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Adjustments of the Rock-Eval® thermal analysis for soil organic and inorganic carbon quantification
Hazera Joséphine, Sebag David, Kowalewski Isabelle, Verrecchia Eric, Ravelojaona Herman, Chevallier Tiphaine.
Soil organic matter thermal pools as influenced by depth, tillage, and soil texture – A Rock-Eval® analysis study on the cropland soils of the Swiss Plateau
Deluz Cedric, Sebag David, Verrecchia Eric, Boivin Pascal, 2024/05. Geoderma, 445 p. 116871.
Erosion of community complexity increases temperature-dependency of microbial respiration, but not growth, in short-term incubations
Rohner Nadja, Lepori Selina, Loaiza Viviana, Sebag David, Verrecchia Eric, Nelson Daniel B., Kahmen Ansgar, Niklaus Pascal A., Laine Anna-Liisa, Domeignoz-Horta Luiz A., 2024/02/21. Elem Sci Anth, 12 (1).
Adjustments to the Rock-Eval® thermal analysis for soil organic and inorganic carbon quantification
Hazera Joséphine, Sebag David, Kowalewski Isabelle, Verrecchia Eric, Ravelojaona Herman, Chevallier Tiphaine, 2023/12/22. Biogeosciences, 20 (24) pp. 5229-5242. Peer-reviewed.
Reproducibility of Rock-Eval® thermal analysis for soil organic matter characterization
Pacini Lorenza, Adatte Thierry, Barré Pierre, Boussafir Mohammed, Bouton Nicolas, Cécillon Lauric, Lamoureux-Var Violaine, Sebag David, Verrecchia Eric, Wattripont Adrien et al., 2023/12. Organic Geochemistry, 186 p. 104687. Peer-reviewed.
Sepiolite as a multifactorial indicator of paleoenvironments in the Chobe Enclave (northern Botswana)
Mokatse Thuto, Prud'Homme Charlotte, Vainer Shlomy, Adatte Thierry, Shemang Elisha, Verrecchia Eric P., 2023/08. Sedimentary Geology, 454 p. 106459.
A multi-method approach for the investigation of termite mound structures (Kalahari Basin, Botswana)
Van Thuyne John, Irving James, Verrecchia Eric P., 2023/07. CATENA, 228 p. 107158.
Nutrient availability challenges the sustainability of low-input oil palm farming systems
Essono Damien Marie, Batamack Nkoué Baruch, Voundi Eric, Kono Léon, Verrecchia Eric, Ghazoul Jaboury, Mala Armand William, Buttler Alexandre, Guillaume Thomas, 2023/04. Farming System, 1 (1) p. 100006. Peer-reviewed.
Substrate availability and not thermal acclimation controls microbial temperature sensitivity response to long‐term warming
Domeignoz-Horta Luiz A., Pold Grace, Erb Hailey, Sebag David, Verrecchia Eric, Northen Trent, Louie Katherine, Eloe-Fadrosh Emiley, Pennacchio Christa, Knorr Melissa A. et al., 2022/12/14. Global Change Biology. Peer-reviewed.
Geometry of sedimentary deposits and evolution of the landforms in the Chobe Enclave, Northern Botswana
Mokatse Thuto, Vainer Shlomy, Irving James, Schmidt Christoph, Kgosidintsi Boniface, Shemang Elisha, Verrecchia Eric P., 2022/10. Geomorphology, 415 p. 108406. Peer-reviewed.
Eolian chronology reveals causal links between tectonics, climate, and erg generation
Vainer Shlomy, Matmon Ari, Ben Dor Yoav, Verrecchia Eric P., Eckardt Frank, Aumaître Georges, Bourlès Didier L., Keddadouche Karim, 2022/09/29. Nature Communications, 13 (1).
Size fractions of organic matter pools influence their stability: Application of the Rock-Eval® analysis to beech forest soils
SEBAG David, VERRECCHIA Eric P., ADATTE Thierry, AUBERT Michaël, CAILLEAU Guillaume, DECAËNS Thibaud, KOWALEWSKI Isabelle, TRAP Jean, BUREAU Fabrice, HEDDE Mickaël, 2022/08. Pedosphere, 32 (4) pp. 565-575.
On-Farm Relationships Between Agricultural Practices and Annual Changes in Organic Carbon Content at a Regional Scale
Dupla Xavier, Lemaître Téo, Grand Stéphanie, Gondret Karine, Charles Raphaël, Verrecchia Eric, Boivin Pascal, 2022/03/24. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10. Peer-reviewed.
Reactive transport modelling the oxalate-carbonate pathway of the Iroko tree; Investigation of calcium and carbon sinks and sources
Gatz-Miller Hannah S., Gérard Frédéric, Verrecchia Eric P., Su Danyang, Mayer K. Ulrich, 2022/03. Geoderma, 410 p. 115665. Peer-reviewed.
Fungal Weathering
Bindschedler Saskia, Verrecchia Eric P., 2022. pp. 1-5 dans Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
Landscapes and Landforms of the Chobe Enclave, Northern Botswana
Mokatse Thuto, Diaz Nathalie, Shemang Elisha, Van Thuyne John, Vittoz Pascal, Vennemann Torsten, Verrecchia Eric P., 2022. pp. 91-116 dans Eckardt F.D. (eds.) Landscapes and Landforms of Botswana, Springer International Publishing.
A Visual Atlas for Soil Micromorphologists
Verrecchia Eric P., Trombino Luca, 2021/12/31., Springer International Publishing.
Impacts of fungus-growing termites on surficial geology parameters: A review
Van Thuyne John, Verrecchia Eric P., 2021/12. Earth-Science Reviews, 223 p. 103862. Peer-reviewed.
Direct evidence for the role of microbial community composition in the formation of soil organic matter composition and persistence
Domeignoz-Horta Luiz A., Shinfuku Melissa, Junier Pilar, Poirier Simon, Verrecchia Eric, Sebag David, DeAngelis Kristen M., 2021/11. ISME Communications, 1 (64). Peer-reviewed.
Are fungus-growing termites super sediment-sorting insects of subtropical environments?
Van Thuyne John, Darini Isacco, Mainga Ali, Verrecchia Eric P., 2021/10. Journal of Arid Environments, 193 p. 104566. Peer-reviewed.
Changes in topsoil organic carbon content in the Swiss leman region cropland from 1993 to present. Insights from large scale on-farm study
Dupla Xavier, Gondret Karine, Sauzet Ophélie, Verrecchia Eric, Boivin Pascal, 2021/10. Geoderma, 400 p. 115125. Peer-reviewed.
Provenance study of oyster shells by LA-ICP-MS
Mouchi Vincent, Godbillot Camille, Dupont Catherine, Vella Marc-Antoine, Forest Vianney, Ulianov Alexey, Lartaud Franck, de Rafélis Marc, Emmanuel Laurent, Verrecchia Eric P., 2021/08. Journal of Archaeological Science, 132 p. 105418. Peer-reviewed.
Hommage collectif - Yvette DEWOLF – une géomorphologue de terrain passionnée
Fort Monique, André Marie Françoise, Salem Mekki Ben, Bourrié Guilhem, Callot Yann, Coutard Jean-Pierre, Duraffour Françoise, Hannani Mustapha El, Deffontaines Benoit, Cœur Charles Le et al., 2021/06/30. Géomorphologie : relief, processus, environnement, 27 (2) pp. 175-185.
An integrated approach for tracking climate-driven changes in treeline environments on different time scales in the Valle d'Aosta, Italian Alps
Masseroli Anna, Leonelli Giovanni, Morra di Cella Umberto, Verrecchia Eric P, Sebag David, Pozzi Emanuele D, Maggi Valter, Pelfini Manuela, Trombino Luca, 2021/06/28. The Holocene p. 095968362110259. Peer-reviewed.
Functional Diversity of the Litter-Associated Fungi from an Oxalate-Carbonate Pathway Ecosystem in Madagascar
Hervé Vincent, Simon Anaële, Randevoson Finaritra, Cailleau Guillaume, Rajoelison Gabrielle, Razakamanarivo Herintsitohaina, Bindschedler Saskia, Verrecchia Eric, Junier Pilar, 2021/05/01. Microorganisms, 9 (5) p. 985. Peer-reviewed.
Evidence linking calcium to increased organo-mineral association in soils
Rowley M. C., Grand S., Spangenberg J. E., Verrecchia E. P., 2021/04. Biogeochemistry, 153 (3) pp. 223-241. Peer-reviewed.
Calcium transfer and mass balance associated with soil carbonate in a semi‐arid silicate watershed (North Cameroon): an overlooked geochemical cascade?
Dietrich Fabienne, Diaz Nathalie, Deschamps Pierre, Sebag David, Verrecchia Eric P., 2021/02/23. The Depositional Record, 7 pp. 93-110. Peer-reviewed.
Reconsidering the compound effect of geomorphology, vegetation, and climate change on paleopedogenesis in sensitive environments (Northern Apennines, Italy)
Masseroli A., Villa S., Mariani G.S., Bollati I.M., Pelfini M., Sebag D., Verrecchia E.P., Trombino L., 2021/02. CATENA, 197 p. 104951. Peer-reviewed.
Plant community diversity in the Chobe Enclave, Botswana: Insights for functional habitat heterogeneity for herbivores
Vittoz Pascal, Pellacani Federico, Romanens Rémy, Mainga Ali, Verrecchia Eric P., Fynn Richard W.S., 2020/10/21. KOEDOE - African Protected Area Conservation and Science, 62 (1) pp. a1604. Peer-reviewed.
Foreword: multiproxy studies on continental carbonates: palaeoclimates and palaeoenvironments.
Prud'homme Charlotte, Verrecchia Eric, 2020/06/01. Quaternaire 31/2 pp. 89-90.
Multiproxy evidence of middle and Late Pleistocene environmental changes in the loess-paleosol sequence of Bůhzdař (Czech Republic)
Flašarová Kristýna, Strouhalová Barbora, Šefrna Luděk, Verrecchia Eric, Lauer Tobias, Juřičková Lucie, Kolařík Petr, Ložek Vojen, 2020/06. Quaternary International, 552 pp. 4-14. Peer-reviewed.
A cascading influence of calcium carbonate on the biogeochemistry and pedogenic trajectories of subalpine soils, Switzerland
Rowley Mike C., Grand Stephanie, Adatte Thierry, Verrecchia Eric P., 2020/03. Geoderma, 361 p. 114065. Peer-reviewed.
Alluvial record of an early Eocene hyperthermal within the Castissent Formation, the Pyrenees, Spain
Honegger L., Adatte T., Spangenberg J.E., Rugenstein J.K. C., Poyatos-Moré M., Puigdefàbregas C., Chanvry E., Clark J., Fildani A., Verrecchia E. et al., 2020/02/04. Climate of the Past, 16 (1) pp. 227-243. Peer-reviewed.
Rare Earth Elements in oyster shells: provenance discrimination and potential vital effects
Mouchi Vincent, Godbillot Camille, Forest Vianney, Ulianov Alexey, Lartaud Franck, de Rafélis Marc, Emmanuel Laurent, Verrecchia Eric P., 2020. Biogeosciences, 17 pp. 2205–2217. Peer-reviewed.
What are the most crucial soil variables for predicting the distribution of mountain plant species? A comprehensive study in the Swiss Alps
Buri A., Grand S., Yashiro S., Adatte T., Spangenberg J., Pinto-Figueroa E., Verrecchia E., Guisan A., 2020. Journal of Biogeography, 47 (5) pp. 1143-1153. Peer-reviewed.
Composition and superposition of alluvial deposits drive macro-biological soil engineering and organic matter dynamics in floodplains
Schomburg A., Sebag D., Turberg P., Verrecchia E.P., Guenat C., Brunner P., Adatte T., Schlaepfer R., Le Bayon R.C., 2019/12. Geoderma, 355 p. 113899. Peer-reviewed.
Soil diversity and major soil processes in the Kalahari basin, Botswana
Romanens Rémy, Pellacani Federico, Mainga Ali, Fynn Richard, Vittoz Pascal, Verrecchia Eric P., 2019/11. Geoderma Regional, 19 pp. e00236. Peer-reviewed.
Origin of strontium and calcium in pedogenic needle fibre calcite (NFC)
Millière L., Gussone N., Moritz T., Bindschedler S., Verrecchia E.P., 2019/10. Chemical Geology, 524 pp. 329-344. Peer-reviewed.
Spatial modelling of soil water holding capacity improves models of plant distributions in mountain landscapes
Cianfrani C., Buri A., Vittoz P., Grand S., Zingg B., Verrecchia E., Guisan A., 2019/05. Plant and Soil, 438 (1-2) pp. 57-70. Peer-reviewed.
OSL dating of a carbonate island in the Chobe Enclave, NW Botswana
Diaz N., Armitage S.J., Verrecchia E.P., Herman F., 2019/02. Quaternary Geochronology, 49 pp. 172-176. Peer-reviewed.
Effect of Organic Carbon and Nitrogen on the Interactions of Morchella spp. and Bacteria Dispersing on Their Mycelium.
Lohberger A., Spangenberg J.E., Ventura Y., Bindschedler S., Verrecchia E.P., Bshary R., Junier P., 2019. Frontiers in microbiology, 10 p. 124. Peer-reviewed.
Correction for the siderite effect on Rock-Eval parameters: Application to the sediments of Lake Barombi (southwest Cameroon)
Sebag David, Garcin Yannick, Adatte Thierry, Deschamps Pierre, Ménot Guillemette, Verrecchia Eric P., 2018/09. Organic Geochemistry, 123 pp. 126-135.
Pedo-sedimentary constituents as paleoenvironmental proxies in the Sudano-Sahelian belt during the Late Quaternary (southwestern Chad Basin)
Diaz Nathalie, Dietrich Fabienne, Sebag David, King Georgina E., Valla Pierre G., Durand Alain, Garcin Yannick, de Saulieu Geoffroy, Deschamps Pierre, Herman Frédéric et al., 2018/07. Quaternary Science Reviews, 191 pp. 348-362. Peer-reviewed.
Biocontrolled soil nutrient distribution under the influence of an oxalogenic-oxalotrophic ecosystem
Pons Sophie, Bindschedler Saskia, Sebag David, Junier Pilar, Verrecchia Eric, Cailleau Guillaume, 2018/04. Plant and Soil, 425 (1-2) pp. 145-160.
Rock-Eval pyrolysis discriminates soil macro-aggregates formed by plants and earthworms
Schomburg A., Verrecchia E.P., Guenat C., Brunner P., Sebag D., Le Bayon R.C., 2018/02. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 117 pp. 117-124.
Carbonate Accumulation in the Bark of Terminalia bellirica: A New Habitat for the Oxalate-Carbonate Pathway
Hervé Vincent, Clerc Martin, Cailleau Guillaume, Bueche Matthieu, Junier Thomas, Verrecchia Eric, Junier Pilar, 2018/01/02. Geomicrobiology Journal, 35 (1) pp. 31-39.
Calcium Carbonate Features
Durand Nicolas, Monger H. Curtis, Canti Matthew G., Verrecchia Eric P., 2018. pp. 205-258 dans Interpretation of Micromorphological Features of Soils and Regoliths, Elsevier.
Calcium-mediated stabilisation of soil organic carbon
Rowley M. C., Grand S., Verrecchia E. P., 2018/01/01. Biogeochemistry, 137 pp. 27-49. Peer-reviewed.
Decoupling of topsoil and subsoil controls on organic matter dynamics in the Swiss Alps
Matteodo M., Grand S., Sebag D., Rowley M. C., Vittoz P., Verrecchia E. P., 2018. Geoderma, 330 pp. 41-51. Peer-reviewed.
Generalizing soil properties in geographic space: Approaches used and ways forward.
Cianfrani C., Buri A., Verrecchia E., Guisan A., 2018. PloS one, 13 (12) pp. e0208823. Peer-reviewed.
Soil factors improve predictions of plant species distribution in a mountain environment
Buri A., Cianfrani C., Adatte T., Pinto-Figueroa E., Spangenberg J.E ., Yashiro E., Verrecchia E., Guisan A., Pradervand J.-N., 2017/10/31. Progress in Physical Geography, 41 pp. 703–722. Peer-reviewed.
Origin of calcium in pedogenic carbonate nodules from silicate watersheds in the Far North Region of Cameroon: Respective contribution of in situ weathering source and dust input
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Moving carbon between spheres, the potential oxalate-carbonate pathway of Brosimum alicastrum Sw.; Moraceae
Rowley Mike C., Estrada-Medina Héctor, Tzec-Gamboa Magnolia, Rozin Aviram, Cailleau Guillaume, Verrecchia Eric P., Green Iain, 2017/03. Plant and Soil, 412 (1-2) pp. 465-479. Peer-reviewed.
Anin situinventory of fungi and their associated migrating bacteria in forest soils using fungal highway columns
Simon Anaele, Hervé Vincent, Al-Dourobi Andrej, Verrecchia Eric, Junier Pilar, 2017/01. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 93 (1) pp. fiw217.
Multi-scale crystallographic ordering in the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa
Mouchi V., Vonlanthen P., Verrecchia E.P., Crowley Q.G., 2017. Scientific Reports, 7 (AN 8987) pp. 1-10. Peer-reviewed.
The Close-Up Imager Onboard the ESA ExoMars Rover: Objectives, Description, Operations, and Science Validation Activities
Josset J.-L., Westall F., Hofmann B.A., Spray J., Cockell C., Kempe S., Griffiths A.D., Christina de Sanctis M., Colangeli L., Koschny D. et al., 2017. Astrobiology, 17 pp. 595-611. Peer-reviewed.
Dynamics of soil organic matter based on new Rock-Eval indices
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Editorial: Special Issue dedicated to the memory of Dan (Hardy) Yaalon
Stahr Karl, Itkin Danny, Ottner Franz, Verrecchia Eric, 2016/11. CATENA, 146 pp. 1-9.
The influence of Dan H. Yaalon: His impact on people
Brevik Eric C., Richter Daniel deB., Verrecchia Eric P., Ryan John, Poch Rosa M., Crouvi Onn, Sauer Daniela, Waroszewski Jaroslaw, Solleiro-Rebolledo Elizabeth, Monger Curtis et al., 2016/11. CATENA, 146 pp. 147-154.
Vertical variation in porosity of nāri (calcrete) on chalk, Galilee, Israel: A new interpretation as a tribute to Dan H. Yaalon
Verrecchia Eric P., 2016/11. CATENA, 146 pp. 62-72.
Pedogenic carbonate nodules as soil time archives: Challenges and investigations related to OSL dating
Diaz Nathalie, King Georgina E., Valla Pierre G., Herman Frédéric, Verrecchia Eric P., 2016/09. Quaternary Geochronology, 36 pp. 120-133. Peer-reviewed.
Role of Fungi in the Biomineralization of Calcite
Bindschedler Saskia, Cailleau Guillaume, Verrecchia Eric, 2016/05/05. Minerals, 6 (2) p. 41.
Can mima-like mounds be Vertisol relics (Far North Region of Cameroon, Chad Basin)?
Diaz Nathalie, Dietrich Fabienne, Cailleau Guillaume, Sebag David, Ngounou Ngatcha Benjamin, Verrecchia Eric P., 2016/05. Geomorphology, 261 pp. 41-56.
Snowbeds are more affected than other subalpine-alpine plant communities by climate change in the Swiss Alps
Matteodo M., Ammann K., Verrecchia E., Vittoz P., 2016. Ecology and Evolution, 6 pp. 6969-6982. Peer-reviewed.
Variation in Soil Respiration across Soil and Vegetation Types in an Alpine Valley.
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Carbon dioxide in scree slope deposits: A pathway from atmosphere to pedogenic carbonate
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Assessment of a locally-sourced loess system in Europe: The Swiss Jura Mountains
Martignier L., Nussbaumer M., Adatte T., Gobat J.M., Verrecchia E.P., 2015. Aeolian Research, 18 pp. 11-21.
Exploiting the fungal highway: development of a novel tool for the in situ isolation of bacteria migrating along fungal mycelium
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Isolation and characterization of oxalotrophic bacteria from tropical soils
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Organic matter decomposition: bridging the gap between Rock-Eval pyrolysis and chemical characterization (CPMAS 13C NMR)
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Organic matter processing and soil evolution in a braided river system
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Speciation and multivariable analyses of geogenic cadmium in soils at Le Gurnigel, Swiss Jura Mountains
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The role of soil in vegetated gravelly river braid plains: more than just a passive response?
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The use of solid-phase fluorescence spectroscopy in the characterisation of organic matter transformations
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Detection of active oxalate-carbonate pathway ecosystems in the Amazon Basin: Global implications of a natural potential C sink
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Optimizing a remotely sensed proxy for plankton biomass in Lake Kivu
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Soil in braided rivers: An overlooked component of braided river morphodynamics
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Unravelling the enigmatic origin of calcitic nanofibres in soils and caves: purely physicochemical or biogenic processes?
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Isolation of oxalotrophic bacteria able to disperse on fungal mycelium
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Associations matières organiques/matières minérales
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Bedrock versus superficial deposits in the Swiss Jura Mountains: What is the legitimate soil parent material?
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Chemical labelling of oyster shells used for time-calibrated high-resolution Mg/Ca ratios: A tool for estimation of past seasonal temperature variations
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