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Detection and Grading of Radiographic Hand Osteoarthritis Using an Automated Machine Learning Platform.
Caratsch L., Lechtenboehmer C., Caorsi M., Oung K., Zanchi F., Aleman Y., Walker U.A., Omoumi P., Hügle T. ACR open rheumatology. Peer-reviewed.
A new ex vivo human model of osteoarthritis cartilage calcification.
Faure E., Wegrzyn J., Bernabei I., Falgayrac G., Bertheaume N., Pascart T., Hugle T., Busso N., Nasi S. Rheumatology. Peer-reviewed.
Dossier patient informatisé : défis et possibilités [Electronic health record : challenges and possibilities]
Campisi L., Hügle T., Fedeli M., 2024/03/13. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (865) pp. 550-553. Peer-reviewed.
Défis en rhumatologie.
Hügle T., Gabay C., 2024/03/13. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (865) pp. 523-524. Peer-reviewed.
Advancing Rheumatology Care Through Machine Learning.
Hügle T., 2024/03. Pharmaceutical medicine, 38 (2) pp. 87-96. Peer-reviewed.
Inhibiting Lysyl Oxidases prevents pathologic cartilage calcification.
Bernabei I., Faure E., Romani M., Wegrzyn J., Brinckmann J., Chobaz V., So A., Hugle T., Busso N., Nasi S., 2024/02. Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie, 171 p. 116075. Peer-reviewed.
Elevated secretion of pro-collagen I-alpha and vascular endothelial growth factor as biomarkers of acetabular labrum degeneration and calcification in hip osteoarthritis: An explant study.
Antoniadis A., Wegrzyn J., Omoumi P., Loisay L., Hügle T., Geurts J., 2024/01. Journal of orthopaedic translation, 44 pp. 19-25. Peer-reviewed.
Ultrasound imaging in crystal arthropathies: a pictorial review.
Tamborrini G., Hügle T., Ricci V., Filippou G., 2023/12/19. Reumatismo, 75 (4). Peer-reviewed.
Early axial spondyloarthritis according to the ASAS consensus definition: characterisation of patients and effectiveness of a first TNF inhibitor in a large observational registry.
Ciurea A., Götschi A., Bräm R., Bürki K., Exer P., Andor M., Nissen M.J., Möller B., Hügle T., Rubbert-Roth A. et al., 2023/12/01. RMD open, 9 (4) pp. e003455. Peer-reviewed.
Digital transformation of an academic hospital department: A case study on strategic planning using the balanced scorecard.
Hügle T., Grek V., 2023/11. PLOS digital health, 2 (11) pp. e0000385. Peer-reviewed.
Longitudinal associations between body mass index and changes in disease activity and radiographic progression in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with infliximab.
Burkard T., Vallejo-Yagüe E., Lauper K., Finckh A., Hügle T., Burden A.M., 2023/10. RMD open, 9 (4) pp. e003396. Peer-reviewed.
Patient groups in Rheumatoid arthritis identified by deep learning respond differently to biologic or targeted synthetic DMARDs.
Kalweit M., Burden A.M., Boedecker J., Hügle T., Burkard T., 2023/06. PLoS computational biology, 19 (6) pp. e1011073. Peer-reviewed.
Real-life drug retention rate and safety of rituximab when treating rheumatic diseases: a single-centre Swiss retrospective cohort study.
Dumusc A., Alromaih F., Perreau M., Hügle T., Zufferey P., Dan D., 2023/06/01. Arthritis research & therapy, 25 (1) p. 91. Peer-reviewed.
The wide range of opportunities for large language models such as ChatGPT in rheumatology.
Hügle T., 2023/04. RMD open, 9 (2) pp. e003105. Peer-reviewed.
La complexité du parcours des patients avec maladies rhumatismales inflammatoires.
Gabay C., Hügle T., 2023/03/15. Revue medicale suisse, 19 (818) pp. 499-500. Peer-reviewed.
Harnessing the potential of digital rheumatology
Gupta Latika, Krusche Martin, Venerito Vincenzo, Hügle Thomas, 2023/03. Health Policy and Technology, 12 (1) p. 100730.
Polg mtDNA mutator mice reveal limited involvement of vertebral bone loss in premature aging-related thoracolumbar hyperkyphosis.
Roessinger O., Hügle T., Walker U.A., Geurts J., 2022/12. Bone reports, 17 p. 101618. Peer-reviewed.
Blood self-sampling: a missing link for remote patient care.
Hügle T., 2022/10. RMD open, 8 (2). Peer-reviewed.
Neurogenic inflammation as a novel treatment target for chronic pain syndromes.
Seidel M.F., Hügle T., Morlion B., Koltzenburg M., Chapman V., MaassenVanDenBrink A., Lane N.E., Perrot S., Zieglgänsberger W., 2022/10. Experimental neurology, 356 p. 114108. Peer-reviewed.
E-health as a sine qua non for modern healthcare.
Knevel R., Hügle T., 2022/09. RMD open, 8 (2) pp. e002401. Peer-reviewed.
Learning from chess engines: how reinforcement learning could redefine clinical decision-making in rheumatology.
Hügle T., 2022/08. Annals of the rheumatic diseases, 81 (8) pp. 1072-1075. Peer-reviewed.
Fibrin deposition associates with cartilage degeneration in arthritis.
Hügle T., Nasi S., Ehirchiou D., Omoumi P., So A., Busso N., 2022/07. EBioMedicine, 81 p. 104081. Peer-reviewed.
The associations between bariatric surgery and hip or knee arthroplasty, and hip or knee osteoarthritis: Propensity score-matched cohort studies.
Burkard T., Holmberg D., Wretenberg P., Thorell A., Hügle T., Burden A.M., 2022/06. Osteoarthritis and cartilage open, 4 (2) p. 100249. Peer-reviewed.
Conservative Trio-Therapy for Varus Knee Osteoarthritis: A Prospective Case-Study.
Puls L., Hauke D., Camathias C., Hügle T., Barg A., Valderrabano V., 2022/03/22. Medicina, 58 (4) p. 460. Peer-reviewed.
Prise en charge personnalisée des patients atteints de rhumatisme.
Hügle T., Gabay C., 2022/03/16. Revue medicale suisse, 18 (773) pp. 459-460. Peer-reviewed.
Évaluation de la fibromyalgie secondaire à la polyarthrite rhumatoïde ou la spondylarthrite [Assessment of secondary fibromyalgia in patients with rheumatoid arthritis or spondylarthritis]
Ming Azevedo P., Prétat T., Hügle T., 2022/03/16. Revue medicale suisse, 18 (773) pp. 477-481. Peer-reviewed.
Interruptions of biological and targeted synthetic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs in rheumatoid arthritis: a descriptive cohort study assessing trends in patient characteristics in Switzerland.
Burkard T., Vallejo-Yagüe E., Hügle T., Finckh A., Burden A.M., 2022/03/15. BMJ open, 12 (3) pp. e056352. Peer-reviewed.
An mHealth App for Fibromyalgia-like Post-COVID-19 Syndrome: Protocol for the Analysis of User Experience and Clinical Data.
Blanchard M., Backhaus L., Ming Azevedo P., Hügle T., 2022/02/04. JMIR research protocols, 11 (2) pp. e32193. Peer-reviewed.
Dorsal Finger Fold Recognition by Convolutional Neural Networks for the Detection and Monitoring of Joint Swelling in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Hügle T., Caratsch L., Caorsi M., Maglione J., Dan D., Dumusc A., Blanchard M., Kalweit G., Kalweit M., 2022. Digital biomarkers, 6 (2) pp. 31-35. Peer-reviewed.
Localization of Nerve Growth Factor Expression to Structurally Damaged Cartilaginous Tissues in Human Lumbar Facet Joint Osteoarthritis.
Seidel M.F., Netzer C., Chobaz V., Hügle T., Geurts J., 2022. Frontiers in immunology, 13 p. 783076. Peer-reviewed.
Künstliche Intelligenz-unterstützte Behandlung in der Rheumatologie : Grundlagen, aktueller Stand und Ausblick [Artificial intelligence-supported treatment in rheumatology : Principles, current situation and perspectives]
Hügle T., Kalweit M., 2021/12. Zeitschrift fur Rheumatologie, 80 (10) pp. 914-927. Peer-reviewed.
Imaging of ανβ3 integrin expression in rheumatoid arthritis with [68Ga]Ga-NODAGA-RGDyk PET/CT in comparison to [18F]FDG PET/CT
Dietz M., Nicod Lalonde M., Omoumi P., Testart Dardel N., Hügle T., Prior J.O., 2021/11. Médecine Nucléaire, 45 (5-6) pp. 293-295.
Increased radiographic progression of distal hand osteoarthritis occurring during biologic DMARD monotherapy for concomitant rheumatoid arthritis.
Lechtenboehmer C.A., Burkard T., Reichenbach S., Walker U.A., Burden A.M., Hügle T., 2021/10/26. Arthritis research & therapy, 23 (1) p. 267. Peer-reviewed.
Are patients with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or hypermobility spectrum disorder so different?
Aubry-Rozier B., Schwitzguebel A., Valerio F., Tanniger J., Paquier C., Berna C., Hügle T., Benaim C., 2021/10. Rheumatology international, 41 (10) pp. 1785-1794. Peer-reviewed.
Site-specific resolution of enthesitis in patients with axial spondyloarthritis treated with tumor necrosis factor inhibitors.
Nissen M.J., Möller B., Ciurea A., Mueller R.B., Zueger P., Schulz M., Ganz F., Scherer A., Papagiannoulis E., Hügle T., 2021/06/09. Arthritis research & therapy, 23 (1) p. 165. Peer-reviewed.
Multi-energy photon-counting computed tomography versus other clinical imaging techniques for the identification of articular calcium crystal deposition.
Bernabei I., Sayous Y., Raja A.Y., Amma M.R., Viry A., Steinmetz S., Falgayrac G., van Heeswijk R.B., Omoumi P., Pascart T. et al., 2021/05/14. Rheumatology, 60 (5) pp. 2483-2485. Peer-reviewed.
Machine Learning Solutions for Osteoporosis-A Review.
Smets J., Shevroja E., Hügle T., Leslie W.D., Hans D., 2021/05. Journal of bone and mineral research, 36 (5) pp. 833-851. Peer-reviewed.
Distinct ex vivo biomarker profiles of calcified and non-calcified acetabular labrum tissues in primary hip OA
Antoniadis A., Wegrzyn J., Moradpour E., Hügle T., Geurts J., 2021/04. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 29 pp. S140.
Le rôle du rhumatologue dans la prise en charge des connectivites.
Gabay C., Hügle T., 2021/03/10. Revue medicale suisse, 17 (729) pp. 467-468. Peer-reviewed.
Actualité en rhumatologie 2020 : l’accent a été mis sur le Covid-19 [Rheumatology update 2020: the focus was on Covid-19]
Hügle T., 2021/01/27. Revue medicale suisse, 17 (723) pp. 214-218. Peer-reviewed.
Personalized prediction of disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis using an adaptive deep neural network.
Kalweit M., Walker U.A., Finckh A., Müller R., Kalweit G., Scherer A., Boedecker J., Hügle T., 2021. PloS one, 16 (6) pp. e0252289. Peer-reviewed.
Prediction of sustained biologic and targeted synthetic DMARD-free remission in rheumatoid arthritis patients.
Burkard T., Williams R.D., Vallejo-Yagüe E., Hügle T., Finckh A., Kyburz D., Burden A.M., 2021. Rheumatology advances in practice, 5 (3) pp. rkab087. Peer-reviewed.
Non-invasive characterization of intra-articular mineralization using dual-energy computed tomography.
Collinot J.A., Pascart T., Budzik J.F., Hügle T., Hussenot M., Becce F., 2020/12/01. Rheumatology, 59 (12) pp. 3997-3998. Peer-reviewed.
Die Gicht und ihr Management in der Praxis [Gout and Its Management in Clinical Practice]
Langenegger T., Krebs A., Rosemann T., Hügle T., Kempis J.V., 2020/04. Praxis, 109 (6) pp. 439-445. Peer-reviewed.
Le point sur l’arthrose [Update Osteoarthritis]
Hügle T., 2020/03/11. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (685) pp. 500-502. Peer-reviewed.
Les progrès en rhumatologie continuent d’être rapides
Hügle T., Gabay C., 2020/03/11. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (685) p. 475. Peer-reviewed.
Prematurely aging mitochondrial DNA mutator mice display subchondral osteopenia and chondrocyte hypertrophy without further osteoarthritis features.
Geurts J., Nasi S., Distel P., Müller-Gerbl M., Prolla T.A., Kujoth G.C., Walker U.A., Hügle T., 2020/01/28. Scientific reports, 10 (1) p. 1296. Peer-reviewed.
Applied machine learning and artificial intelligence in rheumatology.
Hügle M., Omoumi P., van Laar J.M., Boedecker J., Hügle T., 2020. Rheumatology advances in practice, 4 (1) pp. rkaa005. Peer-reviewed.
CD11b Signaling Prevents Chondrocyte Mineralization and Attenuates the Severity of Osteoarthritis.
Ehirchiou D., Bernabei I., Chobaz V., Castelblanco M., Hügle T., So A., Zhang L., Busso N., Nasi S., 2020. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology, 8 p. 611757. Peer-reviewed.
Inflammatory stays inflammatory: a subgroup of systemic sclerosis characterized by high morbidity and inflammatory resistance to cyclophosphamide.
Mitev A., Christ L., Feldmann D., Binder M., Möller K., Kanne A.M., Hügle T., Villiger P.M., Voll R.E., Finzel S. et al., 2019/12/02. Arthritis research & therapy, 21 (1) p. 262. Peer-reviewed.
The target uric acid level in multimorbid patients with gout is difficult to achieve: data from a longitudinal Swiss single-centre cohort.
Ankli B., Berger C.T., Haeni N., Kyburz D., Hügle T., So A.K., Daikeler T., 2019/08/26. Swiss medical weekly, 149 pp. w20121. Peer-reviewed.
Dual-Energy Computed Tomography for the Noninvasive Diagnosis of Coexisting Gout and Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease.
Hajri R., Hajdu S.D., Hügle T., Zufferey P., Guiral L., Becce F., 2019/08. Arthritis & rheumatology, 71 (8) p. 1392. Peer-reviewed.
Arthrite 4.0 : le cycle numérique est en marche [Arthritis 4.0 : The digital cycle has begun]
Hügle T., Dumusc A., 2019/03/06. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (641) pp. 549-553. Peer-reviewed.
Pneumopathie interstitielle dans la ­polyarthrite rhumatoïde : nouvelles données génétiques et perspectives thérapeutiques [Rheumatoid arthritis-associated interstitial lung disease : new genetic data and therapeutic perspectives]
Valerio F., Daccord C., Letovanec I., Hügle T., Lazor R., 2019/03/06. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (641) pp. 536-541. Peer-reviewed.
Polyarthrite rhumatoïde : ce qui a changé et ce qu’il reste encore à faire []
Gabay C., Hügle T., 2019/03/06. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (641) pp. 519-520. Peer-reviewed.
Infiltrations articulaires et traitements interventionnels dans les maladies rhumatismales.
Volken J.J., Hügle T., 2019/01/30. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (636) pp. 246-248. Peer-reviewed.
Brief Report: Influence of Disease Activity in Rheumatoid Arthritis on Radiographic Progression of Concomitant Interphalangeal Joint Osteoarthritis.
Lechtenboehmer C.A., Jaeger V.K., Kyburz D., Walker U.A., Hügle T., 2019/01. Arthritis & rheumatology, 71 (1) pp. 43-49. Peer-reviewed.
Bilan et suivi des patients avec arthrose du genou en médecine de famille [Knee osteoarthritis : assessment and follow-up in family medicine]
Rapin N., Hügle T., Mueller Y., 2018/05/09. Revue medicale suisse, 14 (606) pp. 993-997. Peer-reviewed.
Arthrite réactionnelle [Reactive arthritis]
Dumusc A., Hügle T., 2018/03/07. Revue medicale suisse, 14 (597) pp. 534-537. Peer-reviewed.
L’homme et les microbes : les deux faces d’une même médaille []
Hügle T., Gabay C., 2018/03/07. Revue medicale suisse, 14 (597) p. 507. Peer-reviewed.
Calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease: a frequent finding in patients with long-standing erosive gout.
Ankli B., Kyburz D., Hirschmann A., Hügle T., Manigold T., Berger C.T., Daikeler T., 2018/03. Scandinavian journal of rheumatology, 47 (2) pp. 127-130. Peer-reviewed.
Alterations of Subchondral Bone Progenitor Cells in Human Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis Lead to a Bone Sclerosis Phenotype.
Bianco D., Todorov A., Čengić T., Pagenstert G., Schären S., Netzer C., Hügle T., Geurts J., 2018/02/06. International journal of molecular sciences, 19 (2) p. 475 . Peer-reviewed.
Rhumatologie. Autoimmunité induite par des checkpoints – naissance d’une nouvelle maladie [Rheumatology. Checkpoint-induced autoimmunity - birth of a new disease]
Dan D., Tapparel L., Hügle T., 2018/01/10. Revue medicale suisse, 14 (588-589) pp. 93-96. Peer-reviewed.
Diagnostic guidelines for the histological particle algorithm in the periprosthetic neo-synovial tissue.
Perino G., Sunitsch S., Huber M., Ramirez D., Gallo J., Vaculova J., Natu S., Kretzer J.P., Müller S., Thomas P. et al., 2018. BMC clinical pathology, 18 p. 7. Peer-reviewed.
What drives osteoarthritis?-synovial versus subchondral bone pathology.
Hügle T., Geurts J., 2017/09/01. Rheumatology, 56 (9) pp. 1461-1471. Peer-reviewed.
15 years of the histopathological synovitis score, further development and review: A diagnostic score for rheumatology and orthopaedics.
Krenn V., Perino G., Rüther W., Krenn V.T., Huber M., Hügle T., Najm A., Müller S., Boettner F., Pessler F. et al., 2017/08. Pathology, research and practice, 213 (8) pp. 874-881. Peer-reviewed.
Hyperlipidaemia and incident osteoarthritis of the hand: a population-based case-control study.
Frey N., Hügle T., Jick S.S., Meier C.R., Spoendlin J., 2017/07. Osteoarthritis and cartilage, 25 (7) pp. 1040-1045. Peer-reviewed.
Peripheral monocytosis as a predictive factor for adverse outcome in the emergency department: Survey based on a register study.
Hensel M., Grädel L., Kutz A., Haubitz S., Huber A., Mueller B., Schuetz P., Hügle T., 2017/07. Medicine, 96 (28) pp. e7404. Peer-reviewed.
Pre-operative intra-articular deep tissue sampling with novel retrograde forceps improves the diagnostics in periprosthetic joint infection.
Wimmer M.D., Ploeger M.M., Friedrich M.J., Hügle T., Gravius S., Randau T.M., 2017/07. International orthopaedics, 41 (7) pp. 1355-1359. Peer-reviewed.
Marathon performance but not BMI affects post-marathon pro-inflammatory and cartilage biomarkers.
Mündermann A., Geurts J., Hügle T., Nickel T., Schmidt-Trucksäss A., Halle M., Hanssen H., 2017/04. Journal of sports sciences, 35 (7) pp. 711-718. Peer-reviewed.
Prospective clinical evaluation of a novel anatomic cuff for forearm crutches in patients with osteoarthritis.
Hügle T., Arnieri A., Bünter M., Schären S., Mündermann A., 2017/03/14. BMC musculoskeletal disorders, 18 (1) p. 110. Peer-reviewed.
Characterization of subchondral bone histopathology of facet joint osteoarthritis in lumbar spinal stenosis.
Netzer C., Urech K., Hügle T., Benz R.M., Geurts J., Schären S., 2016/08. Journal of orthopaedic research, 34 (8) pp. 1475-1480. Peer-reviewed.
Elevated marrow inflammatory cells and osteoclasts in subchondral osteosclerosis in human knee osteoarthritis.
Geurts J., Patel A., Hirschmann M.T., Pagenstert G.I., Müller-Gerbl M., Valderrabano V., Hügle T., 2016/02. Journal of orthopaedic research, 34 (2) pp. 262-269. Peer-reviewed.
Increased Osseous (99m)Tc-DPD Uptake in End-Stage Ankle Osteoarthritis: Correlation Between SPECT-CT Imaging and Histologic Findings.
Paul J., Barg A., Kretzschmar M., Pagenstert G., Studler U., Hügle T., Wegner N.J., Valderrabano V., Geurts J., 2015/12. Foot & ankle international, 36 (12) pp. 1438-1447. Peer-reviewed.
Multicolor flow cytometry-based cellular phenotyping identifies osteoprogenitors and inflammatory cells in the osteoarthritic subchondral bone marrow compartment.
Pippenger B.E., Duhr R., Muraro M.G., Pagenstert G.I., Hügle T., Geurts J., 2015/11. Osteoarthritis and cartilage, 23 (11) pp. 1865-1869. Peer-reviewed.
The potential use of microcalorimetry in rapid differentiation between septic arthritis and other causes of arthritis.
Yusuf E., Hügle T., Daikeler T., Voide C., Borens O., Trampuz A., 2015. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 34 (3) pp. 461-465. Peer-reviewed.
Educational quality of YouTube videos on knee arthrocentesis.
Fischer J., Geurts J., Valderrabano V., Hügle T., 2013/10. Journal of clinical rheumatology, 19 (7) pp. 373-376. Peer-reviewed.
Aging and osteoarthritis: an inevitable encounter?
Hügle T., Geurts J., Nüesch C., Müller-Gerbl M., Valderrabano V., 2012. Journal of aging research, 2012 p. 950192. Peer-reviewed.
The value of serum procalcitonin level for differentiation of infectious from noninfectious causes of fever after orthopaedic surgery.
Hunziker S., Hügle T., Schuchardt K., Groeschl I., Schuetz P., Mueller B., Dick W., Eriksson U., Trampuz A., 2010. The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume, 92 (1) pp. 138-148.
Hepatitis C: Update [Hepatitis C: update]
Hügle T., Cerny A., 2003. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift (1946), 128 (38) pp. 1963-1968. Peer-reviewed.
Functional properties of a monoclonal antibody inhibiting the hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.
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Determinants for membrane association of the hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.
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The hepatitis C virus nonstructural protein 4B is an integral endoplasmic reticulum membrane protein
Hugle T., Fehrmann F., Bieck E., Kohara M., Krausslich H. G., Rice C. M., Blum H. E., Moradpour D., 2001/05. Virology, 284 (1) pp. 70-81.
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