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Sexual quality of life and postoperative deep dyspareunia after vNOTES benign adnexal procedures.
Berisha L., Hurni Y., Simonson C., Di Serio M., Lachat R., Bodenmann P., Seidler S., Mathevet P., Huber D. International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics. Peer-reviewed.
Prenatal and Postnatal Ocular Abnormalities Following Congenital Zika Virus Infections: A Systematic Review.
Mahmoud A., Pomar L., Lambert V., Picone O., Hcini N. Ocular immunology and inflammation. Peer-reviewed.
Intravenous Immunoglobulin for the Treatment of Severe Maternal Alloimmunization: Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis.
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Contribution of Fetal Blood Sampling to Determining the Prognosis of Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infections: A Case-Cohort Study in Switzerland.
Pomar L., Contier A., Stojanov M., Guenot C., Sichitiu J., Truttmann A.C., Vial Y., Baud D. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology. Peer-reviewed.
Fetal Blood Sampling in Cytomegalovirus Infection: Balancing the Risks and Benefits.
Pomar L., Sichitiu J., Baud D. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology. Peer-reviewed.
Considering Gestational Age in the Biological Response of the Fetus to Cytomegalovirus.
Pomar L., Stojanov M., Baud D. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology. Peer-reviewed.
Revisiting the Implications of a Wide or Narrow Fetal Cavum Septi Pellucidi.
Sichitiu J., Ghannad-Zadeh K., Van Mieghem T., Toi A., Greenfeld E., Chitayat D., Shinar S. Journal of ultrasound in medicine. Peer-reviewed.
Maternal "mirror" syndrome: Evaluating the benefits of fetal therapy.
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Appliquer le consentement, dans les soins et au-delà [Applying consent, in healthcare and beyond]
Mackinnon Lacasa L., Abdulcadir J., Jacot-Guillarmod M., Widder O., Dominicé Dao M., 2024/06/26. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (880) pp. 1238-1242. Peer-reviewed.
Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases in pregnant women in an amazonian region: a large retrospective study from French Guiana.
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Fetal sex and the relative reactivity of human umbilical vein and arteries are key determinants in potential beneficial effects of phosphodiesterase inhibitors.
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Anatomic parameters of omphaloceles and their association with anatomic, genetic, or syndromic malformations: a retrospective study.
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Eating Patterns, Chronotypes, and Their Relationship with Metabolic Health in the Early Postpartum Period in Women after Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
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Performance of three predictive scores to avoid delayed diagnosis of significant blunt bowel and mesenteric injury: A 12-year retrospective cohort study.
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PGE2 inhibits TIL expansion by disrupting IL-2 signalling and mitochondrial function.
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Post-COVID-19 condition: recommendations for pregnant individuals.
Maisonneuve E., Favre G., Boucoiran I., Dashraath P., Panchaud A., Baud D., 2024/05. The Lancet regional health. Europe, 40 p. 100916. Peer-reviewed.
Mosaic RASopathies concept: different skin lesions, same systemic manifestations?
Morren M.A., Fodstad H., Brems H., Bedoni N., Guenova E., Jacot-Guillarmod M., Busiah K., Giuliano F., Gilliet M., Atallah I., 2024/04/19. Journal of medical genetics, 61 (5) pp. 411-419. Peer-reviewed.
Consensus on surgical technique for sentinel lymph node dissection in cervical cancer.
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External beam radiotherapy boost versus surgical debulking followed by radiotherapy for the treatment of metastatic lymph nodes in cervical cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
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Surveillance of multiple congenital anomalies; searching for new associations.
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The Potential Role of Wearable Inertial Sensors in Laboring Women with Walking Epidural Analgesia.
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Impact of semen microbiota on the composition of seminal plasma.
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Optimizing blood conservation in caesarean sections: Intravaginal tamponade technique for abnormal placentae insertion.
Moser L., Vouga M., Benkortbi K., Boussac E., Cuenoud A., Sichitiu J., Desseauve D., 2024/03. European journal of obstetrics & gynecology and reproductive biology, 21 p. 100282. Peer-reviewed.
Online dating: predictors of problematic tinder use.
Vera Cruz G., Aboujaoude E., Rochat L., Bianchi-Demicheli F., Khazaal Y., 2024/02/29. BMC psychology, 12 (1) p. 106. Peer-reviewed.
Cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy: cross-sectional survey of knowledge and prevention practices of healthcare professionals in French-speaking Switzerland.
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Arboviruses and pregnancy: are the threats visible or hidden?
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Pervasive alterations of intra-axonal volume and network organization in young children with a 16p11.2 deletion.
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Minimally invasive sacrocolpopexy: efficiency of robotic assistance compared to standard laparoscopy.
Evangelopoulos N., Nessi A., Achtari C., 2024/02/10. Journal of robotic surgery, 18 (1) p. 72. Peer-reviewed.
Trajectories and associations of symptoms of mental health and well-being with insulin resistance and metabolic health in women with gestational diabetes.
Nicolazzi L., Gilbert L., Horsch A., Quansah D.Y., Puder J.J., 2024/02. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 160 p. 106919. Peer-reviewed.
SENOSI Confocal Microscopy: A New and Innovating Way to Detect Positive Margins in Non-Palpable Breast Cancer?
Wernly D., Beniere C., Besse V., Seidler S., Lachat R., Letovanec I., Huber D., Simonson C., 2024/01/31. Life, 14 (2). Peer-reviewed.
Accuracy and Reliability of Pelvimetry Measures Obtained by Manual or Automatic Labeling of Three-Dimensional Pelvic Models.
Hêches J., Marcadent S., Fernandez A., Adjahou S., Meuwly J.Y., Thiran J.P., Desseauve D., Favre J., 2024/01/25. Journal of clinical medicine, 13 (3). Peer-reviewed.
Assessment of fetal corpus callosum biometry by 3D super-resolution reconstructed T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging.
Lamon S., de Dumast P., Sanchez T., Dunet V., Pomar L., Vial Y., Koob M., Bach Cuadra M., 2024. Frontiers in neurology, 15 p. 1358741. Peer-reviewed.
Association between maternal and fetal inflammatory biomarkers and offspring weight and BMI during the first year of life in pregnancies with GDM: MySweetheart study.
Antoniou M.C., Quansah D.Y., Gilbert L., Arhab A., Schenk S., Lacroix A., Stuijfzand B., Horsch A., Puder J.J., 2024. Frontiers in endocrinology, 15 p. 1333755. Peer-reviewed.
Contribution of preoperative ultrasound-guided implantation of a magnetic seed for optimal localization and resection of vulvar angiosarcoma: A case report.
Chapellier P., Pache B., Haefliger L., Lelièvre L., Mathevet P., Hajri R., 2024/01. International journal of surgery case reports, 114 p. 109107. Peer-reviewed.
Effect of a prepartum and postpartum, complex interdisciplinary lifestyle and psychosocial intervention on metabolic and mental health outcomes in women with gestational diabetes mellitus (the MySweetheart trial): randomised, single centred, blinded, controlled trial.
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Patisiran exposure in early pregnancy: a case report.
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Ulcus Vulvae Acutum Lipschütz-UVAL: case series at a Swiss university hospital emergency room.
Guareschi V., Mathevet P., Jacot-Guillarmod M., 2024/01. Frontiers in reproductive health, 5 p. 1333620. Peer-reviewed.
Utero-ovarian transposition before pelvic radiation in a patient with rectal cancer: a case report and systemic literature review.
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Vitrification of human blastocysts for couples undergoing assisted reproduction: an updated review.
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Healthy Live Births after the Transfer of Mosaic Embryos: Self-Correction or PGT-A Overestimation?
Campos G., Sciorio R., Fleming S., 2023/12/21. Genes, 15 (1) p. 18. Peer-reviewed.
Syndrome de congestion pelvienne : du diagnostic au traitement [Pelvic congestion syndrome : from diagnosis to treatment]
Fresa M., Rieder W., Vial Y., Keller S., Porceddu E., Mazzolai L., 2023/12/06. Revue medicale suisse, 19 (853) pp. 2310-2315. Peer-reviewed.
Survival after sentinel lymph node biopsy for early cervical cancers: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
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How to differentiate PHACES syndrome from Blake's pouch cyst in first half of pregnancy.
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Postpartum haemorrhage in high-resource settings: Variations in clinical management and future research directions based on a comparative study of national guidelines.
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Prevalence, patterns, and determinants of multimorbidity among childhood and adult cancer survivors: A systematic review.
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Review of human oocyte cryopreservation in ART programs: Current challenges and opportunities.
Sciorio R., Pluchino N., Fuller B.J., 2023/12. Cryobiology, 113 p. 104590. Peer-reviewed.
Informing about childbirth without increasing anxiety: a qualitative study of first-time pregnant women and partners' perceptions and needs.
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Culture conditions in the IVF laboratory: state of the ART and possible new directions.
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Global variation in diabetes diagnosis and prevalence based on fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1c
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The fate of Afghan women's health amid COVID-19 and political uncertainty.
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The impact of femoral rotation on sacroiliac articulation during pregnancy. Is there evidence to support Farabeuf's hypothesis by finite element modelization?
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C-reactive protein during pregnancy and in the early postpartum predicts adverse metabolic health outcomes at 1 year postpartum in women with gestational diabetes
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What do mothers think about their antenatal classes? A mixed-method study in Switzerland.
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Bilan hématologique en cas de fausses couches précoces à répétition : quelles évidences ? [Hematological workup in cases of recurrent early miscarriages: what evidences?]
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Examen échographique du premier trimestre : au-delà de la clarté nucale [First trimester ultrasound: beyond nuchal translucency]
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Le consentement : libre, éclairé et explicite.
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Ureaplasma urealyticum, Ureaplasma parvum et Mycoplasma hominis: commensaux ou pathogènes? [Ureaplasma urealyticum, Ureaplasma parvum, and Mycoplasma hominis: commensals or pathogens?]
Stavart L., Baud D., Eyer M., 2023/10/11. Revue medicale suisse, 19 (845) pp. 1835-1839. Peer-reviewed.
Association of Axillary Dissection With Systemic Therapy in Patients With Clinically Node-Positive Breast Cancer.
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Causes and consequences of fever in Amazonian pregnant women: A large retrospective study from French Guiana.
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Exploring the effect of cryopreservation in assisted reproductive technology and potential epigenetic risk.
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Risk of congenital malformation after first trimester mRNA COVID-19 vaccine exposure in pregnancy: the COVI-PREG prospective cohort.
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The artificial uterus: on the way to ectogenesis.
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Exploring the Impact of Controlled Ovarian Stimulation and Non-Invasive Oocyte Assessment in ART Treatments.
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Predictors of Non-Sentinel Lymph Node Metastasis in Patients with Positive Sentinel Lymph Node in Early-Stage Cervical Cancer: A SENTICOL GROUP Study.
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Advanced Maternal Age Among Nulliparous at Term and Risk of Unscheduled Cesarean Delivery.
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Management of patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer: a European survey.
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Early noninvasive prenatal paternity testing by targeted fetal DNA analysis.
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Evolution of National Guidelines on Medicines Used to Treat COVID-19 in Pregnancy in 2020-2022: A Scoping Review.
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ESGO/ESTRO/ESP Guidelines for the management of patients with cervical cancer - Update 2023.
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Mpox Virus in Pregnancy, the Placenta, and Newborn.
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Safety and efficacy of a suction cervical stabilizer for intrauterine contraceptive device insertion: Results from a randomized, controlled study.
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'connEcted caesarean section': creating a virtual link between MOthers and their infanTs to ImprOve maternal childbirth experieNce - study protocol for a PILOT trial (e-motion-pilot).
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Incidence, causes, and risk factors of stillbirth in an Amazonian context: Saint Laurent du Maroni maternity ward 2016-2021.
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Postpartum cardiac arrest in a woman with an uncorrected sinus venosus type of atrial septal defect: A case report
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Impact du diabète gestationnel sur la mère et l’enfant : quelles stratégies proposer ? [The impact of gestational diabetes on the mother and her child: what strategies can we propose?]
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Sex differences in type 2 diabetes
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Pharmacological interventions for weight loss before conception-putative effects on subsequent gestational weight gain should be considered.
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Successful outcome of pregnancy post-allogeneic stem cell transplant despite severe RH1 alloimmunization: A case report.
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Tackling childbirth-related intrusive memories with a single-session behavioural intervention involving a visuospatial task: protocol for a single-blind, waitlist-controlled randomised trial
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Brain responses to food viewing in women during pregnancy and post partum and their relationship with metabolic health: study protocol for the FOODY Brain Study, a prospective observational study.
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