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Learning basic arithmetic: A comparison between rote and procedural learning based on an artificial sequence.
Chouteau S., Lemaire B., Thevenot C., Dewi J., Mazens K., 2024/03. Journal of experimental psychology. Learning, memory, and cognition, 50 (3) pp. 418-434. Peer-reviewed.
French preschool and primary teachers' attitude towards finger counting
Poletti Céline, Krenger Marie, Létang Marie, Thevenot Catherine, 2023/11. Acta Psychologica, 241 p. 104079. Peer-reviewed.
Neural evidence for procedural automatization during cognitive development: Intraparietal response to changes in very-small addition problem-size increases with age
Yáñez Andrea Díaz-Barriga, Longo Léa, Chesnokova Hanna, Poletti Céline, Thevenot Catherine, Prado Jérôme, 2023/10. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience p. 101310. Peer-reviewed.
Acquisition of new arithmetic skills based on prior arithmetic skills: A cross‐sectional study in primary school from grade 2 to grade 5
Thevenot Catherine, Tazouti Youssef, Billard Catherine, Dewi Jasinta, Fayol Michel, 2023/09. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 93 (3) pp. 727-741. Peer-reviewed.
Raw eye tracking data of healthy adults reading aloud words, pseudowords and numerals
Pedrotti Marco, de Chambrier Anne-Françoise, Ruggeri Paolo, Dewi Jasinta, Atzemian Myrto, Thevenot Catherine, Martinet Catherine, Terrier Philippe, 2023/08. Data in Brief, 49 p. 109360.
The development of simple addition problem solving in children: Reliance on automatized counting or memory retrieval depends on both expertise and problem size
Poletti Céline, Díaz-Barriga Yáñez Andrea, Prado Jérôme, Thevenot Catherine, 2023/06. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 234 p. 105710. Peer-reviewed.
An insect brain organizes numbers on a left-to-right mental number line
Giurfa Martin, Marcout Claire, Hilpert Peter, Thevenot Catherine, Rugani Rosa, 2022/11. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119 (44). Peer-reviewed.
Individual Differences in the Evolution of Counting.
Dewi JDM, Thevenot C., 2022/03. Experimental psychology, 69 (2) pp. 75-82. Peer-reviewed.
The Evolution of Finger Counting between Kindergarten and Grade 2.
Poletti C., Krenger M., Dupont-Boime J., Thevenot C., 2022/01/20. Children, 9 (2). Peer-reviewed.
Automatization through Practice: The Opportunistic-Stopping Phenomenon Called into Question.
Dewi JDM, Bagnoud J., Thevenot C., 2021/12. Cognitive science, 45 (12) pp. e13074. Peer-reviewed.
Priming effects of arithmetic signs in 10‐ to 15‐year‐old children
Poletti Céline, Perez Jean-François, Houillon Jean-Charles, Prado Jérôme, Thevenot Catherine, 2021/01/11. British Journal of Developmental Psychology. Peer-reviewed.
An investigation of the possible causes of arithmetic difficulties in children with dyscalculia
Bagnoud J., Mathieu R., Dewi J., Masson S., Gonzalez-Monge S., Kasikci Z., Thevenot C., 2021. Topics in Cognitive Psychology.
Developmental changes in size effects for simple tie and non-tie addition problems in 6- to 12-year-old children and adults.
Bagnoud J., Dewi J., Castel C., Mathieu R., Thevenot C., 2021/01. Journal of experimental child psychology, 201 p. 104987. Peer-reviewed.
Learning to run the number line: the development of attentional shifts during single-digit arithmetic.
Díaz-Barriga Yáñez A., Couderc A., Longo L., Merchie A., Chesnokova H., Langlois E., Thevenot C., Prado J., 2020/10. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1477 (1) pp. 79-90. Peer-reviewed.
Are small additions solved by direct retrieval from memory or automated counting procedures? A rejoinder to Chen and Campbell (2018)
Thevenot Catherine, Barrouillet Pierre, 2020/09/23. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.
The use of automated procedures by older adults with high arithmetic skills during addition problem solving.
Thevenot Catherine, Dewi Jasinta, Bagnoud Jeanne, Wolfer Pauline, Fayol Michel, Castel Caroline, 2020/05. Psychology and Aging, 35 (3) pp. 411-420.
Scrutinizing patterns of solution times in alphabet-arithmetic tasks favors counting over retrieval models
THEVENOT Catherine, DEWI Jasinta D M, BAGNOUD Jeanne, UITTENHOVE Kim, CASTEL Caroline, 2020/03/18. Cognition.
Analyzing arithmetic word problem solving difficulties in middle school students
Jarlegan A., Tazouti Y., Billard C., Thevenot C., Fayol M., 2020. L'année Psychologique/Topics in Cognitive Psychology, 120 (4) pp. 271-296.
Arithmetic word problems describing discrete quantities: E.E.G evidence for the construction of a situation model
Bagnoud Jeanne, Burra Nicolas, Castel Caroline, Oakhill Jane, Thevenot Catherine, 2018/10. Acta Psychologica, 190 pp. 116-121.
Frequency of finger looking during finger counting is related to children's working memory capacities
de Chambrier Anne-Françoise, Thevenot Catherine, Barrouillet Pierre, Zesiger Pascal, 2018/08/18. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 30 (5-6) pp. 503-510.
Dexterity and Finger Sense: A Possible Dissociation in Children With Cerebral Palsy
Guedin Nolwenn, Fluss Joel, Thevenot Catherine, 2018/08. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 125 (4) pp. 718-731.
Spatial-Numerical Associations Enhance the Short-Term Memorization of Digit Locations
Thevenot Catherine, Dewi Jasinta, Lavenex Pamela B., Bagnoud Jeanne, 2018/05/07. Frontiers in Psychology, 9.
Apprendre à manipuler les symboles numériques
Chazoule Guy, Thevenot Catherine, 2018/02/07. pp. 265-278 dans Ferrand Ludovic, Lété Bernard, Thevenot Catherine (eds.) Psychologie cognitive des apprentissages scolaires : apprendre à lire, écrire, compter, Dunod.
Apprendre à utiliser des procédures de calcul : l’addition
Thevenot Catherine, Fanget Murielle, 2018/02/07. pp. 215-224 dans Ferrand Ludovic, Lété Bernard, Thevenot Catherine (eds.) Psychologie cognitive des apprentissages scolaires : apprendre à lire, écrire, compter, Dunod.
Psychologie cognitive des apprentissages scolaires : apprendre à lire, écrire, compter
Ferrand Ludovic, Lété Bernard, Thevenot Catherine (eds.)Ferrand Ludovic, Lété Bernard, Thevenot Catherine, 2018/02/07. 336, Dunod.
Successful aging : The role of cognitive gerontology
Hartley Alan, Angel Lucie, Castel Alan, Didierjean André, Geraci Lisa, Hartley Joellen, Hazeltine Eliot, Lemaire Patrick, Maquestiaux François, Ruthruff Eric et al., 2018/01. Experimental Aging Research, 44 (1) pp. 82-93.
High working memory capacity favours the use of finger counting in six-year-old children
Dupont-Boime Justine, Thevenot Catherine, 2017/10/30. Journal of Cognitive Psychology pp. 1-8.
Laissez les enfants compter sur leurs doigts
Thevenot Catherine, Dupont-Boime Justine, 2017/10/01. Cerveau et psycho 92 pp. 78-82. Peer-reviewed.
Spatial numerical associations in preschoolers
Thevenot Catherine, Fayol Michel, Barrouillet Pierre, 2017/09/19. Thinking & Reasoning pp. 1-13.
Des doigts et des nombres
Guedin N., Thevenot C., Fayol M., 2017/08. Psychologie Française pp. NA.
Hippocampal spatial mechanisms relate to the development of arithmetic symbol processing in children
Mathieu Romain, Epinat-Duclos Justine, Léone Jessica, Fayol Michel, Thevenot Catherine, Prado Jérôme, 2017/06. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience pp. NA.
What's Behind a “+” Sign? Perceiving an Arithmetic Operator Recruits Brain Circuits for Spatial Orienting
Mathieu Romain, Epinat-Duclos Justine, Sigovan Monica, Breton Audrey, Cheylus Anne, Fayol Michel, Thevenot Catherine, Prado Jérôme, 2017/03/14. Cerebral Cortex pp. NA.
Arithmetic Word Problem Solving : The Role of Prior Knowledge
Thevenot Catherine, 2017/01/01. pp. 47-66 dans Geary David C., Berch Daniel B., Ochsendorf Robert J., Mann-Koepke Kathleen (eds.) Mathematical Cognition and Learning Vol 3 : Acquisition of Complex Arithmetic Skills and Higher-Order Mathematics Concepts chap. 3, Academic Press.
La dyscalculie développementale vue comme un déficit d'automatisation des procédures de comptage
Thevenot Catherine, 2017/01. Rééducation orthophonique, 269 pp. 113-123.
La dyscalculie et l’automatisation des procédures de calcul
Thevenot Catherine, Uittenhove Kim, Prado Jérôme, 2016/12. Développements : revue interdisciplinaire du développement cognitif normal et pathologique pp. 7-9.
Le paradigme de reconnaissance des operandes pour une identification des strategies en arithmetique : une synthese
Thevenot Catherine, Masson Sandrine, Fayol Michel, 2016/12/01. L’Année psychologique, 116 (3) pp. 467-488 .
Les compétences numériques chez de jeunes enfants prématurés
THEVENOT Catherine, CHAZOULE Guy, MASSON Sandrine, CASTEL Caroline, FAYOL Michel, 2016/08/01. L'Année psychologique, 1112 (2) pp. 227-248.
Danse-doigts, a fine motor game.
Susini J. F. , Pons O., Guedin N., Thevenot C., 2016/01/01. Modelling, Measurement and Control C pp. 182-192.
Fast automated counting procedures in addition problem solving : when are they used and why are they mistaken for retrieval ?
Uittenhove K., Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., 2016/01. Cognition, 146 pp. 289-303.
Running the number line : Rapid shifts of attention in single-digit arithmetic
Mathieu R., Gourjon A., Couderc A., Thevenot C., Prado J., 2016/01. Cognition, 146 pp. 229-239.
Ten-year-old children strategies in mental addition : a counting model account
Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., Castel C., Uittenhove K., 2016/01. Cognition, 146 pp. 48-57.
Strategies for written additions in adults
Dewi Jasinta D. M., Castel Caroline, Kerzel Dirk, Posada Andrès, Thevenot Catherine, 2015/11/17. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 27 (8) pp. 979-991.
Identifying strategies in arithmetic with the operand recognition paradigm : a matter of switch cost ?
Thevenot C., Castel C., Danjon J., Fayol M., 2015. Journal of Experimental Psychology : Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 41 (2) pp. 541-552.
Word problem solving and mental representations
Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., 2015. pp. 158-179 dans Dowker A., Cohen-Kadosh R. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Numerical Cognition, Oxford University Press.
Apprentissage de la résolution des problèmes arithmétiques verbaux.
Thevenot C., 2014/01. dans Encyclopedia Universalis, Encyclopaedia Universalis.
Do not count on me to imagine how I act : behavior contradicts questionnaire responses in the assessment of finger counting habits
Lucidi A., Thevenot C., 2014. Behavior Research Methods, 46 (4) pp. 1079-1087.
Numerical abilities in children with congenital hemiplegia : an investigation of the role of finger use in number processing
Thevenot C., Castel C., Danjon J., Renaud O., Ballaz C., Baggioni L., Fluss J., 2014. Developmental Neuropsychology, 39 (2) pp. 88-100.
Relation between fingers and number : what can we learn from children with hemiplegia ?
Thevenot C., 2014. ANAE, 128 pp. NA.
How to improve digital skills
Thevenot C., Masson S., 2013. ANAE, 123 pp. 182-188.
On the problem-size effect in small additions : can we really discard any counting-based account?
Barrouillet P., Thevenot C., 2013. Cognition, 128 (1) pp. 35-44.
The role of fingers in number processing in young children
Lafay A., Thevenot C., Castel C., Fayol M., 2013. Frontiers in Psychology, 4 (488) pp. NA.
The use of the operand-recognition paradigm for the study of mental addition in older adults
Thevenot C., Castel C., Danjon J., Fanget M., Fayol M., 2013. The Journals of Gerontology. Series B : Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 68 (1) pp. 64-67.
Improving numerical skills in Down syndrome children : an educational and theoretical issue
Chazoule G., Thevenot C., Fayol M., 2012. ANAE, 120-121 pp. 561-567.
Relationship and transfer between mental and written arithmetic
Thevenot C., Castel C., 2012. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 24 (3) pp. 286-294.
The use of procedural knowledge in simple addition and subtraction problems
Fayol M., Thevenot C., 2012. Cognition, 123 (3) pp. 392-403.
Better elementary number processing in higher skill arithmetic problem solvers : evidence from the encoding step
Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., Castel C., Jimenez S., 2011. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 64 (11) pp. 2110-2124.
Retrieval from Memory or Procedural Strategies for Addition Problems : the Use of the Operand-Recognition Paradigm in 10-Year-Old Children
Fanget M., Thevenot C., Castel C., Fayol M., 2011. Swiss Journal of Psychology/Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Psychologie/Revue Suisse de Psychologie, 70 (1) pp. 35-39.
Arithmetic word problem solving : evidence for the construction of a mental model
Thevenot C., 2010. Acta Psychologica, 133 (1) pp. 90-95.
Children's number processing is context dependent
Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., 2010. European Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 22 (3) pp. 348-359.
De l'émergence du savoir calculer à la résolution de problèmes arithmétiques verbaux
Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., Fayol M., 2010. pp. 137-166 dans Crahay M., Dutrévis M. (eds.) Psychologie des apprentissages scolaires, De Boeck.
Evidence for knowledge of the syntax of large numbers in preschoolers
Barrouillet P., Thevenot C., Fayol M., 2010. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 105 (3) pp. 264-271.
Mental subtraction in high- and lower skilled arithmetic problem solvers : verbal report versus operand-recognition paradigms
Thevenot C., Castel C., Fanget M., Fayol M., 2010. Journal of Experimental Psychology : Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 36 (5) pp. 1242-1255.
Le développement du raisonnement dans la résolution de problèmes : l'apport de la théorie des modèles mentaux
Thevenot C., Perret P., 2009. Développement, 2 (2) pp. 48-55.
Quels problèmes posent l'apprentissage du calcul ?
Barrouillet P., Thevenot C., 2009. pp. 141-152 dans Crahay M., Chapelle G. (eds.) Réussir à apprendre, Presses Universitaires de France.
A generalization of the representational change theory from insight to non-insight problems : the case of arithmetic word problems
Thevenot C., Oakhill J., 2008. Acta Psychologica, 129 (3) pp. 315-324.
Représentations mentales et stratégies de résolution de problèmes arithmétiques verbaux chez les enfants de CM2
Thevenot C., 2008. L'année psychologique, 108 (4) pp. 617-630.
Strategies in subtraction problem solving in children
Barrouillet P., Mignon M., Thevenot C., 2008. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 99 (4) pp. 233-251.
Retrieval or nonretrieval strategies in mental arithmetic ? An operand recognition paradigm
Thevenot C., Fanget M., Fayol M., 2007. Memory & Cognition, 35 (6) pp. 1344-1352.
Why does placing the question before an arithmetic word problem improve performance ? A situation model account
Thevenot C., Devidal M., Barrouillet P., Fayol M., 2007. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 60 (1) pp. 43-56.
À la découverte du nombre : les représentations mentales
Thevenot Catherine, 2007. pp. 64-65 dans L'Education Enfantine, Nathan.
Encoding numbers : behavioral evidence for processing-specific representations
Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., 2006. Memory & Cognition, 34 (4) pp. 938-948.
La résolution de problèmes arithmétiques
Thevenot C., Coquin D., Verschaffel L., 2006. pp. 155-180 dans Camos V., Barrouillet P. (eds.) La cognition mathématique chez l'enfant, Solal.
Representations and strategies for solving dynamic and static arithmetic word problems : the role of working memory capacities
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La résolution de problèmes.
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The strategic use of alternative representations in arithmetic word problem solving
Thevenot C., Oakhill J., 2005. Experimental Psychology Section A : Human Experimental Psychology, 58 (7) pp. 1311-1323.
Représentation mentale et procédures de résolution de problèmes arithmétiques : l'effet du placement de la question = Mental representation and procedures in arithmetic word problems : the effect of the position of the question
Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., Fayol M., 2004. L'année psychologique, 104 (4) pp. 683-699.
Algorithmic solution of arithmetic problems and operands-answer associations in long-term memory
Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., Fayol M., 2001. The Quarterly JournalExperimental Psychology Section A : Human Experimental Psychology, 54 (2) pp. 599-611.
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