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Communication about chronic pain in elders’ social networks: study protocol of a qualitative approach
Merminod Gilles, Weber Orest, Vaucher Carla, Semlali Imane, Terrier Ana, Decosterd Isabelle, Rubli Truchard Eve, Singy Pascal BMJ Open.
Anorexie mentale et trouble du comportement alimentaire selon une perspective phénoménologique : version francophone du questionnaire IDentity and EAting disorders (IDEA)
Englebert Jérôme, Minguet Eugénie, Helinski Adam, Dominé Françoise, Gebhard Sandra, Zdrojewski Catherine, Castellini Giovanni, Ricca Valdo, Mancini Milena, Stiefel Friedrich et al. L'Évolution Psychiatrique.
Testing Head Rotation and Flexion Is Useful in Functional Limb Weakness
Horn Dimitri, Galli Silvio, Berney Alexandre, Vingerhoets François, Aybek Selma Movement Disorders Clinical Practice pp. 1-6. Peer-reviewed.
The association between depressive symptoms and neurocognitive impairment in people with well-treated HIV in Switzerland.
Santos G., Locatelli I., Métral M., Berney A., Nadin I., Calmy A., Tarr P., Gutbrod K., Hauser C., Brugger P. et al. International journal of STD & AIDS p. 956462420987434. Peer-reviewed.
Clinique de l’urgence psychologique : de l’immédiateté à l’inscription de l’errance
Veit C, Froté Y Psychothérapies.
Cultural competency and sensitivity in the curriculum for palliative care professionals: a survey in Switzerland.
Weber O., Semlali I., Gamondi C., Singy P., 2021/06/04. BMC medical education, 21 (1) p. 318. Peer-reviewed.
Spinning wider.
Saraga M., Stiefel F., 2021/06. BMJ evidence-based medicine, 26 (3) p. 139. Peer-reviewed.
Patients with first versus multiple episodes of self-harm: how do their profiles differ?
Golay P., Ostertag L., Costanza A., Van der Vaeren B., Dorogi Y., Saillant S., Michaud L., 2021/05/13. Annals of general psychiatry, 20 (1) p. 30. Peer-reviewed.
Harmonized definition of occupational burnout: A systematic review, semantic analysis, and Delphi consensus in 29 countries.
Guseva Canu I., Marca S.C., Dell'Oro F., Balázs Á., Bergamaschi E., Besse C., Bianchi R., Bislimovska J., Koscec Bjelajac A., Bugge M. et al., 2021/03/01. Scandinavian journal of work, environment & health, 47 (2) pp. 95-107. Peer-reviewed.
Le médecin, sa clinique et l’institution : s’adapter ou se situer ? [Physicians, their practice, and the institution : to adapt or to situate oneself ?]
Stiefel F., Michaud L., Saraga M., Bourquin C., 2021/02/10. Revue medicale suisse, 17 (725) pp. 289-292. Peer-reviewed.
Le médecin, sa clinique et l’institution: le cas du patient suicidaire [The physician, the clinical practice, and the institution: the suicidal patient]
Michaud L., Bourquin C., Stiefel F., Saraga M., 2021/02/10. Revue medicale suisse, 17 (725) pp. 286-288. Peer-reviewed.
Le patient brûlé: accompagnement par le psychiatre de liaison [The burned patient: intervention by the liaison psychiatrist]
John C., Berney A., 2021/02/10. Revue medicale suisse, 17 (725) pp. 307-310. Peer-reviewed.
Countertransference towards suicidal patients: a systematic review
Michaud Laurent, Greenway Kyle T., Corbeil Sylvie, Bourquin Céline, Richard-Devantoy Stéphane, 2021/02/06. Current Psychology.
Protocol for a patient-reported experience measures (PREMs) survey of patients discharged during the COVID-19 pandemic and their family caregivers
Bonvin Eric, Tacchini-Jacquier Nadine, Monnay Sevrine, Verloo Henk, 2021/02. BMJ Open, 11 (2) pp. e047033.
Quand le téléphone ne chauffe pas : les hotlines psy en situation de pandémie [When hotlines remain cold: Psychological support in the time of pandemic]
Michaud L., Bourquin C., Froté Y., Stiefel F., Saillant S., 2021/02. Annales medico-psychologiques, 179 (2) pp. 128-130. Peer-reviewed.
Developing and Evaluating a Capacity-Building Intervention for Healthcare Providers to Improve Communication Skills and Awareness of Hard of Hearing and D/deaf Populations: Protocol for a Participative Action Research-Based Study.
Bodenmann P., Singy P., Kasztura M., Graells M., Cantero O., Morisod K., Malebranche M., Smith P., Beyeler S., Sebaï T. et al., 2021. Frontiers in public health, 9 p. 615474. Peer-reviewed.
Patient perspectives on an intervention after suicide attempt: The need for patient centred and individualized care.
Michaud L., Dorogi Y., Gilbert S., Bourquin C., 2021. PloS one, 16 (2) pp. e0247393. Peer-reviewed.
The self-assessment INTERMED predicts healthcare and social costs of orthopaedic trauma patients with persistent impairments.
Burrus C., Vuistiner P., Léger B., Stiefel F., Rivier G., Luthi F., 2021/01. Clinical rehabilitation, 35 (1) pp. 135-144. Peer-reviewed.
Introducing cross-cultural education in palliative care: focus groups with experts on practical strategies.
Semlali I., Tamches E., Singy P., Weber O., 2020/11/10. BMC palliative care, 19 (1) p. 171. Peer-reviewed.
Ketogenic diet in bipolar disorder.
Saraga M., Misson N., Cattani E., 2020/11. Bipolar disorders, 22 (7) p. 765. Peer-reviewed.
Rôle du psychiatre-psychothérapeute dans la prise en charge de la dysphorie de genre [Role of the psychiatrist-psychotherapist in the assessment and treatment of gender dysphoria]
Pamfile D., Soldati L., Brovelli S., Pécoud P., Ducommun I., Micali N., Stiefel F., Plessen K.J., Morisod M., Typaldou S., 2020/10/07. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (709) pp. 1877-1880. Peer-reviewed.
What symptoms tell us: A multiple case study of oncology consultations.
Bourquin C., Stiefel F., 2020/09/11. Palliative & supportive care pp. 1-16. Peer-reviewed.
Projet « cabinets de groupe » : collaboration entre médecine de premier recours et psychiatrie [« Group medical practices » project : collaboration between primary care medicine and institutional public psychiatry]
Saillant S., Marion-Veyron R., Oberhauser P.N., Planas P., Ben Cheikh A., Tzartzas K., 2020/09/02. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (704) pp. 1579-1581. Peer-reviewed.
A new kid on the block? The spiritual practitioner in the modern hospital
Bourquin Céline, Stiefel Friedrich, Ryser Pierre-Yves, Rochat Etienne, Saraga Michael, 2020/08/25. Palliative and Supportive Care pp. 1-2.
Programme sentinelle : exemple de prévention du suicide auprès d’une population agricole en Suisse [Sentinel program: Example of suicide prevention for an agricultural population in Switzerland]
Saillant S., Michaud L., Besson J., Dorogi Y., 2020/08. L'Encephale, 46 (4) pp. 258-263. Peer-reviewed.
Comme les avions sur les Twin Towers, le COVID-19 a touché le coeur de notre médecine technologique
Bonvin Eric, 2020/07/01. Revue Médicale Suisse.
Virtual patient simulation in breaking bad news training for medical students.
Carrard V., Bourquin C., Orsini S., Schmid Mast M., Berney A., 2020/07. Patient education and counseling, 103 (7) pp. 1435-1438. Peer-reviewed.
Prevalence of somatic and psychiatric morbidity across occupations in Switzerland and its correlation with suicide mortality: results from the Swiss National Cohort (1990-2014).
Schmid M., Michaud L., Bovio N., Guseva Canu I., Swiss National Cohort (SNC), 2020/06/22. BMC psychiatry, 20 (1) p. 324. Peer-reviewed.
C-L psychiatry in Switzerland: What's-up ten years after the implementation of a C-L subspecialty?
Berney A., Jenewein J., 2020/05. Journal of psychosomatic research, 132 p. 109978. Peer-reviewed.
La psychiatrie face à la pandémie : se réinventer sans se perdre [Psychiatry in the time of pandemic : forging new ways without getting lost]
Michaud L., Stiefel F., Gasser J., 2020/04/29. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (N° 691-2) pp. 855-858. Peer-reviewed.
Differences and similarities in instant countertransference towards patients with suicidal ideation and personality disorders.
Michaud L., Ligier F., Bourquin C., Corbeil S., Saraga M., Stiefel F., Séguin M., Turecki G., Richard-Devantoy S., 2020/03/15. Journal of affective disorders, 265 pp. 669-678. Peer-reviewed.
‘Huitante’ ou ‘quatre-vingts’ ? (Im)mobilité et stratification sociale à l'université
Margot Cédric, Merminod Gilles, 2020/03/15. Etudes de lettres 312 pp. 15-20. Peer-reviewed.
A population pharmacokinetic model for escitalopram and its major metabolite in depressive patients during the perinatal period: Prediction of infant drug exposure through breast milk.
Weisskopf E., Guidi M., Fischer C.J., Bickle Graz M., Beaufils E., Nguyen K.A., Morisod Harari M., Rouiller S., Rothenburger S., Gaucherand P. et al., 2020/03/12. British journal of clinical pharmacology. Peer-reviewed.
The isolation of cancer survivors.
Danesi G., Bourquin C., Stiefel F., Zaman K., Saraga M., 2020/03. European journal of cancer care, 29 (2) pp. e13194. Peer-reviewed.
Heterogeneity in diagnostic criteria does not undermine categorical diagnostic classification.
Saraga M., Stiefel F., Michaud L., 2020/02/20. Psychiatry research, 286 p. 112882. Peer-reviewed.
Crise médicale, engagement clinique [Medical crisis, clinical engagement]
Bourquin C., Stiefel F., Saraga M., 2020/02/12. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (681) pp. 322-323. Peer-reviewed.
Le désir d’être inutile… []
Stiefel F., 2020/02/12. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (681) p. 299. Peer-reviewed.
Polydipsie psychogène : une entité somato-psychiatrique (encore) méconnue [Psychogenic polydipsia : a (still) unknown psychosomatic entity]
Spanevello C., Banava E., Gachoud D., Berney A., Tzartzas K., Maccaferri G.E., 2020/02/12. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (681) pp. 318-321. Peer-reviewed.
Les comorbidités somatiques et psychiatriques peuvent-elles expliquer l'excès de mortalité par suicide dans certaines catégories professionnelles en Suisse ?
Schmid M., Michaud L., Bovio N., Guseva Canu I., 2020/02. Archives des Maladies Professionnelles et de l'Environnement, 81 (1) p. 85.
Undergraduate training in breaking bad news: A continuation study exploring the patient perspective.
Carrard V., Bourquin C., Stiefel F., Schmid Mast M., Berney A., 2020/02. Psycho-oncology, 29 (2) pp. 398-405. Peer-reviewed.
Narrative analysis applied to text production: Investigating the processes of quoting in the making of a broadcast news story
Merminod Gilles, 2020. AILA REVIEW, 33 pp. 104-119. Peer-reviewed.
Narrative of Vicarious Experience in Broadcast News. A Linguistic Ethnographic Approach to Semiotic Mediations in the Newsroom
Merminod Gilles, Burger Marcel, 2020. Journal of Pragmatics 155 pp. 240-260. Peer-reviewed.
Psychiatric Comorbidity and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Through the Lens of the Biopsychosocial Model: A Comparative Study.
Duong H.P., Konzelmann M., Vuistiner P., Burrus C., Léger B., Stiefel F., Luthi F., 2020. Journal of pain research, 13 pp. 3235-3245. Peer-reviewed.
Situations et idéologies narratives en salle de rédaction: ce que les petites histoires disent de la façon de raconter des journalistes
Merminod Gilles, 2020. dans Small Stories. Un nouveau paradigme pour la recherche sur le récit, Hermann.
Suicidality Assessment of the Elderly With Physical Illness in the Emergency Department.
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Suicides in Psychiatric Patients: Identifying Health Care-Related Factors through Clinical Practice Reviews.
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The impact of multilingualism on a Swiss public health information campaign about organ donation
Merminod Gilles, 2020. pp. 84-88 dans The Multilingual Challenge for the Construction and Transmission of Scientific Knowledge, John Benjamins.
Collusion in palliative care: an exploratory study with the Collusion Classification Grid.
Stiefel F., Nakamura K., Ishitani K., Bourquin C., Saraga M., 2019/12. Palliative & supportive care, 17 (6) pp. 637-642. Peer-reviewed.
General practitioners referring patients to specialists in tertiary healthcare: a qualitative study.
Tzartzas K., Oberhauser P.N., Marion-Veyron R., Bourquin C., Senn N., Stiefel F., 2019/12/01. BMC family practice, 20 (1) p. 165. Peer-reviewed.
Jeunes, migration et socialisation sexuelle
Poglia Mileti Francesca, Vilani Michela, Mellini Laura, Sulstarova Brikela, Singy Pascal, 2019/11/28. REISO.
Moving toward the next generation of communication training in oncology: The relevance of findings from qualitative research.
Stiefel F., Bourquin C., 2019/11. European journal of cancer care, 28 (6) pp. e13149. Peer-reviewed.
Precision psychiatry: Promises made-Promises to be kept?
Stiefel F., Conus P., Bourquin C., 2019/09. The Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry, 53 (9) pp. 841-843. Peer-reviewed.
A Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Notes Left by Youth Who Died by Suicide in Quebec from 1895 to 1985.
Ligier F., Michaud L., Kabuth B., Lesage A., Corriveau P., Séguin M., 2019/08/08. Archives of suicide research pp. 1-14. Peer-reviewed.
Comorbidités et suicide en fonction des professions en Suisse
Schmid Mathilde, Michaud Laurent, Bovio Nicolas, Guseva Canu Irina, 2019/06/30. dans 27ème Journées Franco-Suisses de Médecine et de Santé au Travail, Annecy, France.
Etudiants en médecine et exercices de gestion du bien-être : étude de faisabilité
Calzoni N., Graz B., Bonvin R., Dodin S., Bonvin É., 2019/06/05. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (654) pp. 1193-1197. Peer-reviewed.
Individual Supervision to Enhance Reflexivity and the Practice of Patient-Centered Care: Experience at the Undergraduate Level.
Berney A., Bourquin C., 2019/04. Journal of cancer education, 34 (2) pp. 363-365. Peer-reviewed.
Modeling empathy as synchrony in clinician and patient vocally encoded emotional arousal: A failure to replicate.
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Joint observation in NICU (JOIN): study protocol of a clinical randomised controlled trial examining an early intervention during preterm care.
Schneider J., Borghini A., Morisod Harari M., Faure N., Tenthorey C., Le Berre A., Tolsa J.F., Horsch A., JOIN Research Consortium, 2019/03/30. BMJ open, 9 (3) pp. e026484. Peer-reviewed.
Chirurgie bariatrique et psychotropes: où en sommes-nous? [Bariatric surgery and psychotropic drugs : where are we now ?]
Vandenberghe F., Corminboeuf Y., Favre L., 2019/03/20. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (643) pp. 631-635. Peer-reviewed.
Les enjeux de la rencontre avec la personne suicidaire - Apports du Groupe romand prévention suicide (GRPS) [Meeting suicidal patient : ongoing actions in French speaking Switzerland]
Dorogi Y., Saillant S., Michaud L., 2019/03/20. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (643) pp. 644-649. Peer-reviewed.
Chemins de l’in(ter)disciplinarité: connaissance, corps, language
Benaroyo L., Berthoud A.-C., Diezi J., Merminod G., Papaux A., Schenk F., Usunier J.-C., Volken H., 2019/03. Sciences et enjeux, 10 216, L'Harmattan - Academia.
Engagement and practical wisdom in clinical practice: a phenomenological study.
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Prise en charge de la patientèle sourde et malentendante : un défi à relever [Health issues in deaf and hearing-impaired patients : a challenge to take up]
Singy P., Cantero O., Bodenmann P., 2019/02/27. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (640) pp. 482-484. Peer-reviewed.
An empirical and philosophical exploration of clinical practice.
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Supervision des équipes de soinsen psychiatrie de liaison : quelques points de repère [Team supervision in Consultation Liaison psychiatry : thoughts and landmarks]
Berney A., Dorogi Y., 2019/02/06. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (637) pp. 344-346. Peer-reviewed.
Symptômes médicalement non expliqués : un défi pour le clinicien []
Bondolfi G., Stiefel F., 2019/02/06. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (637) pp. 327-328. Peer-reviewed.
Une relation sous influence : phénomènes collusifs en Clinique [A relationship under the influence : collusive phenomena in clinics]
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How physicians make sense of their experience of being involved in hospital users' complaints and the associated mediation.
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The implementation and first insights of the French-speaking Swiss programme for monitoring self-harm.
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The interplay between prematurity, maternal stress and children's intelligence quotient at age 11: A longitudinal study.
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Chairissons-nous !...mais sans maux d'amour
Singy Pascal, 2019. pp. 197-202 dans Pahud Stéphanie (eds.) Chairissons-nous !, Ed. Favre.
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Exploring barriers to consistent condom use among sub-Saharan African young immigrants in Switzerland.
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Histoire d'une nouvelle. Pratiques narratives en salle de rédaction
Merminod Gilles, 2019., De Boeck.
Kairos et après-coup: des vertus du malentendu
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Nuance Matters
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Parler de sexualité : le point de vue de jeunes migrant-e-s subsaharien-ne-s
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Produire et diffuser des savoirs sur le langage
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Spotlight on Japanese physicians: An exploration of their professional experiences elicited by means of narrative facilitators.
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The disappearing hand: vestibular stimulation does not improve hand localisation.
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Training in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine
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« Chemins de l’in(ter)disciplinarité » : une démarche exploratoire à la croisée des sciences de la culture et des sciences de la nature
Berthoud Anne-Claude, Merminod Gilles, 2019. dans Journée de la recherche 2019.
À propos d'un trouble de l'évidence corporelle dans l'anorexie
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Anxiété, dépression et BPCO : le point de vue du psychiatre. Comment dépister des manifestations psychiatriques chez les BPCO ? Et comment les prendre en charge ?
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Les facteurs de rémission du trouble de l'adaptation : la parole aux patients. Une étude qualitative
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National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale Zero Strokes.
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Le groupe « Osler » : une nouvelle opportunité pour réfléchir sur le « devenir médecin » [The « Osler » group : a new opportunity to think about « becoming a physician »]
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Postulat de sincérité en médecine [Assumption of sincerity in medicine]
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Training in communication of oncology clinicians: a position paper based on the third consensus meeting among European experts in 2018.
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Die Gehörlosen: eine vulnerable, von Gesundheitsfachleuten verkannte Population
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Cancer : survivance ou maladie chronique
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Enseignement prégradué à la communication clinique : la situation emblématique de l’annonce de diagnostic en oncologie
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Transparence, transfert et patient partenaire
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La clinique des addictions en milieu hospitalier : entre spécialisation et responsabilisation [Addiction-related clinical practice in hospital setting : from specialization to responsibilization]
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Adolescents souffrant d’anorexie mentale Le rôle des parents, une approche baséesur l’évidence : bilan en 2018 [Adolescents suffering from anorexia nervosa: an evidence-based approach of the parent's role in 2018]
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Rédiger une étude de cas en TCC : Guide à l’usage des thérapeutes qui souhaitent défendre leur travail de façon rigoureuse
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Entendre la voix du souffrant dans le bruit qui règne en médecine
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