 10 (10) p. 424. Peer-reviewed.
Recurrences of ventricular tachycardia after stereotactic arrhythmia radioablation arise outside the treated volume: analysis of the Swiss cohort.
Herrera Siklody C., Schiappacasse L., Jumeau R., Reichlin T., Saguner A.M., Andratschke N., Elicin O., Schreiner F., Kovacs B., Mayinger M. et al., 2023/10/05. Europace, 25 (10). Peer-reviewed.
Activity standardisation of 177Lu.
Nedjadi Y., Juget F., Durán M.T., Desorgher L., Bochud F., Bailat C., 2023/10. Applied radiation and isotopes, 200 p. 110986. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical implementation of deep learning-based automated left breast simultaneous integrated boost radiotherapy treatment planning.
Zeverino M., Piccolo C., Wuethrich D., Jeanneret-Sozzi W., Marguet M., Bourhis J., Bochud F., Moeckli R., 2023/10. Physics and imaging in radiation oncology, 28 p. 100492. Peer-reviewed.
Corrigendum to "Determination of the gamma and X-ray emission intensities of terbium-161" [Appl. Radiat. Isot. 174 (2021) 109770].
Juget F., Talip Z., Buchillier T., Durán M.T., Nedjadi Y., Desorgher L., Bochud F., Grundler P., van der Meulen N.P., Bailat C., 2023/10. Applied radiation and isotopes, 200 p. 110955. Peer-reviewed.
Dosimetry of the PIM1 Pion Beam at the Paul Scherrer Institute for Radiobiological Studies of Mice.
Desorgher L., Stabilini A., Rostomyan T., Reggiani D., Hajdas W., Marcinkowski R.M., Vozenin M.C., Limoli C.L., Yukihara E.G., Bailat C., 2023/10/01. Radiation research, 200 (4) pp. 357-365. Peer-reviewed.
Influence of optimisation parameters on directly deliverable Pareto fronts explored for prostate cancer.
Wüthrich D., Zeverino M., Bourhis J., Bochud F., Moeckli R., 2023/10. Physica medica, 114 p. 103139. Peer-reviewed.
Intermediate LET-like effect in distal part of proton Bragg peak revealed by track-ends imaging during super-Fricke radiolysis.
Audouin J., Hofverberg P., Ngono-Ravache Y., Desorgher L., Baldacchino G., 2023/09/19. Scientific reports, 13 (1) p. 15460. Peer-reviewed.
3D-conformal very-high energy electron therapy as candidate modality for FLASH-RT: A treatment planning study for glioblastoma and lung cancer.
Böhlen T.T., Germond J.F., Traneus E., Vallet V., Desorgher L., Ozsahin E.M., Bochud F., Bourhis J., Moeckli R., 2023/09. Medical physics, 50 (9) pp. 5745-5756. Peer-reviewed.
Monte Carlo Simulations Corroborate PET-Measured Discrepancies in Activity Assessments of Commercial 90Y Vials
Auditore L., Pistone D., Italiano A., Amato E., Gnesin S., 2023/09. Journal of nuclear medicine, 64 (9) pp. 1471-1477. Peer-reviewed.
99mTc-macroaggregated albumin SPECT/CT predictive dosimetry and dose-response relationship in uveal melanoma liver metastases treated with first-line selective internal radiation therapy.
Tabotta F., Gnesin S., Dunet V., Ponti A., Digklia A., Boughdad S., Schaefer N., Prior J.O., Villard N., Tsoumakidou G. et al., 2023/08/12. Scientific reports, 13 (1) p. 13118. Peer-reviewed.
Correction to: EANM enabling guide: how to improve the accessibility of clinical dosimetry.
Gear J., Stokke C., Terwinghe C., Gnesin S., Sandström M., Tran-Gia J., Cremonesi M., Cicone F., Verburg F., Hustinx R. et al., 2023/08. European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, 50 (10) pp. 3157-3158. Peer-reviewed.
Ex-vivo atherosclerotic plaque characterization using spectral photon-counting CT: Comparing material quantification to histology.
Healy J., Searle E., Panta R.K., Chernoglazov A., Roake J., Butler P., Butler A., Gieseg S.P., MARS collaboration, 2023/08. Atherosclerosis, 378 p. 117160. Peer-reviewed.
Dosimetry in the lungs of α-particles (210Po) and β-particles (210Pb) present in the tobacco smoke of conventional cigarettes and heated tobacco products.
Desorgher L., Berthet A., Rossier J., Bochud F., Froidevaux P., 2023/07. Journal of environmental radioactivity, 263 p. 107178. Peer-reviewed.
Results from an EANM survey on time estimates and personnel responsible for main tasks in molecular radiotherapy dosimetry.
Gabiña P.M., Gleisner K.S., Cremonesi M., Stokke C., Flux G., Cicone F., Konijnenberg M., Aldridge M., Sandstrom M., Chiesa C. et al., 2023/07. European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, 50 (9) pp. 2595-2604. Peer-reviewed.
From bench to bedside: 64Cu/177Lu 1C1m-Fc anti TEM-1: mice-to-human dosimetry extrapolations for future theranostic applications.
Gnesin S., Chouin N., Cherel M., Dunn S.M., Schaefer N., Faivre-Chauvet A., Prior J.O., Delage J.A., 2023/06/14. EJNMMI research, 13 (1) p. 59. Peer-reviewed.
EANM enabling guide: how to improve the accessibility of clinical dosimetry.
Gear J., Stokke C., Terwinghe C., Gnesin S., Sandström M., Tran-Gia J., Cremonesi M., Cicone F., Verburg F., Hustinx R. et al., 2023/06. European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, 50 (7) pp. 1861-1868. Peer-reviewed.
The general-purpose Geant4 Monte Carlo toolkit and its Geant4-DNA extension to investigate mechanisms underlying the FLASH effect in radiotherapy: Current status and challenges.
Chappuis F., Tran H.N., Zein S.A., Bailat C., Incerti S., Bochud F., Desorgher L., 2023/06. Physica medica, 110 p. 102601. Peer-reviewed.
Elucidating the neurological mechanism of the FLASH effect in juvenile mice exposed to hypofractionated radiotherapy.
Allen B.D., Alaghband Y., Kramár E.A., Ru N., Petit B., Grilj V., Petronek M.S., Pulliam C.F., Kim R.Y., Doan N.L. et al., 2023/05/04. Neuro-oncology, 25 (5) pp. 927-939. Peer-reviewed.
A Multicenter Study on Observed Discrepancies Between Vendor-Stated and PET-Measured 90Y Activities for Both Glass and Resin Microsphere Devices
Gnesin S., Mikell J.K., Conti M., Prior J.O., Carlier T., Lima TVM, Dewaraja Y.K., 2023/05. Journal of nuclear medicine, 64 (5) pp. 825-828. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical commissioning of the first point-of-care spectral photon-counting CT for the upper extremities.
Gallego Manzano L., Monnin P., Sayous Y., Becce F., Damet J., Viry A., 2023/05. Medical physics, 50 (5) pp. 2844-2859. Peer-reviewed.
Effect of 0.35 T and 1.5 T magnetic fields on superficial dose in MR-guided radiotherapy of laryngeal cancer.
Conrad M., Dal Bello R., van Timmeren J.E., Andratschke N., Wilke L., Guckenberger M., Tanadini-Lang S., Balermpas P., 2023/05. Clinical and translational radiation oncology, 40 p. 100624. Peer-reviewed.
Vancouver call for action to strengthen expertise in radiological protection worldwide.
Rühm W., Cho K., Larsson C.M., Wojcik A., Clement C., Applegate K., Bochud F., Bouffler S., Cool D., Hirth G. et al., 2023/05. Radiation and environmental biophysics, 62 (2) pp. 175-180. Peer-reviewed.
18F-PSMA-1007 salivary gland dosimetry: comparison between different methods for dose calculation and assessment of inter- and intra-patient variability
Pistone D., Gnesin S., Auditore L., Italiano A., Cascini G.L., Amato E., Cicone F., 2023/04/07. Physics in medicine and biology, 68 (8). Peer-reviewed.
Independent Reproduction of the FLASH Effect on the Gastrointestinal Tract: A Multi-Institutional Comparative Study.
Valdés Zayas A., Kumari N., Liu K., Neill D., Delahoussaye A., Gonçalves Jorge P., Geyer R., Lin S.H., Bailat C., Bochud F. et al., 2023/04/02. Cancers, 15 (7) p. 2121. Peer-reviewed.
Brain image quality according to beam collimation width and image reconstruction algorithm: A phantom study.
Greffier J., Viry A., Durand Q., Hajdu S.D., Frandon J., Beregi J.P., Dabli D., Racine D., 2023/04. Physica medica, 108 p. 102558. Peer-reviewed.
FLASH irradiation does not induce lipid peroxidation in lipids micelles and liposomes
Froidevaux Pascal, Grilj Veljko, Bailat Claude, Geyer Walter Reiner, Bochud François, Vozenin Marie-Catherine, 2023/04. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 205 p. 110733.
Modeling of scavenging systems in water radiolysis with Geant4-DNA.
Chappuis F., Grilj V., Tran H.N., Zein S.A., Bochud F., Bailat C., Incerti S., Desorgher L., 2023/04. Physica medica, 108 p. 102549. Peer-reviewed.
Photon-Counting Detector CT With Quantum Iterative Reconstruction: Impact on Liver Lesion Detection and Radiation Dose Reduction.
Racine D., Mergen V., Viry A., Eberhard M., Becce F., Rotzinger D.C., Alkadhi H., Euler A., 2023/04/01. Investigative radiology, 58 (4) pp. 245-252. Peer-reviewed.
In Reply to Horst et al.
Böhlen T.T., Germond J.F., Bochud F., Bailat C., Moeckli R., Bourhis J., Vozenin M.C., Ozsahin E.M., 2023/03/15. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics, 115 (4) pp. 1007-1009. Peer-reviewed.
Salvage LATTICE radiotherapy for a growing tumour despite conventional radio chemotherapy treatment of lung cancer.
Kinj R., Casutt A., Nguyen-Ngoc T., Mampuya A., Schiappacasse L., Bourhis J., Huck C., Patin D., Marguet M., Zeverino M. et al., 2023/03. Clinical and translational radiation oncology, 39 p. 100557. Peer-reviewed.
Finger doses due to 68Ga-labelled pharmaceuticals in PET departments, results of a multi-centre pilot study.
McCann A., Cherbuin N., Covens P., Dabin J., Haruz-Waschitz S., Gallo L., Datz H., Wierts R., Wrzesien M., Zorz A. et al., 2023/02/01. Journal of radiological protection, 43 (1). Peer-reviewed.
Review of the role of bone-SPECT/CT in tarsal coalitions.
van der Bruggen W., de Geus-Oei L.F., Bosmans B., Slart RHJA, Lima TVM, Bhure U., Vriens D., Strobel K., 2023/02/01. Nuclear medicine communications, 44 (2) pp. 115-130. Peer-reviewed.
Activity Measurement of 44Sc and Calibration of Activity Measurement Instruments on Production Sites and Clinics
Juget Frederic, Durán Teresa, Nedjadi Youcef, Talip Zeynep, Grundler Pascal V., Favaretto Chiara, Casolaro Pierluigi, Dellepiane Gaia, Braccini Saverio, Bailat Claude et al., 2023/01/31. Molecules, 28 (3) p. 1345.
Establishing a priori and a posteriori predictive models to assess patients' peak skin dose in interventional cardiology. Part 2: results of the VERIDIC project.
Feghali J.A., Delépierre J., Belac O.C., Dabin J., Deleu M., De Monte F., Dobric M., Gallagher A., Hadid-Beurrier L., Henry P. et al., 2023/01. Acta radiologica, 64 (1) pp. 125-138. Peer-reviewed.
Patient exposure dose in interventional cardiology per clinical and technical complexity levels. Part 1: results of the VERIDIC project.
Feghali J.A., Delépierre J., Belac O.C., Dabin J., Deleu M., De Monte F., Dobric M., Gallagher A., Hadid-Beurrier L., Henry P. et al., 2023/01. Acta radiologica, 64 (1) pp. 108-118. Peer-reviewed.
FLASHlab@PITZ: New R&D platform with unique capabilities for electron FLASH and VHEE radiation therapy and radiation biology under preparation at PITZ.
Stephan F., Gross M., Grebinyk A., Aboulbanine Z., Amirkhanyan Z., Budach V., Ehrhardt V.H., Faus-Golfe A., Frohme M., Germond J.F. et al., 2022/12. Physica medica, 104 pp. 174-187. Peer-reviewed.
Half-life measurement of <sup>44</sup>Sc and <sup>44m</sup>Sc.
Durán M.T., Juget F., Nedjadi Y., Bailat C., Grundler P.V., Talip Z., van der Meulen N.P., Casolaro P., Dellepiane G., Braccini S., 2022/12. Applied radiation and isotopes, 190 p. 110507. Peer-reviewed.
Normal Tissue Sparing by FLASH as a Function of Single-Fraction Dose: A Quantitative Analysis.
Böhlen T.T., Germond J.F., Bourhis J., Vozenin M.C., Ozsahin E.M., Bochud F., Bailat C., Moeckli R., 2022/12/01. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics, 114 (5) pp. 1032-1044. Peer-reviewed.
The minimal FLASH sparing effect needed to compensate the increase of radiobiological damage due to hypofractionation for late-reacting tissues.
Böhlen T.T., Germond J.F., Bourhis J., Bailat C., Bochud F., Moeckli R., 2022/12. Medical physics, 49 (12) pp. 7672-7682. Peer-reviewed.
Corrigendum: Optimizing whole body computed tomography doses for paediatric trauma patients: a Swiss retrospective analysis (2022J. Radiol. Prot.42 021521).
Simma L., Fornaro J., Stahr N., Lehner M., Roos J.E., Lima TVM, 2022/11/10. Journal of radiological protection, 42 (4). Peer-reviewed.
VoiceS: voice quality after transoral CO<sub>2</sub> laser surgery versus single vocal cord irradiation for unilateral stage 0 and I glottic larynx cancer-a randomized phase III trial.
Reinhardt P., Giger R., Seifert E., Shelan M., Riggenbach E., Terribilini D., Joosten A., Schanne D.H., Aebersold D.M., Manser P. et al., 2022/10/27. Trials, 23 (1) p. 906. Peer-reviewed.
Time-Integrated Bioavailability Proxy for Actinides in a Contaminated Estuary.
Chaplin J.D., Christl M., Cundy A.B., Warwick P.E., Gaca P., Bochud F., Froidevaux P., 2022/10/14. ACS ES&T water, 2 (10) pp. 1688-1696. Peer-reviewed.
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