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Deep learning microstructure estimation of developing brains from diffusion MRI: a newborn and fetal study
Kebiri Hamza, Gholipour Ali, Vasung Lana, Lin Rizhong, Krsnik Željka, Karimi Davood, Bach Cuadra Meritxell.
Brain network connectivity underlying remission in early psychosis: a whole brain model approach
Mana Ludovica, López-González Ane, Alemán-Gómez Yasser, Baumann Philipp S., Jenni Raoul, Alameda Luis, Abrahamyan Empson Lilith, Klauser Paul, Conus Philippe, Hagmann Patric et al..
Brain network connectivity underlying remission in early psychosis: a whole brain model approach
Mana Ludovica, López-González Ane, Alemán-Gómez Yasser, Baumann Philipp S., Jenni Raoul, Alameda Luis, Abrahamyan Empson Lilith, Klauser Paul, Conus Philippe, Hagmann Patric et al..
Non-exponential transverse relaxation decay in subcortical grey matter
Oliveira Rita, Raynaud Quentin, Kiselev Valerij, Jelescu Ileana, Lutti Antoine.
White Matter Microstructure Alterations and Their Link to Symptomatology in Early Psychosis and Schizophrenia
Pavan Tommaso, Alemán-Gómez Yasser, Jenni Raoul, Steullet Pascal, Schilliger Zoé, Dwir Daniella, Cleusix Martine, Alameda Luis, Do Kim Q., Conus Philippe et al..
Quantifying human gray matter microstructure using NEXI and 300 mT/m gradients
Uhl Quentin, Pavan Tommaso, Molendowska Malwina, Jones Derek K, Palombo Marco, Jelescu Ileana.
CIRSE Standards of Practice on Portal Vein Embolization and Double Vein Embolization/Liver Venous Deprivation.
Bilhim T., Böning G., Guiu B., Luz J.H., Denys A. Cardiovascular and interventional radiology. Peer-reviewed.
Skeletal muscle mass and quality in gout patients versus non-gout controls: A computed tomography imaging study.
Covello A., Toprover M., Oh C., Leroy G., Kumar A., LaMoreaux B., Mechlin M., Fields T.R., Pillinger M.H., Becce F. Joint bone spine. Peer-reviewed.
Examination of monosodium urate crystal depletion and bone erosion remodeling during pegloticase treatment in patients with uncontrolled gout: exploratory dual-energy computed tomography findings from MIRROR RCT.
Dalbeth N., Botson J., Saag K., Kumar A., Padnick-Silver L., LaMoreaux B., Becce F. Joint bone spine. Peer-reviewed.
Trajectory correction enables free-running chemical shift encoded imaging for accurate cardiac proton-density fat fraction quantification at 3T.
Daudé P., Troalen T., Mackowiak ALC, Royer E., Piccini D., Yerly J., Pfeuffer J., Kober F., Gouny S.C., Bernard M. et al. Journal of cardiovascular magnetic resonance. Peer-reviewed.
Optic nerve thickening on high-spatial-resolution MRI predicts early-stage postlaminar optic nerve invasion in retinoblastoma.
de Bloeme C.M., Jansen R.W., Göricke S., Grauwels STL, van Elst S., Ketteler P., Brisse H.J., Galluzzi P., Cardoen L., Sirin S. et al. European radiology. Peer-reviewed.
Association of preprocedural antiplatelet use with decreased thromboembolic complications for intracranial aneurysms undergoing intrasaccular flow disruption.
Diestro JDB, Adeeb N., Musmar B., Salim H., Aslan A., Cancelliere N.M., McLellan R.M., Algin O., Ghozy S., Lay S.V. et al. Journal of neurosurgery. Peer-reviewed.
Natural History of Myocardial α<sub>v</sub>β<sub>3</sub> Integrin Expression After Acute Myocardial Infarction: Correlation with Changes in Myocardial Blood Flow.
Dietz M., Kamani C.H., Bousige C., Dunet V., Delage J., Rubimbura V., Nicod Lalonde M., Treglia G., Schaefer N., Nammas W. et al. Journal of nuclear medicine. Peer-reviewed.
The impact of postoperative aspirin in patients undergoing Woven EndoBridge: a multicenter, institutional, propensity score-matched analysis.
Dmytriw A.A., Musmar B., Salim H., Aslan A., Cancelliere N.M., McLellan R.M., Algin O., Ghozy S., Dibas M., Lay S.V. et al. Journal of neurointerventional surgery. Peer-reviewed.
Sonic hedgehog hepatocellular adenoma: magnetic resonance imaging features and correlation with histology.
Ducatel A., Trillaud H., Reizine E., Vilgrain V., Sempoux C., Schmidt-Kobbe S., Gouw ASH, de Haas R.J., Julien C., Paradis V. et al. European radiology. Peer-reviewed.
Systematic Estimation of Treatment Effect on Hospitalization Risk as a Drug Repurposing Screening Method
Georgantas Costa, Banus Jaume, Hullin Roger, Richiardi Jonas dans Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing. Peer-reviewed.
Gender balance in skeletal radiology: suffrage rather than suffering?
Giraudo Chiara, Rosskopf Andrea B., Klauser Andrea Sabine, Pillai Janani K., Adriaensen Miraude, Bazzocchi Alberto, Becce Fabio, Bielecki Dennis K., Boesen Mikael, Cotten Anne et al. Clinical and Translational Imaging.
Longitudinal radiological follow-up of individual level non-ischemic cerebral enhancing lesions following endovascular aneurysm treatment.
Guetarni Z., Bernard R., Boulouis G., Labeyrie M.A., Biondi A., Velasco S., Saliou G., Bartolini B., Daumas-Duport B., Bourcier R. et al. Journal of neurointerventional surgery. Peer-reviewed.
Wideband black-blood late gadolinium enhancement imaging for improved myocardial scar assessment in patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices.
Gut P., Cochet H., Caluori G., El-Hamrani D., Constantin M., Vlachos K., Sridi S., Antiochos P., Schwitter J., Masi A. et al. Magnetic resonance in medicine. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical management of typical and atypical carcinoids/neuroendocrine tumors in ENETS centres of excellence (CoE): Survey from the ENETS lung NET task force.
Koumarianou A., Filosso P.L., Bodei L., Castano J.P., Fernandez-Cuesta L., Deroose C.M., Foll M., Dromain C., Reed N.S., Caplin M. et al. Journal of neuroendocrinology. Peer-reviewed.
Amnestic Syndrome in Memory Clinics: Similar Morphological Brain Patterns in Older Adults with and without Alzheimer's Disease.
Lalive H.M., Griffa A., Carlier S., Nasuti M., Di Noto T., Maréchal B., Rouaud O., Allali G. Journal of Alzheimer's disease. Peer-reviewed.
Recurrent benign fibrous histiocytoma of the bone benefits from denosumab followed by malignant transformation: a case report.
Laureline W., Patrick O., Tu N., Stephane C., Ana D., Daniela F., Chiara S., Igor L., Antonia D. Skeletal radiology. Peer-reviewed.
Intra-Articular Mineralization on Computerized Tomography of the Knee and Risk of Cartilage Damage: The Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study.
Liew J.W., Jarraya M., Guermazi A., Lynch J., Felson D., Nevitt M., Lewis C.E., Torner J., Roemer F.W., Crema M.D. et al. Arthritis & rheumatology. Peer-reviewed.
WITHDRAWN: The benefit of adopting Microultrasound in the prostate cancer imaging pathway : A lesion-by-lesion analysis.
Martel P., Rakauskas A., Dagher J., La Rosa S., Meuwly J.Y., Roth B., Valerio M. Progres en urologie. Peer-reviewed.
High-risk coronary plaque of sudden cardiac death victims: postmortem CT angiographic features and histopathologic findings.
Michaud K., Rotzinger D.C., Faouzi M., Grabherr S., Qanadli S.D., van der Wal A.C., Magnin V. International journal of legal medicine. Peer-reviewed.
Chances and challenges of photon-counting CT in musculoskeletal imaging.
Mourad C., Gallego Manzano L., Viry A., Booij R., Oei EHG, Becce F., Omoumi P. Skeletal radiology. Peer-reviewed.
Amygdala volumes and associations with socio-emotional competencies in preterm youth: cross-sectional and longitudinal data.
Pereira Camejo M., Escobar Saade L., Liverani M.C., Fischi-Gomez E., Gui L., Borradori Tolsa C., Ha-Vinh Leuchter R., Hüppi P.S., Siffredi V. Pediatric research. Peer-reviewed.
Longstanding Auditory Sensory and Semantic Differences in Preterm Born Children.
Retsa C., Turpin H., Geiser E., Ansermet F., Müller-Nix C., Murray M.M. Brain topography. Peer-reviewed.
Hepaticocholecystic Duct: Not a Myth but a Pitfall in Cholecystectomy.
Sasaki S., Schmidt S., Uldry E., Halkic N., Labgaa I. The American journal of gastroenterology. Peer-reviewed.
Editorial for "Beta-Catenin-Mutated Hepatocellular Adenomas at Hepatobiliary Phase MRI: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis".
Schmidt S., Sempoux C. Journal of magnetic resonance imaging. Peer-reviewed.
Incidence and outcome of perforations during medium vessel occlusion compared with large vessel occlusion thrombectomy.
Schulze-Zachau V., Brehm A., Ntoulias N., Krug N., Tsogkas I., Blackham K.A., Möhlenbruch M.A., Jesser J., Cervo A., Kreiser K. et al. Journal of neurointerventional surgery. Peer-reviewed.
Multiparametric Characterization and Spatial Distribution of Different MS Lesion Phenotypes.
Tazza F., Boffa G., Schiavi S., Lapucci C., Piredda G.F., Cipriano E., Zacà D., Roccatagliata L., Hilbert T., Kober T. et al. AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology. Peer-reviewed.
Beyond weakness: Exploring intramuscular fat and quadriceps atrophy in ACLR recovery.
White M.S., Ogier A.C., Chenevert T.L., Zucker E., Stoneback L., Michel C.P., Palmieri-Smith R.M., Lepley L.K. Journal of orthopaedic research. Peer-reviewed.
Radiological diagnosis of prevalent osteoporotic vertebral fracture on radiographs: an interim consensus from a group of experts of the ESSR osteoporosis and metabolism subcommittee.
Wáng YXJ, Diacinti D., Aparisi Gómez M.P., Santiago F.R., Becce F., Tagliafico A.S., Prakash M., Isaac A., Dalili D., Griffith J.F. et al. Skeletal radiology. Peer-reviewed.
Frequently Encountered Artifacts in the Application of Dual-Energy Computed Tomography to Cardiovascular Imaging for Urate Crystals in Gout: A Matched-Control Study.
Yokose C., Eide S.E., Huber F.A., Simeone F.J., Ghoshhajra B.B., Shojania K., Nicolaou S., Becce F., Choi H.K. Arthritis care & research. Peer-reviewed.
Large-scale 3D non-Cartesian coronary MRI reconstruction using distributed memory-efficient physics-guided deep learning with limited training data.
Zhang C., Piccini D., Demirel O.B., Bonanno G., Roy C.W., Yaman B., Moeller S., Shenoy C., Stuber M., Akçakaya M. Magma. Peer-reviewed.
PsyCog: A computerised mini battery for assessing cognition in psychosis.
Gifford G., Cullen A.E., Vieira S., Searle A., McCutcheon R.A., Modinos G., Stone W.S., Hird E., Barnett J., van Hell H.H. et al., 2024/09. Schizophrenia research. Cognition, 37 p. 100310. Peer-reviewed.
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis in a lung transplant recipient treated with mepolizumab.
Ioakeim F., Abellan C., Casutt A., Lechartier B., Noirez L., Beigelman-Aubry C., Aubert J.D., Balmpouzis Z., Koutsokera A., 2024/07. Clinical immunology, 264 p. 110265. Peer-reviewed.
Tortuosity in non-atherosclerotic vascular diseases is associated with age, arterial aneurysms, and hypertension.
Luta X., Zanchi F., Fresa M., Porccedu E., Keller S., Bouchardy J., Déglise S., Qanadli S.D., Kirsch M., Wuerzner G. et al., 2024/06/07. Orphanet journal of rare diseases, 19 (1) p. 227. Peer-reviewed.
Detection and Grading of Radiographic Hand Osteoarthritis Using an Automated Machine Learning Platform.
Caratsch L., Lechtenboehmer C., Caorsi M., Oung K., Zanchi F., Aleman Y., Walker U.A., Omoumi P., Hügle T., 2024/06. ACR open rheumatology, 6 (6) pp. 388-395. Peer-reviewed.
Fully automated contrast selection of joint bright- and black-blood late gadolinium enhancement imaging for robust myocardial scar assessment.
de Villedon de Naide V., Maes J.D., Villegas-Martinez M., Ribal I., Maillot A., Ozenne V., Montier G., Boullé T., Sridi S., Gut P. et al., 2024/06. Magnetic resonance imaging, 109 pp. 256-263. Peer-reviewed.
Long-Term Follow-Up of Cerebral Aneurysms Completely Occluded at 6 Months After Intervention with the Woven EndoBridge (WEB) Device: a Retrospective Multicenter Observational Study.
El Naamani K., Mastorakos P., Adeeb N., Lan M., Castiglione J., Khanna O., Diestro JDB, McLellan R.M., Dibas M., Vranic J.E. et al., 2024/06. Translational stroke research, 15 (3) pp. 591-598. Peer-reviewed.
Matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) activity, hippocampal extracellular free water, and cognitive deficits are associated with each other in early phase psychosis.
Seitz-Holland J., Alemán-Gómez Y., Cho KIK, Pasternak O., Cleusix M., Jenni R., Baumann P.S., Klauser P., Conus P., Hagmann P. et al., 2024/06. Neuropsychopharmacology, 49 (7) pp. 1140-1150. Peer-reviewed.
Multivariate brain-behaviour associations in psychiatric disorders.
Vieira S., Bolton TAW, Schöttner M., Baecker L., Marquand A., Mechelli A., Hagmann P., 2024/06/01. Translational psychiatry, 14 (1) p. 231. Peer-reviewed.
Pore size estimation in axon-mimicking microfibers with diffusion-relaxation MRI.
Canales-Rodríguez E.J., Pizzolato M., Zhou F.L., Barakovic M., Thiran J.P., Jones D.K., Parker GJM, Dyrby T.B., 2024/06. Magnetic resonance in medicine, 91 (6) pp. 2579-2596. Peer-reviewed.
Primary hepatocellular carcinoma of the spleen.
Saglietti C., Fasquelle F., Barcena C., Schmidt S., Shirata C., Uldry E., Halkic N., Sempoux C., 2024/06. Pathology, 56 (4) pp. 600-601. Peer-reviewed.
Robust thalamic nuclei segmentation from T1-weighted MRI using polynomial intensity transformation.
Vidal J.P., Danet L., Péran P., Pariente J., Bach Cuadra M., Zahr N.M., Barbeau E.J., Saranathan M., 2024/06. Brain structure & function, 229 (5) pp. 1087-1101. Peer-reviewed.
Spatial Distribution of Recurrence and Long-Term Toxicity Following Dose Escalation to the Dominant Intra-Prostatic Nodule for Intermediate-High-Risk Prostate Cancer: Insights from a Phase I/II Study.
Cloître M., Benkhaled S., Boughdad S., Schaefer N., Prior J.O., Zeverino M., Berthold D., Tawadros T., Meuwly J.Y., Martel P. et al., 2024/05/31. Cancers, 16 (11). Peer-reviewed.
Energy Loss Index and Dimensionless Index Outperform Direct Valve Planimetry in Low-Gradient Aortic Stenosis.
Hugelshofer S., de Brito D., Antiochos P., Tzimas G., Rotzinger D.C., Auberson D., Vella A., Fournier S., Kirsch M., Muller O. et al., 2024/05/30. Journal of clinical medicine, 13 (11). Peer-reviewed.
Correction: Cognitive enrichment through art: a randomized controlled trial on the effect of music or visual arts group practice on cognitive and brain development of young children.
James C.E., Tingaud M., Laera G., Guedj C., Zuber S., Palazzi R.D., Vukovic S., Richiardi J., Kliegel M., Marie D., 2024/05/28. BMC complementary medicine and therapies, 24 (1) p. 206. Peer-reviewed.
CT cardiaque en 2024 [Cardiac CT in 2024]
Skalidis I., Dayer N., Meier D., Salihu A., Antiochos P., Lu H., Maurizi N., Auberson D., Monney P., Muller O. et al., 2024/05/22. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (875) pp. 1020-1025. Peer-reviewed.
Absorbable gelatin compressed sponge (Gelfoam) embolization of distal external carotid artery branches in intra-arterial chemotherapy for retinoblastoma.
Akkari F.G., Stathopoulos C., Puccinelli F., Hajdu S.D., Beck-Popovic M., Munier F.L., Saliou G., Bartolini B., 2024/05/21. Journal of neurointerventional surgery, 16 (6) pp. 578-581. Peer-reviewed.
MR Imaging of Adverse Effects and Ocular Growth Decline after Selective Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy for Retinoblastoma.
de Bloeme C.M., van Elst S., Galluzzi P., Jansen R.W., de Haan J., Göricke S., Moll A.C., Bot JCJ, Munier F.L., Beck-Popovic M. et al., 2024/05/16. Cancers, 16 (10). Peer-reviewed.
2023 EULAR recommendations on imaging in diagnosis and management of crystal-induced arthropathies in clinical practice.
Mandl P., D'Agostino M.A., Navarro-Compán V., Geßl I., Sakellariou G., Abhishek A., Becce F., Dalbeth N., Ea H.K., Filippucci E. et al., 2024/05/15. Annals of the rheumatic diseases, 83 (6) pp. 752-759. Peer-reviewed.
Animal cognition: Dogs build semantic expectations between spoken words and objects.
Murray M.M., Middelmann N.K., Federmeier K.D., 2024/05/06. Current biology, 34 (9) pp. R348-R351. Peer-reviewed.
Arachnoiditis ossificans.
Donalisio M., Egea M., Dunet V., Omoumi P., Mourad C., 2024/05. Skeletal radiology, 53 (5) pp. 1019-1021. Peer-reviewed.
Chronic sciatica without motor deficit.
Donalisio M., Egea M., Dunet V., Omoumi P., Mourad C., 2024/05. Skeletal radiology, 53 (5) pp. 975-976. Peer-reviewed.
Deepfake Detection in Super-Recognizers and Police Officers
Ramon Meike, Vowels Matthew, Groh Matthew, 2024/05. IEEE Security &amp; Privacy, 22 (3) pp. 68-76. Peer-reviewed.
Distill-SODA: Distilling Self-Supervised Vision Transformer for Source-Free Open-Set Domain Adaptation in Computational Pathology.
Vray G., Tomar D., Bozorgtabar B., Thiran J.P., 2024/05. IEEE transactions on medical imaging, 43 (5) pp. 2021-2032. Peer-reviewed.
Moving From CT to MRI Paradigm in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Feasibility, Effects on Stroke Diagnosis and Long-Term Outcomes.
Rapillo C.M., Dunet V., Pistocchi S., Salerno A., Darioli V., Bartolini B., Hajdu S.D., Michel P., Strambo D., 2024/05. Stroke, 55 (5) pp. 1329-1338. Peer-reviewed.
Performance of three predictive scores to avoid delayed diagnosis of significant blunt bowel and mesenteric injury: A 12-year retrospective cohort study.
Agri F., Pache B., Bourgeat M., Darioli V., Demartines N., Schmidt S., Zingg T., 2024/05/01. The journal of trauma and acute care surgery, 96 (5) pp. 820-830. Peer-reviewed.
Self-navigated coronary MR angiography for coronary aneurysm detection in Kawasaki disease at 3T: comparison with conventional diaphragm-navigated coronary MR angiography.
Zhou Z., Wei D., Azhe S., Fu C., Zhou X., An J., Piccini D., Bastiaansen J., Guo Y., Wen L., 2024/05. European radiology, 34 (5) pp. 3400-3410. Peer-reviewed.
Three-dimensional evaluation of the transverse rotator cuff muscle's resultant force angle in relation to scapulohumeral subluxation and glenoid vault morphology in nonpathological shoulders
Lannes Xavier, Goetti Patrick, Boubat Matthieu, Eghbali Pezhman, Becce Fabio, Farron Alain, Terrier Alexandre, 2024/05. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, 33 (5) pp. 1157-1168. Peer-reviewed.
Variation in pedagogy affects overimitation in children and adolescents.
Décaillet M., Frick A., Lince X., Gruber T., Denervaud S., 2024/05. Journal of experimental child psychology, 241 p. 105862. Peer-reviewed.
Long-Term Results of Stereotactic Radiotherapy in Patients with at Least 10 Brain Metastases at Diagnosis.
Kinj R., Hottinger A.F., Böhlen T.T., Ozsahin M., Vallet V., Dunet V., Bouchaab H., Peters S., Tuleasca C., Bourhis J. et al., 2024/04/29. Cancers, 16 (9). Peer-reviewed.
Deep learning microstructure estimation of developing brains from diffusion MRI: A newborn and fetal study.
Kebiri H., Gholipour A., Lin R., Vasung L., Calixto C., Krsnik Ž., Karimi D., Bach Cuadra M., 2024/04/25. Medical image analysis, 95 p. 103186. Peer-reviewed.
Normative volumes and relaxation times at 3T during brain development.
Romascano D., Piredda G.F., Caneschi S., Hilbert T., Corredor R., Maréchal B., Kober T., Ledoux J.B., Fornari E., Hagmann P. et al., 2024/04/25. Scientific data, 11 (1) p. 429. Peer-reviewed.
Optimization of CT pulmonary angiography for pulmonary embolism using task-based image quality assessment and diagnostic reference levels: A multicentric study.
Viry A., Vitzthum V., Monnin P., Bize J., Rotzinger D., Racine D., 2024/04/24. Physica medica, 121 p. 103365. Peer-reviewed.
A study of ChatGPT in facilitating Heart Team decisions on severe aortic stenosis.
Salihu A., Meier D., Noirclerc N., Skalidis I., Mauler-Wittwer S., Recordon F., Kirsch M., Roguelov C., Berger A., Sun X. et al., 2024/04/15. EuroIntervention, 20 (8) pp. e496-e503. Peer-reviewed.
Phenotypes and outcome of diffuse pulmonary non-amyloid light chain deposition disease.
Lestelle F., Beigelman C., Rotzinger D., Si-Mohamed S., Nasser M., Wemeau L., Hirschi S., Prevot G., Roux A., Bunel V. et al., 2024/04/10. Respiratory research, 25 (1) p. 159. Peer-reviewed.
Transcarotid vascular access for transcatheter aortic valve implantation: is choosing the left side always right?
Salihu A., Rotzinger D.C., Fahrni G., Nowacka A., Antiochos P., Fournier S., Muller O., Kirsch M., Lu H., 2024/04/10. Journal of cardiothoracic surgery, 19 (1) p. 196. Peer-reviewed.
Cognitive enrichment through art: a randomized controlled trial on the effect of music or visual arts group practice on cognitive and brain development of young children.
James C.E., Tingaud M., Laera G., Guedj C., Zuber S., Diambrini Palazzo R., Vukovic S., Richiardi J., Kliegel M., Marie D., 2024/04/04. BMC complementary medicine and therapies, 24 (1) p. 141. Peer-reviewed.
A triad of double aortic arch, bicuspid valve, and aortic dilation: treat the right lesion!
Dirbach F., Roy C., Stuber M., Rutz T., 2024/04. European heart journal. Case reports, 8 (4) pp. ytae156. Peer-reviewed.
Connectome spectrum electromagnetic tomography: A method to reconstruct electrical brain source networks at high-spatial resolution.
Rué-Queralt J., Fluhr H., Tourbier S., Aleman-Gómez Y., Pascucci D., Yerly J., Glomb K., Plomp G., Hagmann P., 2024/04. Human brain mapping, 45 (5) pp. e26638. Peer-reviewed.
Ein schwieriger Fall optischer Neuropathie: Myelin-Oligodendrozyten-Glykoprotein-Antikörper-assoziierte Erkrankung (MOGAD) [A Difficult Case of Optic Neuropathy: Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Antibody-Associated Disease (MOGAD)]
Haeller C.N., Badoux T., Medlin F., Arlettaz L., DeGottrau P., Grams E., Finger M.L., Dunet V., Gaillard M.C., 2024/04. Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde, 241 (4) pp. 551-553. Peer-reviewed.
Follicular Lymphoma Presenting With Symptomatic Bone Involvement: A Clinicopathologic and Molecular Analysis of 16 Cases.
Sarro R., Bisig B., Guey B., Missiaglia E., Cairoli A., Omoumi P., Letovanec I., Ferry J.A., Hasserjian R.P., de Leval L., 2024/04. Modern pathology, 37 (4) p. 100440. Peer-reviewed.
GANDALF: Graph-based transformer and Data Augmentation Active Learning Framework with interpretable features for multi-label chest Xray classification.
Mahapatra D., Bozorgtabar B., Ge Z., Reyes M., 2024/04. Medical image analysis, 93 p. 103075. Peer-reviewed.
Immune checkpoint inhibitor-related myositis and myocarditis: diagnostic pitfalls and imaging contribution in a real-world, institutional case series.
Vicino A., Hottinger A.F., Latifyan S., Boughdad S., Becce F., Prior J.O., Kuntzer T., Brouland J.P., Dunet V., Obeid M. et al., 2024/04. Journal of neurology, 271 (4) pp. 1947-1958. Peer-reviewed.
Intraarterielle Chemotherapie für Retinoblastom: 15 Jahre Erfahrung [Intra-arterial Chemotherapy for Retinoblastoma: 15-Year Experience]
Stathopoulos C., Saliou G., Moulin A., Beck-Popovic M., Munier F., 2024/04. Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde, 241 (4) pp. 500-505. Peer-reviewed.
Optimal Protocol for Contrast-enhanced Free-running 5D Whole-heart Coronary MR Angiography at 3T.
Ishida M., Yerly J., Ito H., Takafuji M., Nakamori S., Takase S., Ichiba Y., Komori Y., Dohi K., Piccini D. et al., 2024/04/01. Magnetic resonance in medical sciences, 23 (2) pp. 225-237. Peer-reviewed.
Sex-specific resting state brain network dynamics in patients with major depressive disorder.
Dong D., Pizzagalli D.A., Bolton TAW, Ironside M., Zhang X., Li C., Sun X., Xiong G., Cheng C., Wang X. et al., 2024/04. Neuropsychopharmacology, 49 (5) pp. 806-813. Peer-reviewed.
Stent-assisted Woven EndoBridge device for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms: an international multicenter study.
Diestro JDB, Dibas M., Adeeb N., Regenhardt R.W., Vranic J.E., Guenego A., Lay S.V., Renieri L., Balushi A.A., Shotar E. et al., 2024/04/01. Journal of neurosurgery, 140 (4) pp. 1071-1079. Peer-reviewed.
Thalamic contributions to psychosis susceptibility: Evidence from co-activation patterns accounting for intra-seed spatial variability (μCAPs).
Delavari F., Sandini C., Kojovic N., Saccaro L.F., Eliez S., Van De Ville D., Bolton TAW, 2024/04. Human brain mapping, 45 (5) pp. e26649. Peer-reviewed.
White adipose tissue distribution and amount are associated with increased white matter connectivity.
Okudzhava L., Schulz S., Fischi-Gomez E., Girard G., Machann J., Koch P.J., Thiran J.P., Münte T.F., Heldmann M., 2024/04. Human brain mapping, 45 (5) pp. e26654. Peer-reviewed.
Assessment of myocardial injuries in ischaemic and non-ischaemic cardiomyopathies using magnetic resonance T1-rho mapping.
Bustin A., Pineau X., Sridi S., van Heeswijk R.B., Jaïs P., Stuber M., Cochet H., 2024/03/27. European heart journal. Cardiovascular Imaging, 25 (4) pp. 548-557. Peer-reviewed.
Lateral medullary vascular compression manifesting as paroxysmal hypertension.
Giammattei L., Wuerzner G., Theiler K., Vollenweider P., Dunet V., Al Barajraji M., Squair J.W., Bloch J., Daniel R.T., 2024/03/15. Acta neurochirurgica, 166 (1) p. 139. Peer-reviewed.
Dual Layer vs Single Layer Woven EndoBridge Device in the Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms: A Propensity Score-Matched Analysis.
Dmytriw A.A., Salim H., Musmar B., Aslan A., Cancelliere N.M., McLellan R.M., Algin O., Ghozy S., Dibas M., Lay S.V. et al., 2024/03/14. Neurosurgical review, 47 (1) p. 116. Peer-reviewed.
Quantitative T2 Mapping of Acute Pancreatitis.
Porões F., Vietti Violi N., Piazza G., Uldry E., Lázaro-Fontanet E., Gaspar-Figueiredo S., Hilbert T., Ledoux J.B., Denys A., Schütz F. et al., 2024/03/14. Journal of magnetic resonance imaging. Peer-reviewed.
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