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Quality assessment of gene repertoire annotations with OMArk.
Nevers Y., Warwick Vesztrocy A., Rossier V., Train C.M., Altenhoff A., Dessimoz C., Glover N.M. Nature biotechnology. Peer-reviewed.
Matreex: Compact and Interactive Visualization for Scalable Studies of Large Gene Families.
Rossier V., Train C., Nevers Y., Robinson-Rechavi M., Dessimoz C., 2024/06/04. Genome biology and evolution, 16 (6). Peer-reviewed.
Frequent jumps from human hosts.
Moi D., Dessimoz C., 2024/05. Nature ecology & evolution, 8 (5) pp. 854-855. Peer-reviewed.
AI and the democratization of knowledge.
Dessimoz C., Thomas P.D., 2024/03/05. Scientific data, 11 (1) p. 268. Peer-reviewed.
OMA orthology in 2024: improved prokaryote coverage, ancestral and extant GO enrichment, a revamped synteny viewer and more in the OMA Ecosystem.
Altenhoff A.M., Warwick Vesztrocy A., Bernard C., Train C.M., Nicheperovich A., Prieto Baños S., Julca I., Moi D., Nevers Y., Majidian S. et al., 2024/01/05. Nucleic acids research, 52 (D1) pp. D513-D521. Peer-reviewed.
The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Semantic Web of data.
SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics RDF Group Members, Mendes de Farias T., 2024/01/05. Nucleic acids research, 52 (D1) pp. D44-D51. Peer-reviewed.
Inference of phylogenetic trees directly from raw sequencing reads using Read2Tree.
Dylus D., Altenhoff A., Majidian S., Sedlazeck F.J., Dessimoz C., 2024/01. Nature biotechnology, 42 (1) pp. 139-147. Peer-reviewed.
Protein S-acylation controls the subcellular localization and biological activity of PHYTOCHROME KINASE SUBSTRATE.
Lopez Vazquez A., Allenbach Petrolati L., Legris M., Dessimoz C., Lampugnani E.R., Glover N., Fankhauser C., 2023/06/26. The Plant cell, 35 (7) pp. 2635-2653. Peer-reviewed.
Data in use for Alzheimer disease study: combining gene expression, orthology, bioresource and disease datasets
Mendes de Farias Tarcisio, Kushida Tatsuya, Sima Ana-Claudia, Dessimoz Christophe, Chiba Hirokazu, Bastian Frédéric, Masuya Hiroshi, 2023/06/22. dans SWAT4HCLS 2023: The 14th International Conference on Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Health Care and Life Sciences.
Towards predicting essential proteins via federated SPARQL queries
Liakopoulos Petros, Banfalvi Borbala, Wang Xinyi, Majidian Sina, Mendes de Farias Tarcisio, Dessimoz Christophe, Sima Ana Claudia, 2023/06/22. dans SWAT4HCLS 2023: The 14th International Conference on Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Health Care and Life Sciences.
Protein length distribution is remarkably uniform across the tree of life.
Nevers Y., Glover N.M., Dessimoz C., Lecompte O., 2023/06/08. Genome biology, 24 (1) p. 135. Peer-reviewed.
Phylogenetic profiling in eukaryotes comes of age.
Moi D., Dessimoz C., 2023/05/09. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 120 (19) pp. e2305013120. Peer-reviewed.
Bringing science to the public in the light of evolution.
Blatter M.C., Zahn-Zabal M., Moix S., Pichon B., Dessimoz C., Glover N., 2023. Biology methods & protocols, 8 (1) pp. bpad040. Peer-reviewed.
DrosOMA: the Drosophila Orthologous Matrix browser.
Thiébaut A., Altenhoff A.M., Campli G., Glover N., Dessimoz C., Waterhouse R.M., 2023. F1000Research, 12 p. 936. Peer-reviewed.
A Linear Time Solution to the Labeled Robinson-Foulds Distance Problem.
Briand S., Dessimoz C., El-Mabrouk N., Nevers Y., 2022/10/12. Systematic biology, 71 (6) pp. 1391-1403. Peer-reviewed.
Federating and querying heterogeneous and distributed Web APIs and triple stores
Mendes de Farias Tarcisio, Dessimoz Christophe, Ayllon Benitez Aaron, Yang Chen, Long Jiao, Sima Ana-Claudia, 2022/08/02. dans 2022 ISMB Bio-Ontologies Community of Special Interest. Peer-reviewed.
Discovery of archaeal fusexins homologous to eukaryotic HAP2/GCS1 gamete fusion proteins.
Moi D., Nishio S., Li X., Valansi C., Langleib M., Brukman N.G., Flyak K., Dessimoz C., de Sanctis D., Tunyasuvunakool K. et al., 2022/07/06. Nature communications, 13 (1) p. 3880. Peer-reviewed.
The Quest for Orthologs orthology benchmark service in 2022.
Nevers Y., Jones TEM, Jyothi D., Yates B., Ferret M., Portell-Silva L., Codo L., Cosentino S., Marcet-Houben M., Vlasova A. et al., 2022/07/05. Nucleic acids research, 50 (W1) pp. W623-W632. Peer-reviewed.
ISMB 2022 proceedings.
Dessimoz C., Roy S., 2022/06/24. Bioinformatics, 38 (Supplement_1) pp. i8-i9. Peer-reviewed.
OMAMO: orthology-based alternative model organism selection.
Nicheperovich A., Altenhoff A.M., Dessimoz C., Majidian S., 2022/05/13. Bioinformatics, 38 (10) pp. 2965-2966. Peer-reviewed.
Citrullination Was Introduced into Animals by Horizontal Gene Transfer from Cyanobacteria.
Cummings TFM, Gori K., Sanchez-Pulido L., Gavriilidis G., Moi D., Wilson A.R., Murchison E., Dessimoz C., Ponting C.P., Christophorou M.A., 2022/02/03. Molecular biology and evolution, 39 (2) pp. msab317. Peer-reviewed.
Bio-SODA UX: enabling natural language question answering over knowledge graphs with user disambiguation.
Sima A.C., Mendes de Farias T., Anisimova M., Dessimoz C., Robinson-Rechavi M., Zbinden E., Stockinger K., 2022. Distributed and parallel databases, 40 (2-3) pp. 409-440. Peer-reviewed.
OMAmer: tree-driven and alignment-free protein assignment to subfamilies outperforms closest sequence approaches.
Rossier V., Warwick Vesztrocy A., Robinson-Rechavi M., Dessimoz C., 2021/09/29. Bioinformatics, 37 (18) pp. 2866-2873. Peer-reviewed.
Ten Years of Collaborative Progress in the Quest for Orthologs.
Linard B., Ebersberger I., McGlynn S.E., Glover N., Mochizuki T., Patricio M., Lecompte O., Nevers Y., Thomas P.D., Gabaldón T. et al., 2021/07/29. Molecular biology and evolution, 38 (8) pp. 3033-3045. Peer-reviewed.
ISMB/ECCB 2021 proceedings.
Dessimoz C., Przytycka T.M., 2021/07/12. Bioinformatics, 37 (Suppl_1) pp. i7-i8. Peer-reviewed.
Bio-SODA: Enabling Natural Language Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs without Training Data
Sima Ana Claudia, Mendes de Farias Tarcisio, Anisimova Maria, Dessimoz Christophe, Robinson-Rechavi Marc, Zbinden Erich, Stockinger Kurt, 2021/07/06. 33rd International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management. Peer-reviewed.
Homoeolog Inference Methods Requiring Bidirectional Best Hits or Synteny Miss Many Pairs.
Glover N., Sheppard S., Dessimoz C., 2021/06/08. Genome biology and evolution, 13 (6) pp. evab077. Peer-reviewed.
Gene Duplication and Gain in the Trematode Atriophallophorus winterbourni Contributes to Adaptation to Parasitism.
Zajac N., Zoller S., Seppälä K., Moi D., Dessimoz C., Jokela J., Hartikainen H., Glover N., 2021/03/01. Genome biology and evolution, 13 (3) pp. evab010. Peer-reviewed.
Want to track pandemic variants faster? Fix the bioinformatics bottleneck.
Hodcroft E.B., De Maio N., Lanfear R., MacCannell D.R., Minh B.Q., Schmidt H.A., Stamatakis A., Goldman N., Dessimoz C., 2021/03. Nature, 591 (7848) pp. 30-33.
OMA orthology in 2021: website overhaul, conserved isoforms, ancestral gene order and more.
Altenhoff A.M., Train C.M., Gilbert K.J., Mediratta I., Mendes de Farias T., Moi D., Nevers Y., Radoykova H.S., Rossier V., Warwick Vesztrocy A. et al., 2021/01/08. Nucleic acids research, 49 (D1) pp. D373-D379. Peer-reviewed.
A putative origin of the insect chemosensory receptor superfamily in the last common eukaryotic ancestor
Benton R., Dessimoz C., Moi D., 2020/12/04. eLife, 9 pp. e62507.
NGS-Based S. aureus Typing and Outbreak Analysis in Clinical Microbiology Laboratories: Lessons Learned From a Swiss-Wide Proficiency Test
Dylus David, Pillonel Trestan, Opota Onya, Wüthrich Daniel, Seth-Smith Helena M. B., Egli Adrian, Leo Stefano, Lazarevic Vladimir, Schrenzel Jacques, Laurent Sacha et al., 2020/11/24. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11. Peer-reviewed.
A generalized Robinson-Foulds distance for labeled trees.
Briand S., Dessimoz C., El-Mabrouk N., Lafond M., Lobinska G., 2020/11/18. BMC genomics, 21 (Suppl 10) p. 779. Peer-reviewed.
Parallel and Scalable Precise Clustering
Byma Stuart, Dhasade Akash, Altenhoff Adrian, Dessimoz Christophe, Larus James R., 2020/09/30. dans Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques, ACM.
The phylogenetic range of bacterial and viral pathogens of vertebrates.
Shaw L.P., Wang A.D., Dylus D., Meier M., Pogacnik G., Dessimoz C., Balloux F., 2020/09. Molecular ecology, 29 (17) pp. 3361-3379. Peer-reviewed.
Only a Single Taxonomically Restricted Gene Family in the Drosophila melanogaster Subgroup Can Be Identified with High Confidence.
Zile K., Dessimoz C., Wurm Y., Masel J., 2020/08/01. Genome biology and evolution, 12 (8) pp. 1355-1366. Peer-reviewed.
A hands-on introduction to querying evolutionary relationships across multiple data sources using SPARQL [version 2; peer review: 3 approved]
Sima Ana Claudia, Dessimoz Christophe, Stockinger Kurt, Zahn-Zabal Monique, Farias Tarcisio Mendes de, 2020/07/22. F1000Research.
The Quest for Orthologs benchmark service and consensus calls in 2020.
Altenhoff A.M., Garrayo-Ventas J., Cosentino S., Emms D., Glover N.M., Hernández-Plaza A., Nevers Y., Sundesha V., Szklarczyk D., Fernández J.M. et al., 2020/07/02. Nucleic acids research, 48 (W1) pp. W538-W545. Peer-reviewed.
Benchmarking gene ontology function predictions using negative annotations.
Warwick Vesztrocy A., Dessimoz C., 2020/07/01. Bioinformatics, 36 (Supplement_1) pp. i210-i218. Peer-reviewed.
Scalable phylogenetic profiling using MinHash uncovers likely eukaryotic sexual reproduction genes.
Moi D., Kilchoer L., Aguilar P.S., Dessimoz C., 2020/07. PLoS computational biology, 16 (7) pp. e1007553. Peer-reviewed.
Genomic Encryption of Digital Data Stored in Synthetic DNA
Grass Robert N., Heckel Reinhard, Dessimoz Christophe, Stark Wendelin J., 2020/05/25. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 59 (22) pp. 8476-8480. Peer-reviewed.
New genome assembly of the barn owl (Tyto alba alba).
Ducrest A.L., Neuenschwander S., Schmid-Siegert E., Pagni M., Train C., Dylus D., Nevers Y., Warwick Vesztrocy A., San-Jose L.M., Dupasquier M. et al., 2020/03. Ecology and evolution, 10 (5) pp. 2284-2298. Peer-reviewed.
How to build phylogenetic species trees with OMA.
Dylus D., Nevers Y., Altenhoff A.M., Gürtler A., Dessimoz C., Glover N.M., 2020. F1000Research, 9 p. 511. Peer-reviewed.
Identifying orthologs with OMA: A primer.
Zahn-Zabal M., Dessimoz C., Glover N.M., 2020. F1000Research, 9 p. 27. Peer-reviewed.
Orthology: Definitions, Prediction, and Impact on Species Phylogeny Inference
Fernández Rosa, Gabaldón Toni, Dessimoz Christophe, 2020. dans Phylogenetics in the Genomic Era, No commercial publisher | Authors open access book.
Structural variant calling: the long and the short of it.
Mahmoud M., Gobet N., Cruz-Dávalos D.I., Mounier N., Dessimoz C., Sedlazeck F.J., 2019/11/20. Genome biology, 20 (1) p. 246. Peer-reviewed.
The CAFA challenge reports improved protein function prediction and new functional annotations for hundreds of genes through experimental screens.
Zhou N., Jiang Y., Bergquist T.R., Lee A.J., Kacsoh B.Z., Crocker A.W., Lewis K.A., Georghiou G., Nguyen H.N., Hamid M.N. et al., 2019/11/19. Genome biology, 20 (1) p. 244. Peer-reviewed.
A hands-on introduction to querying evolutionary relationships across multiple data sources using SPARQL
Sima Ana Claudia, Dessimoz Christophe, Stockinger Kurt, Zahn-Zabal Monique, Mendes de Farias Tarcisio, 2019/10/29. F1000Research, 8 p. 1822. Peer-reviewed.
Advances and Applications in the Quest for Orthologs.
Glover N., Dessimoz C., Ebersberger I., Forslund S.K., Gabaldón T., Huerta-Cepas J., Martin M.J., Muffato M., Patricio M., Pereira C. et al., 2019/10/01. Molecular biology and evolution, 36 (10) pp. 2157-2164. Peer-reviewed.
iHam and pyHam: visualizing and processing hierarchical orthologous groups.
Train C.M., Pignatelli M., Altenhoff A., Dessimoz C., 2019/07/15. Bioinformatics, 35 (14) pp. 2504-2506. Peer-reviewed.
OMA standalone: orthology inference among public and custom genomes and transcriptomes.
Altenhoff A.M., Levy J., Zarowiecki M., Tomiczek B., Warwick Vesztrocy A., Dalquen D.A., Müller S., Telford M.J., Glover N.M., Dylus D. et al., 2019/07. Genome research, 29 (7) pp. 1152-1163. Peer-reviewed.
Mitigating Anticipated Effects of Systematic Errors Supports Sister-Group Relationship between Xenacoelomorpha and Ambulacraria.
Philippe H., Poustka A.J., Chiodin M., Hoff K.J., Dessimoz C., Tomiczek B., Schiffer P.H., Müller S., Domman D., Horn M. et al., 2019/06/03. Current biology, 29 (11) pp. 1818-1826.e6. Peer-reviewed.
Phylogenetic approaches to identifying fragments of the same gene, with application to the wheat genome.
Piližota I., Train C.M., Altenhoff A., Redestig H., Dessimoz C., 2019/04/01. Bioinformatics, 35 (7) pp. 1159-1166. Peer-reviewed.
Assigning confidence scores to homoeologs using fuzzy logic.
Glover N.M., Altenhoff A., Dessimoz C., 2019. PeerJ, 6 pp. e6231. Peer-reviewed.
Enabling semantic queries across federated bioinformatics databases.
Sima A.C., Mendes de Farias T., Zbinden E., Anisimova M., Gil M., Stockinger H., Stockinger K., Robinson-Rechavi M., Dessimoz C., 2019/01/01. Database, 2019. Peer-reviewed.
Expanding the Orthologous Matrix (OMA) programmatic interfaces: REST API and the OmaDB packages for R and Python.
Kaleb K., Vesztrocy A.W., Altenhoff A., Dessimoz C., 2019. F1000Research, 8 p. 42. Peer-reviewed.
How Much Does GenoGuard Really "Guard"? : An Empirical Analysis of Long-Term Security for Genomic Data
Oprisanu Bristena, Dessimoz Christophe, De Cristofaro Emiliano, 2019..
Inferring Orthology and Paralogy
Altenhoff Adrian M., Glover Natasha M., Dessimoz Christophe, 2019. pp. 149-175 dans Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer New York.
VoIDext: Vocabulary and Patterns for Enhancing Interoperable Datasets with Virtual Links
Mendes de Farias Tarcisio, Stockinger Kurt, Dessimoz Christophe, 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp. 607-625. Peer-reviewed.
RecPhyloXML: a format for reconciled gene trees.
Duchemin W., Gence G., Arigon Chifolleau A.M., Arvestad L., Bansal M.S., Berry V., Boussau B., Chevenet F., Comte N., Davín A.A. et al., 2018/11/01. Bioinformatics, 34 (21) pp. 3646-3652. Peer-reviewed.
Prioritising candidate genes causing QTL using hierarchical orthologous groups.
Warwick Vesztrocy A., Dessimoz C., Redestig H., 2018/09/01. Bioinformatics, 34 (17) pp. i612-i619. Peer-reviewed.
The OMA orthology database in 2018: retrieving evolutionary relationships among all domains of life through richer web and programmatic interfaces.
Altenhoff A.M., Glover N.M., Train C.M., Kaleb K., Warwick Vesztrocy A., Dylus D., de Farias T.M., Zile K., Stevenson C., Long J. et al., 2018/01/04. Nucleic acids research, 46 (D1) pp. D477-D485. Peer-reviewed.
Gearing up to handle the mosaic nature of life in the quest for orthologs.
Forslund K., Pereira C., Capella-Gutierrez S., Sousa da Silva A., Altenhoff A., Huerta-Cepas J., Muffato M., Patricio M., Vandepoele K., Ebersberger I. et al., 2018. Bioinformatics, 34 (2) pp. 323-329. Peer-reviewed.
GOATOOLS: A Python library for Gene Ontology analyses.
Klopfenstein D.V., Zhang L., Pedersen B.S., Ramírez F., Warwick Vesztrocy A., Naldi A., Mungall C.J., Yunes J.M., Botvinnik O., Weigel M. et al., 2018. Scientific Reports, 8 (1) p. 10872. Peer-reviewed.
Submit a Topic Page to PLOS Computational Biology and Wikipedia.
Mietchen D., Wodak S., Wasik S., Szostak N., Dessimoz C., 2018. PLoS Computational Biology, 14 (5) pp. e1006137. Peer-reviewed.
Allele-Specific HLA Loss and Immune Escape in Lung Cancer Evolution.
McGranahan N., Rosenthal R., Hiley C.T., Rowan A.J., Watkins TBK, Wilson G.A., Birkbak N.J., Veeriah S., Van Loo P., Herrero J. et al., 2017/11/30. Cell, 171 (6) pp. 1259-1271.e11. Peer-reviewed.
Taxon sampling unequally affects individual nodes in a phylogenetic tree: consequences for model gene tree construction in SwissTree
Boeckmann Brigitte, Dylus David, Moretti Sebastien, Altenhoff Adrian, Train Clement-Marie, Kriventseva Evgenia, Bougueleret Lydie, Xenarios Ioannis, Privman Eyal, Gabaldon Toni et al., 2017/09/05..
Lessons Learned: Recommendations for Establishing Critical Periodic Scientific Benchmarking
Salvador Capella-Gutierrez, Diana de la Iglesia, Juergen Haas, Analia Lourenco, José María Fernández, Dmitry Repchevsky, Christophe Dessimoz, Torsten Schwede, Cedric Notredame, Josep Ll Gelpi et al., 2017/08/31..
Tracking the Evolution of Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer.
Jamal-Hanjani M., Wilson G.A., McGranahan N., Birkbak N.J., Watkins TBK, Veeriah S., Shafi S., Johnson D.H., Mitter R., Rosenthal R. et al., 2017/06/01. The New England journal of medicine, 376 (22) pp. 2109-2121. Peer-reviewed.
Phylogenetic ctDNA analysis depicts early-stage lung cancer evolution
Abbosh Christopher, Birkbak Nicolai J., Wilson Gareth A., Jamal-Hanjani Mariam, Constantin Tudor, Salari Raheleh, Le Quesne John, Moore David A., Veeriah Selvaraju, Rosenthal Rachel et al., 2017/05/25. Nature, 545 (7655) pp. 446-451.
Transient structural variations have strong effects on quantitative traits and reproductive isolation in fission yeast.
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A Gene Ontology Tutorial in Python.
Vesztrocy A.W., Dessimoz C., 2017. Methods in molecular biology, 1446 pp. 221-229. Peer-reviewed.
Assessing the potential of RAD-sequencing to resolve phylogenetic relationships within species radiations: the fly genus Chiastocheta (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) as a case study.
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Comparative genomics reveals contraction in olfactory receptor genes in bats.
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Gene Ontology: Pitfalls, Biases, and Remedies.
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Orthologous Matrix (OMA) algorithm 2.0: more robust to asymmetric evolutionary rates and more scalable hierarchical orthologous group inference
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Primer on the Gene Ontology.
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The Gene Ontology Handbook
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An expanded evaluation of protein function prediction methods shows an improvement in accuracy.
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Clustering Genes of Common Evolutionary History.
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Standardized benchmarking in the quest for orthologs.
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Compensation of Dosage-Sensitive Genes on the Chicken Z Chromosome.
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Transient structural variations alter gene expression and quantitative traits in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
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Homoeologs: What Are They and How Do We Infer Them?
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Membrane Proteins Are Dramatically Less Conserved than Water-Soluble Proteins across the Tree of Life.
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A transcriptomic-phylogenomic analysis of the evolutionary relationships of flatworms.
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Simple chained guide trees give poorer multiple sequence alignments than inferred trees in simulation and phylogenetic benchmarks
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Preface of Proceedings of GNOME 2014 - Festschrift for Gaston Gonnet
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The draft genome sequence of the ferret (Mustela putorius furo) facilitates study of human respiratory disease
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Approximate Bayesian computation.
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Bidirectional Best Hits Miss Many Orthologs in Duplication-Rich Clades such as Plants and Animals
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Stocker de l'information dans l'ADN
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