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High-risk coronary plaque of sudden cardiac death victims: postmortem CT angiographic features and histopathologic findings.
Michaud K., Rotzinger D.C., Faouzi M., Grabherr S., Qanadli S.D., van der Wal A.C., Magnin V. International journal of legal medicine. Peer-reviewed.
Optimization of CT pulmonary angiography for pulmonary embolism using task-based image quality assessment and diagnostic reference levels: A multicentric study.
Viry A., Vitzthum V., Monnin P., Bize J., Rotzinger D., Racine D., 2024/04/24. Physica medica, 121 p. 103365. Peer-reviewed.
A study of ChatGPT in facilitating Heart Team decisions on severe aortic stenosis.
Salihu A., Meier D., Noirclerc N., Skalidis I., Mauler-Wittwer S., Recordon F., Kirsch M., Roguelov C., Berger A., Sun X. et al., 2024/04/15. EuroIntervention, 20 (8) pp. e496-e503. Peer-reviewed.
Phenotypes and outcome of diffuse pulmonary non-amyloid light chain deposition disease.
Lestelle F., Beigelman C., Rotzinger D., Si-Mohamed S., Nasser M., Wemeau L., Hirschi S., Prevot G., Roux A., Bunel V. et al., 2024/04/10. Respiratory research, 25 (1) p. 159. Peer-reviewed.
Transcarotid vascular access for transcatheter aortic valve implantation: is choosing the left side always right?
Salihu A., Rotzinger D.C., Fahrni G., Nowacka A., Antiochos P., Fournier S., Muller O., Kirsch M., Lu H., 2024/04/10. Journal of cardiothoracic surgery, 19 (1) p. 196. Peer-reviewed.
Assessment of temporal resolution and detectability of moving objects in CT: A task-based image quality study.
Monnin P., Rotzinger D., Viry A., Vitzthum V., Racine D., 2024/04. Physica medica, 120 p. 103337. Peer-reviewed.
Coronary CT angiography for the assessment of atherosclerotic plaque inflammation: postmortem proof of concept with histological validation.
Rotzinger D.C., Magnin V., van der Wal A.C., Grabherr S., Qanadli S.D., Michaud K., 2024/03. European radiology, 34 (3) pp. 1755-1763. Peer-reviewed.
The evolving role of transcatheter aortic valve implantation computed tomography in coronary artery assessment: a deeper dive into efficiency, challenges, and future perspectives.
Rotzinger D.C., Fahrni G., 2024/02/29. Journal of thoracic disease, 16 (2) pp. 829-832. Peer-reviewed.
Age- and Sex-Specific Nomographic CT Quantitative Plaque Data From a Large International Cohort.
Tzimas G., Gulsin G.S., Everett R.J., Akodad M., Meier D., Sewnarain K., Ally Z., Alnamasy R., Ng N., Mullen S. et al., 2024/02. JACC. Cardiovascular imaging, 17 (2) pp. 165-175. Peer-reviewed.
Investigating the Influence of High-Speed Gantry Rotation in Cardiac CT on Motion Artifacts in Aortic Stenosis Patients Not Premedicated with β-Blockers: The FAST-CCT Randomized Trial Protocol.
Fahrni G., Gullo G., Touray A., Fournier S., Jouannic A.M., Lu H., Racine D., Muller O., Pozzessere C., Qanadli S.D. et al., 2023/10/12. Journal of cardiovascular development and disease, 10 (10) p. 424. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of thoracoabdominal imaging on diagnosis and management in patients with suspected infective endocarditis.
Papadimitriou-Olivgeris M., Monney P., Rotzinger D.C., Kamani C.H., Fahrni G., Prior J.O., Ianculescu N., Messaoudi Y., Tozzi P., Kirsch M. et al., 2023/10. European journal of internal medicine, 116 pp. 82-88. Peer-reviewed.
Virtually Augmented Self-Hypnosis in Peripheral Vascular Intervention: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Gullo G., Rotzinger D.C., Colin A., Frossard P., Gudmundsson L., Jouannic A.M., Qanadli S.D., 2023/06. Cardiovascular and interventional radiology, 46 (6) pp. 786-793. Peer-reviewed.
Photon-Counting Detector CT With Quantum Iterative Reconstruction: Impact on Liver Lesion Detection and Radiation Dose Reduction.
Racine D., Mergen V., Viry A., Eberhard M., Becce F., Rotzinger D.C., Alkadhi H., Euler A., 2023/04/01. Investigative radiology, 58 (4) pp. 245-252. Peer-reviewed.
Imaging the Vulnerable Carotid Plaque with CT: Caveats to Consider. Comment on Wang et al. Identification Markers of Carotid Vulnerable Plaques: An Update. Biomolecules 2022, 12, 1192.
Rotzinger D.C., Qanadli S.D., Fahrni G., 2023/02/20. Biomolecules, 13 (2) p. 397. Peer-reviewed.
Case report: Acute pericarditis following hepatic microwave ablation for liver metastasis.
Pavon A.G., Rubimbura V., Nowacka A., Hocquelet A., Schwitter J., Rotzinger D.C., 2023. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, 10 p. 1100916. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of COVID-19 pneumonia on pulmonary vascular volume.
Fahrni G., Rocha A.C., Gudmundsson L., Pozzessere C., Qanadli S.D., Rotzinger D.C., 2023. Frontiers in medicine, 10 p. 1117151. Peer-reviewed.
Insights into pelvic venous disorders.
Rezaei-Kalantari K., Fahrni G., Rotzinger D.C., Qanadli S.D., 2023. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, 10 p. 1102063. Peer-reviewed.
Low-iodine 40-keV virtual monoenergetic CT angiography of the lower extremities.
Fahrni G., Mingas T., Deliessche A., Hraichi S., Rotzinger D.C., Si-Mohamed S.A., Boccalini S., Douek P., 2023. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, 10 p. 1276738. Peer-reviewed.
Diagnostic performance of angiography-derived fractional flow reserve in patients with NSTEMI.
Skalidis I., Meier D., De Bruyne B., Collet C., Sonck J., Mahendiran T., Rotzinger D., Qanadli S.D., Eeckhout E., Muller O. et al., 2022/12/28. Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions, 101 (2) pp. 308-315. Peer-reviewed.
Endovascular Stent Grafting for Descending Thoracic Aortic Rupture During TAVR.
Skalidis I., Roux O., Rotzinger D.C., Fournier S., Rosner L., Eeckhout E., Deglise S., Muller O., Roguelov C., 2022/09/26. JACC. Cardiovascular interventions, 15 (18) pp. 1880-1882. Peer-reviewed.
Effect of contrast material injection protocol on first-pass myocardial perfusion assessed by dual-energy dual-layer computed tomography
Boccalini Sara, Si-Mohamed Salim, Matzuzzi Maxime, Tillier Manon, Rotzinger David C., Revel Didier, Boussel Loic, Douek Philippe, 2022/07. Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery, 12 (7) pp. 3903-3916. Peer-reviewed.
Utility of Polymerase Chain Reaction in Nasopharyngeal Swabs for Identifying Respiratory Bacteria Causing Community-Acquired Pneumonia.
Demars Y., Brahier T., Rotzinger D.C., Brouillet R., Jaton K., Opota O., Boillat-Blanco N., 2022/06/29. Microbiology spectrum, 10 (3) pp. e0037922. Peer-reviewed.
Acute Pulmonary Embolism in COVID-19: A Potential Connection between Venous Congestion and Thrombus Distribution.
Nevesny F., Rotzinger D.C., Sauter A.W., Loebelenz L.I., Schmuelling L., Alkadhi H., Ebner L., Christe A., Platon A., Poletti P.A. et al., 2022/06/02. Biomedicines, 10 (6) p. 1300. Peer-reviewed.
Automated lung vessel segmentation reveals blood vessel volume redistribution in viral pneumonia.
Poletti J., Bach M., Yang S., Sexauer R., Stieltjes B., Rotzinger D.C., Bremerich J., Walter Sauter A., Weikert T., 2022/05. European journal of radiology, 150 p. 110259. Peer-reviewed.
Three-Dimensional Adaptive Image Compression Concept for Medical Imaging: Application to Computed Tomography Angiography for Peripheral Arteries.
Fahrni G., Rotzinger D.C., Nakajo C., Dehmeshki J., Qanadli S.D., 2022/04/27. Journal of cardiovascular development and disease, 9 (5) p. 137. Peer-reviewed.
Comparison Between Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography in the Detection and Volumetric Assessment of Lung Nodules: A Prospective Study.
Darçot E., Jreige M., Rotzinger D.C., Gidoin Tuyet Van S., Casutt A., Delacoste J., Simons J., Long O., Buela F., Ledoux J.B. et al., 2022. Frontiers in medicine, 9 p. 858731. Peer-reviewed.
Comparison of image quality between spectral photon-counting CT and dual-layer CT for the evaluation of lung nodules: a phantom study.
Si-Mohamed S.A., Greffier J., Miailhes J., Boccalini S., Rodesch P.A., Vuillod A., van der Werf N., Dabli D., Racine D., Rotzinger D. et al., 2022/01. European radiology, 32 (1) pp. 524-532. Peer-reviewed.
Prevalence and Prognostic Value of Mesenteric Artery Stenosis in Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation.
Lu H., Rotzinger D., Monney P., Muller O., Egea M., Grange M., Eeckhout E., Kirsch M., Qanadli S.D., 2022. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, 9 p. 750634. Peer-reviewed.
Vena Cava Filters: Toward Optimal Strategies for Filter Retrieval and Patients' Follow-Up.
Rezaei-Kalantari K., Rotzinger D.C., Qanadli S.D., 2022. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, 9 p. 746748. Peer-reviewed.
Virtually Augmented Self-Hypnosis applied to endovascular interventions (VA-HYPO): Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol.
Qanadli S.D., Gudmundsson L., Gullo G., Ponti A., Saltiel S., Jouannic A.M., Faouzi M., Rotzinger D.C., 2022. PloS one, 17 (2) pp. e0263002. Peer-reviewed.
Arrhythmic mitral valve prolapse: an iconic case with first documentation on a cardiac CT scan.
Porretta A.P., Rotzinger D.C., Pruvot E., Pavon A.G., 2021/12/31. European heart journal. Cardiovascular Imaging, 22 (12). Peer-reviewed.
Performance of Spectral Photon-Counting Coronary CT Angiography and Comparison with Energy-Integrating-Detector CT: Objective Assessment with Model Observer.
Rotzinger D.C., Racine D., Becce F., Lahoud E., Erhard K., Si-Mohamed S.A., Greffier J., Viry A., Boussel L., Meuli R.A. et al., 2021/12/16. Diagnostics, 11 (12) p. 2376. Peer-reviewed.
Computed Tomography Angiography for the Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease Among Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation.
Meier D., Depierre A., Topolsky A., Roguelov C., Dupré M., Rubimbura V., Eeckhout E., Qanadli S.D., Muller O., Mahendiran T. et al., 2021/10. Journal of cardiovascular translational research, 14 (5) pp. 894-901. Peer-reviewed.
Coronary CT angiography for the assessment of atherosclerotic plaque inflammation: post-mortem proof of concept with histological validation
Rotzinger DC, Magnin V, Van der Wal AC, Grabherr S, Qanadli SD, Michaud K, 2021/09/18. dans Association for European Cardiovascular Pathology (ACVP) - 9th Biennial Meeting.
Diffuse Pulmonary Non-Amyloid Light-Chain Deposition Disease: Phenotypes and Outcome
Lestelle François, Nasser Mouham, Roux Antoine, Hirschi Sandrine, Wemeau Lidwine, Prévot Gregoire, Rotzinger David, Si-Mohamed Salim, Bunel Vincent, Gomez Emmanuel et al., 2021/09/05. Rare ILD / DPLD.
Reduced-iodine-dose dual-energy coronary CT angiography: qualitative and quantitative comparison between virtual monochromatic and polychromatic CT images.
Rotzinger D.C., Si-Mohamed S.A., Yerly J., Boccalini S., Becce F., Boussel L., Meuli R.A., Qanadli S.D., Douek P.C., 2021/09. European radiology, 31 (9) pp. 7132-7142. Peer-reviewed.
Acute post-traumatic rupture of the right pulmonary artery: a modern approach for a rare condition.
Rotzinger D., Roumy A., Tozzi P., Qanadli S.D., 2021/07/14. European journal of cardio-thoracic surgery, 60 (1) p. 200. Peer-reviewed.
Is Management of Major Bleeding in Patients Taking Anticoagulants Restricted to Reversal Strategies?
Qanadli S.D., Rotzinger D., 2021/07. European journal of vascular and endovascular surgery, 62 (1) p. 142. Peer-reviewed.
Lower extremity arterial disease - call for a standardized and comprehensive name of the disease to improve public awareness.
Qanadli S.D., Rotzinger D., 2021/07. VASA. Zeitschrift fur Gefasskrankheiten, 50 (4) p. 249. Peer-reviewed.
Should Vascular Abnormalities Be Integrated Into the Chest CT Imaging Signature of Coronavirus Disease 2019?
Rotzinger D.C., Qanadli S.D., 2021/05. Chest, 159 (5) pp. 2107-2108. Peer-reviewed.
Vascular Abnormalities Detected with Chest CT in COVID-19: Spectrum, Association with Parenchymal Lesions, Cardiac Changes, and Correlation with Clinical Severity (COVID-CAVA Study).
Qanadli S.D., Sauter A.W., Alkadhi H., Christe A., Poletti P.A., Ebner L., Rotzinger D.C., 2021/03/29. Diagnostics, 11 (4) p. 606. Peer-reviewed.
Pulmonary angioplasty: A step further in the continuously changing landscape of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension management.
Rotzinger D.C., Rezaei-Kalantari K., Aubert J.D., Qanadli S.D., 2021/03. European journal of radiology, 136 p. 109562. Peer-reviewed.
Structured team-oriented program to follow patients after vena cava filter placement: a step forward in improving quality for filter retrieval.
Qanadli S.D., Rezaei-Kalantari K., Crivelli L., Doenz F., Jouannic A.M., Rotzinger D.C., 2021/02/10. Scientific reports, 11 (1) p. 3526. Peer-reviewed.
Case Report: Coronary-Pulmonary Fistula Closure by Percutaneous Approach: Learning From Mistakes.
Rubimbura V., Girod G., Delabays A., Meier D., Rotzinger D.C., Muller O., Qanadli S.D., Eeckhout É., 2021. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, 8 p. 779716. Peer-reviewed.
Case Report: Intrapulmonary Arteriovenous Anastomoses in COVID-19-Related Pulmonary Vascular Changes: A New Player in the Arena?
Qanadli S.D., Rocha A.C., Rotzinger D.C., 2021. Frontiers in medicine, 8 p. 639152. Peer-reviewed.
Insights Into Endovascular Management of Superior Vena Cava Obstructions.
Ponti A., Saltiel S., Rotzinger D.C., Qanadli S.D., 2021. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, 8 p. 765798. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of CT venography added to CT pulmonary angiography for the detection of deep venous thrombosis and relevant incidental CT findings.
Douek P., Rotzinger D.C., Meuli R.A., Dunet V., Schmidt S., 2020/12. European journal of radiology, 133 p. 109388. Peer-reviewed.
Lung MRI assessment with high-frequency noninvasive ventilation at 3 T.
Darçot E., Delacoste J., Dunet V., Dournes G., Rotzinger D., Bernasconi M., Vremaroiu P., Simons J., Long O., Rohner C. et al., 2020/12. Magnetic resonance imaging, 74 pp. 64-73. Peer-reviewed.
Multimodality imaging for percutaneous closure of a post-surgical paravalvular aortic fistula.
Rubimbura V., Rotzinger D., Eeckhout E., Rutz T., 2020/11/14. European heart journal, 41 (43) p. 4211. Peer-reviewed.
Management of non-COVID-19 patients should not be the dark side of the pandemic
Qanadli SD, Rotzinger DC, 2020/09/27. Swiss Medical Weekly.
Incidentally discovered COVID-19 pneumonia: the role of diagnostic imaging.
Pozzessere C., Rotzinger D.C., Ghaye B., Lamoth F., Beigelman-Aubry C., 2020/09. European radiology, 30 (9) pp. 5211-5213. Peer-reviewed.
Catheter-directed thrombolysis in COVID-19 pneumonia with acute PE: Thinking beyond the guidelines.
Qanadli S.D., Gudmundsson L., Rotzinger D.C., 2020/08. Thrombosis research, 192 pp. 9-11. Peer-reviewed.
CT Pulmonary Angiography for Risk Stratification of Patients with Nonmassive Acute Pulmonary Embolism
Rotzinger David C., Knebel Jean-François, Jouannic Anne-Marie, Adler Ghazal, Qanadli Salah D., 2020/08/01. Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging, 2 (4) pp. e190188. Peer-reviewed.
First Documentation of Persistent SARS-Cov-2 Infection Presenting With Late Acute Severe Myocarditis.
Pavon A.G., Meier D., Samim D., Rotzinger D.C., Fournier S., Marquis P., Monney P., Muller O., Schwitter J., 2020/08. The Canadian journal of cardiology, 36 (8) pp. 1326.e5-1326.e7. Peer-reviewed.
Task-based characterization of a deep learning image reconstruction and comparison with filtered back-projection and a partial model-based iterative reconstruction in abdominal CT: A phantom study.
Racine D., Becce F., Viry A., Monnin P., Thomsen B., Verdun F.R., Rotzinger D.C., 2020/08. Physica medica, 76 pp. 28-37. Peer-reviewed.
Vascular Changes Detected With Thoracic CT in Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Might Be Significant Determinants for Accurate Diagnosis and Optimal Patient Management.
Qanadli S.D., Beigelman-Aubry C., Rotzinger D.C., 2020/07. AJR. American journal of roentgenology, 215 (1) pp. W15. Peer-reviewed.
Pulmonary embolism in patients with COVID-19: Time to change the paradigm of computed tomography.
Rotzinger D.C., Beigelman-Aubry C., von Garnier C., Qanadli S.D., 2020/06. Thrombosis research, 190 pp. 58-59. Peer-reviewed.
Vascular Abnormalities as Part of Chest CT Findings in COVID-19
Qanadli Salah D., Rotzinger David C., 2020/04/21. Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging, 2 (2) pp. e200161. Peer-reviewed.
Ability of FFR-CT to detect the absence of hemodynamically significant lesions in patients with high-risk NSTE-ACS admitted in the emergency department with chest pain, study design and rationale.
Meier D., Skalidis I., De Bruyne B., Qanadli S.D., Rotzinger D., Eeckhout E., Collet C., Muller O., Fournier S., 2020/04. International journal of cardiology. Heart & vasculature, 27 p. 100496. Peer-reviewed.
Pulmonary embolism during pregnancy: a 17-year single-center retrospective MDCT pulmonary angiography study.
Rotzinger D.C., Dunet V., Ilic V., Hugli O.W., Meuli R.A., Schmidt S., 2020/03. European radiology, 30 (3) pp. 1780-1789. Peer-reviewed.
"Dark-blood" dual-energy computed tomography angiography for thoracic aortic wall imaging.
Rotzinger D.C., Si-Mohamed S.A., Shapira N., Douek P.C., Meuli R.A., Boussel L., 2020/01. European radiology, 30 (1) pp. 425-431. Peer-reviewed.
A New Clinically Driven Classification for Acute Aortic Dissection.
Qanadli S.D., Malekzadeh S., Villard N., Jouannic A.M., Bodenmann D., Tozzi P., Rotzinger D.C., 2020. Frontiers in surgery, 7 p. 37. Peer-reviewed.
Computed Tomography Angiography in Peripheral Arterial Disease: Comparison of Three Image Acquisition Techniques to Optimize Vascular Enhancement-Randomized Controlled Trial.
Rotzinger D.C., Lu T.L., Kawkabani A., Marques-Vidal P.M., Fetz G., Qanadli S.D., 2020. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, 7 p. 68. Peer-reviewed.
Virtual versus true non-contrast dual-energy CT imaging for the diagnosis of aortic intramural hematoma.
Si-Mohamed S., Dupuis N., Tatard-Leitman V., Rotzinger D., Boccalini S., Dion M., Vlassenbroek A., Coulon P., Yagil Y., Shapira N. et al., 2019/12. European radiology, 29 (12) pp. 6762-6771. Peer-reviewed.
Myocardial oedema detected by T2-mapping: a key marker of recent ischaemia after resuscitated sudden cardiac death.
Tzimas G., Rotzinger D.C., Muller O., Monney P., 2019/11/01. European heart journal cardiovascular Imaging, 20 (11) p. 1319. Peer-reviewed.
Une hyponatrémie inhabituelle
Demars Yoris, Barchi Matteo, Marino Laura, ProdHom Sylvain, Rotzinger David C., Vollenweider Peter, 2019/08/28. Forum Médical Suisse ‒ Swiss Medical Forum. Peer-reviewed.
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) and contrast-enhanced CT: What needs the radiologist to know?
Saltiel Sarah, Rotzinger David, Meuli Reto, Schmidt Sabine, 2019/06/13. dans Swiss Congress of Radiology, St. Gallen, Switzerland. Peer-reviewed.
How and when to apply Reduced dose and Ultra-reduced dose CT in chest imaging
Gidoin Stacey, Du Pasquier Céline, Rotzinger David, Villard Nicolas, Bernasconi Martine, Beigelman Catherine, 2019/06/13. dans Swiss Congress of Radiology, St. Gallen, Switzerland. Peer-reviewed.
Pitfalls in diagnosis of infiltrative lung disease
Du Pasquier C, Lazor R, Hajri R, Ponti AFM, Gidoin S, Villard N, Rotzinger DC, Beigelman C, 2019/06/13. dans Swiss Congress of Radiology, St. Gallen, Switzerland. Peer-reviewed.
Characteristics of first-pass myocardial iodine distribution as assessed by dual layer CT with different injection protocols
Boccalini S., Si-Mohamed S.A., Matzuzzi M., Plaine B., Rotzinger D.C., Hanquier L., Boussel L., Revel D., Douek P., 2019/02/27. dans European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Vienna, Austria. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of added CT venography performed in combination with CT pulmonary angiography on the detection of deep venous thrombosis and relevant occult CT findings
Douek Pauline, Rotzinger David, Meuli Reto, Dunet Vincent, Schmidt Sabine, 2019/02/27. dans European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Vienna, Austria. Peer-reviewed.
New dual-energy CT angiography method to generate “dark blood” images
Rotzinger David, Si-Mohamed Salim, Douek Philippe, Boussel Loïc, 2019/02/27. dans European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Vienna, Austria. Peer-reviewed.
Virtual non contrast imaging of aortic intramural hematoma for replacing the non contrast CT imaging
Si-Mohamed S.A., Dupuis N., Rotzinger D.C., Boccalini S., Yagil Y., Coulon P., Shapira N., Douek P., Boussel L., 2019/02/27. dans European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Vienna, Austria. Peer-reviewed.
Can a Trained Radiology Technician Do Arterial Obstruction Quantification in Patients With Acute Pulmonary Embolism?
Rotzinger D.C., Breault S., Knebel J.F., Beigelman-Aubry C., Jouannic A.M., Qanadli S.D., 2019. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, 6 p. 38. Peer-reviewed.
Image acquisition for intravoxel incoherent motion imaging of kidneys should be triggered at the instant of maximum blood velocity: evidence obtained with simulations and in vivo experiments.
Milani B., Ledoux J.B., Rotzinger D.C., Kanemitsu M., Vallée J.P., Burnier M., Pruijm M., 2019/01. Magnetic resonance in medicine, 81 (1) pp. 583-593. Peer-reviewed.
Task-Based Model Observer Assessment of A Partial Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm in Thoracic Oncologic Multidetector CT.
Rotzinger D.C., Racine D., Beigelman-Aubry C., Alfudhili K.M., Keller N., Monnin P., Verdun F.R., Becce F., 2018/12/07. Scientific reports, 8 (1) p. 17734. Peer-reviewed.
"Dark Blood" Dual-Energy CT Imaging Using a Dedicated Material Decomposition Method
Rotzinger DC, Si-Mohamed S, Douek PC, Boussel L, 2018/11/25. dans The Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) 104th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA. Peer-reviewed.
Apport diagnostique des images virtuellement sans contraste pour l’hématome aortique intra-mural.
Si-Mohamed S, Dion M, Dupuis N, Rotzinger D, Douek P, Boussel L, 2018/10/12. dans Journées Francophones de Radiologie Diagnostique et Interventionnelle (JFR), Paris, France. Peer-reviewed.
Le Pannus dans tous ses états
Hanquier L, Si-Mohamed S, Rotzinger D, Gamondes D, Revel D, Douek P, 2018/10/12. dans Journées Francophones de Radiologie Diagnostique et Interventionnelle (JFR), Paris, France.. Peer-reviewed.
Scanner spectral : une avancée technologique au service du radiologue cardiovasculaire.
Hanquier L, Aguilera M, Miailhes J, Wdowik Q, Ziegler A, Rotzinger D, Si-Mohamed S, Revel D, Douek P, 2018/10/12. dans Journées Francophones de Radiologie Diagnostique et Interventionnelle (JFR), Paris, France. Peer-reviewed.
Acute Rotaviral Encephalitis with Corpus Callosum Signal Abnormality on MRI
Perdikari M, Cauderay D, Rotzinger D, Panchard Ma, 2018/05/24. dans Foederatio Paedo medicorum helveticorum congress, Lausanne, Switzerland, May 24-25, 2018. Peer-reviewed.
First-pass myocardial perfusion using dual-layer detector CT in healthy subjects: impact of spectral reconstructions
Rotzinger DC, Si-Mohamed SA, Matzuzzi M, Boussel L, Hanquier L, Douek PC, 2018/05/24. dans Joint meeting of ESTI and ESCR (European Society of Thoracic Imaging and European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology), Geneva, Switzerland, May 24-26, 2018. Peer-reviewed.
Computed Tomography Angiography for Suspected Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnancy: Diagnostic Yield and Alternate Diagnoses
Rotzinger David, Dunet Vincent, Ilic Vesna, Hugli Olivier, Meuli Reto, Schmidt Sabine, 2018/05/10. dans SCR'18 Swiss Congress of Radiology, SGR-SSR SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne, May 10-12 2018. Online Abstract Book : Breast, Chest and Radiation Dose. Peer-reviewed.
Balloon-assisted coil embolization and large stent delivery for cerebral aneurysms with a new generation of dual lumen balloons (Copernic 2L).
Guenego A., Zerlauth J.B., Puccinelli F., Hajdu S., Rotzinger D.C., Zibold F., Piechowiak E.I., Mordasini P., Gralla J., Dobrocky T. et al., 2018/04. Journal of neurointerventional surgery, 10 (4) pp. 395-400. Peer-reviewed.
Factors Associated With Focal Computed Tomographic Perfusion Abnormalities in Supratentorial Transient Ischemic Attacks.
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Risk stratification in Acute Pulmonary Embolism: Impact of Arterial Obstruction Index, Cardiopulmonary Comorbidities and Age.
Rotzinger DC, Knebel JF, Kamel EM, Jouannic AM, Qanadli SD, 2017/10/13. dans : JFR (Journées Francophones de Radiologie), Paris, France, October 13-16, 2017.
Objective and subjective image quality in chest MDCT: impact of the ASiR-V algorithm
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Site and Rate of Occlusive Disease in Cervicocerebral Arteries: A CT Angiography Study of 2209 Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke.
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Effects of Reconstruction Planes on CT Image Quality When Using Iterative Reconstruction Techniques
Ott J, Verdun FR, Omoumi P, Rotzinger D, Becce F, 2017/04/30. dans ARRS (American Roentgen Ray Society) annual meeting, New Orleans, USA, April 30 – May 5 2017. Peer-reviewed.
Effects of the ASiR-V algorithm on objective and subjective image quality in chest MDCT
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Longitudinal Segmentation of Early-stage Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Magnetic Resonance Images
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Automated detection of white matter and cortical lesions in early stages of multiple sclerosis.
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