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1978 publications

J’ai envie de comprendre la mémoire et ses troubles
Grimaldi L, Démonet Jean-François, Brioschi Guevara Andrea.
The Inequality of Neural Destiny: Signatures of Life course Socioeconomic Conditions in Brain Myelination and Grey Matter Volume
Loued-Khenissi Leyla, Trofimova Olga, Vollenweider Peter, Marques-Vidal Pedro, Preisig Martin, Lutti Antoine, Kliegel Matthias, Sandi Carmen, Kherif Ferhat, Stringhini Silvia et al..
BET protein inhibition sensitizes glioblastoma cells to temozolomide treatment by attenuating MGMT expression
Tancredi Alessandro, Gusyatiner Olga, Bady Pierre, Buri Michelle, Lomazzi Rémy, Chiesi Davide, Messerer Mahmoud, Hegi Monika.
REM sleep is reduced in late middle-aged and older APOE4 allele carriers.
André C., Martineau-Dussault M.È., Baril A.A., Marchi N.A., Daneault V., Lorrain D., Hudon C., Bastien C.H., Petit D., Thompson C. et al. Sleep. Peer-reviewed.
Osteovascular Conflicts in the Neck Region and Cerebrovascular Events: Illustrative Cases and Literature Review.
Correia P.N., Meyer I.A., Michel P. Global spine journal. Peer-reviewed.
Functional hemispherotomy and variants for the treatment of epilepsy
cossu Giulia, daniel roy dans Neuroanatomy Guidance to Successful Neurosurgical Interventions: The Torch of Neurosurgical Excellence, Springer.
A digital bridge between brain and spinal cord restores walking after paralysis.
Courtine Grégoire, Bloch Jocelyne Nature. Peer-reviewed.
Parental status and markers of brain and cellular age: A 3D convolutional network and classification study.
de Lange A.G., Leonardsen E.H., Barth C., Schindler L.S., Crestol A., Holm M.C., Subramaniapillai S., Hill D., Alnæs D., Westlye L.T. Psychoneuroendocrinology. Peer-reviewed.
Outcomes of Bridging Intravenous Thrombolysis Versus Endovascular Therapy Alone in Late-Window Acute Ischemic Stroke.
Demeestere J., Qureshi M.M., Vandewalle L., Wouters A., Strbian D., Nogueira R.G., Nagel S., Yamagami H., Puetz V., Abdalkader M. et al. Stroke. Peer-reviewed.
Gene editing as a therapeutic strategy for spinocerebellar ataxia type-3.
Déglon N. Revue neurologique. Peer-reviewed.
Assessing the Performance of Artificial Intelligence Models: Insights from the American Society of Functional Neuroradiology Artificial Intelligence Competition.
Jiang B., Ozkara B.B., Zhu G., Boothroyd D., Allen J.W., Barboriak D.P., Chang P., Chan C., Chaudhari R., Chen H. et al. AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology. Peer-reviewed.
Antithrombotic Treatment for Cervical Artery Dissection: A Systematic Review and Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis.
Kaufmann J.E., Harshfield E.L., Gensicke H., Wegener S., Michel P., Kägi G., Nedeltchev K., Kellert L., Rosenbaum S., Nolte C.H. et al. JAMA neurology. Peer-reviewed.
Towards the quest of CNS-reactive antibodies in MS and autoimmune-mediated neurological syndromes using a new human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived based platform
Mathias A dans ECTRIMS. October 11-13. Milan- Italy.
Service delivery in acute ischemic stroke patients: Does sex matter?
Medlin F., Strambo D., Lambrou D., Caso V., Michel P. European journal of neurology. Peer-reviewed.
Normal pressure hydrocephalus and cognitive impairment: The gait phenotype matters too.
Morel E., Lingenberg A., Armand S., Assal F., Allali G. European journal of neurology. Peer-reviewed.
Random expert sampling for deep learning segmentation of acute ischemic stroke on non-contrast CT.
Ostmeier S., Axelrod B., Liu Y., Yu Y., Jiang B., Yuen N., Pulli B., Verhaaren BFJ, Kaka H., Wintermark M. et al. Journal of neurointerventional surgery. Peer-reviewed.
Letter to the Editor. CSF after decompressive craniectomy: lumbar or cisternal drainage?
Peters D.R., Tuleasca C., Giammattei L., Starnoni D., Daniel R.T. Journal of neurosurgery. Peer-reviewed.
Neuroprotective effects of lactate and ketone bodies in acute brain injury.
Plourde G., Roumes H., Suissa L., Hirt L., Doche É., Pellerin L., Bouzier-Sore A.K., Quintard H. Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism. Peer-reviewed.
Brain-Computer Interfaces for Communication in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness: A Gap Analysis and Scientific Roadmap.
Schiff N.D., Diringer M., Diserens K., Edlow B.L., Gosseries O., Hill N.J., Hochberg L.R., Ismail F.Y., Meyer I.A., Mikell C.B. et al. Neurocritical care. Peer-reviewed.
Incidence and outcome of perforations during medium vessel occlusion compared with large vessel occlusion thrombectomy.
Schulze-Zachau V., Brehm A., Ntoulias N., Krug N., Tsogkas I., Blackham K.A., Möhlenbruch M.A., Jesser J., Cervo A., Kreiser K. et al. Journal of neurointerventional surgery. Peer-reviewed.
Intracerebral haemorrhage in patients taking different types of oral anticoagulants: a pooled individual patient data analysis from two national stroke registries.
Siepen B.M., Forfang E., Branca M., Drop B., Mueller M., Goeldlin M.B., Katan M., Michel P., Cereda C., Medlin F. et al. Stroke and vascular neurology. Peer-reviewed.
Endovascular versus medical therapy in posterior cerebral artery stroke: role of baseline NIHSS and occlusion site.
Strambo D., Michel P., Nguyen T.N., Abdalkader M., Qureshi M.M., Strbian D., Herweh C., Möhlenbruch M.A., Räty S., Olivé-Gadea M. et al. Stroke. Peer-reviewed.
An immersive virtual reality tool for assessing left and right unilateral spatial neglect.
Thomasson M., Perez-Marcos D., Crottaz-Herbette S., Brenet F., Saj A., Bernati T., Serino A., Tadi T., Blanke O., Ronchi R. Journal of neuropsychology. Peer-reviewed.
Interplay between hippocampal TACR3 and systemic testosterone in regulating anxiety-associated synaptic plasticity.
Wojtas M.N., Diaz-González M., Stavtseva N., Shoam Y., Verma P., Buberman A., Izhak I., Geva A., Basch R., Ouro A. et al. Molecular psychiatry. Peer-reviewed.
Rescue of myocytes and locomotion through AAV2/9-2YF intracisternal gene therapy in a rat model of creatine transporter deficiency.
Fernandes-Pires G., Azevedo M.D., Lanzillo M., Roux-Petronelli C., Binz P.A., Cudalbu C., Sandi C., Tenenbaum L., Braissant O., 2024/06/13. Molecular therapy. Methods & clinical development, 32 (2) p. 101251. Peer-reviewed.
Comparison of atrial septal defect and patent foramen ovale in cryptogenic strokes
Delabays Constant, Correia Pamela, Eeckhout Eric, Delabays Alain, Michel Patrik, 2024/06. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, 33 (6) p. 107664. Peer-reviewed.
Noncontrast CT Selected Thrombectomy vs Medical Management for Late-Window Anterior Large Vessel Occlusion.
Nguyen T.N., Nogueira R.G., Qureshi M.M., Nagel S., Raymond J., Abdalkader M., Demeestere J., Marto J.P., Sheth S.A., Puetz V. et al., 2024/05/28. Neurology, 102 (10) pp. e209324. Peer-reviewed.
Patent Foramen Ovale Closure in Older Patients With Stroke: Patient Selection for Trial Feasibility.
Wang A.Y., Rothwell P.M., Nelson J., Saver J.L., Kasner S.E., Carroll J., Mas J.L., Derumeaux G., Chatellier G., Furlan A.J. et al., 2024/05/28. Neurology, 102 (10) pp. e209388. Peer-reviewed.
Diabetes mellitus in older persons with neurocognitive disorder: overtreatment prevalence and associated structural brain MRI findings.
Putallaz P., Seematter-Bagnoud L., Draganski B., Rouaud O., Krief H., Büla C.J., 2024/05/14. BMC geriatrics, 24 (1) p. 427. Peer-reviewed.
Herpes simplex encephalitis due to a mutation in an E3 ubiquitin ligase.
Bibert S., Quinodoz M., Perriot S., Krebs F.S., Jan M., Malta R.C., Collinet E., Canales M., Mathias A., Faignart N. et al., 2024/05/10. Nature communications, 15 (1) p. 3969. Peer-reviewed.
Hypnosis-Assisted Awake Craniotomy for Eloquent Brain Tumors: Advantages and Pitfalls.
Cossu G., Vandenbulcke A., Zaccarini S., Gaudet J.G., Hottinger A.F., Rimorini N., Potie A., Beaud V., Guerra-Lopez U., Daniel R.T. et al., 2024/05/05. Cancers, 16 (9). Peer-reviewed.
Advancing the neuroscience of human pregnancy.
Martínez-García M., Jacobs E.G., de Lange A.G., Carmona S., 2024/05. Nature neuroscience, 27 (5) pp. 805-807. Peer-reviewed.
Effects of physiotherapy and home-based training in parkinsonian syndromes: protocol for a randomised controlled trial (MobilityAPP).
Raccagni C., Sidoroff V., Paraschiv-Ionescu A., Roth N., Schönherr G., Eskofier B., Gassner H., Kluge F., Teatini F., Seppi K. et al., 2024/05/01. BMJ open, 14 (5) pp. e081317. Peer-reviewed.
Exploring virtual reality object perception following sensory-motor interactions with different visuo-haptic collider properties.
Girondini M., Montanaro M., Gallace A., 2024/05/01. Scientific reports, 14 (1) p. 10011. Peer-reviewed.
Genetic and Clinical Correlates of AI-Based Brain Aging Patterns in Cognitively Unimpaired Individuals.
Skampardoni I., Nasrallah I.M., Abdulkadir A., Wen J., Melhem R., Mamourian E., Erus G., Doshi J., Singh A., Yang Z. et al., 2024/05/01. JAMA psychiatry, 81 (5) pp. 456-467. Peer-reviewed.
Grading system for assessing the confidence in the epileptogenic zone reported in published studies: A Delphi consensus study.
Ryvlin P., Barba C., Bartolomei F., Baumgartner C., Brazdil M., Fabo D., Fahoum F., Frauscher B., Ikeda A., Lhatoo S. et al., 2024/05. Epilepsia, 65 (5) pp. 1346-1359. Peer-reviewed.
Moving From CT to MRI Paradigm in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Feasibility, Effects on Stroke Diagnosis and Long-Term Outcomes.
Rapillo C.M., Dunet V., Pistocchi S., Salerno A., Darioli V., Bartolini B., Hajdu S.D., Michel P., Strambo D., 2024/05. Stroke, 55 (5) pp. 1329-1338. Peer-reviewed.
Toward Individual Treatment in Cervical Artery Dissection: Subgroup Analysis of the TREAT-CAD Randomized Trial.
Kaufmann J.E., Gensicke H., Schaedelin S., Luft A.R., Goeggel-Simonetti B., Fischer U., Michel P., Strambo D., Kägi G., Vehoff J. et al., 2024/05. Annals of neurology, 95 (5) pp. 886-897. Peer-reviewed.
Long-Term Results of Stereotactic Radiotherapy in Patients with at Least 10 Brain Metastases at Diagnosis.
Kinj R., Hottinger A.F., Böhlen T.T., Ozsahin M., Vallet V., Dunet V., Bouchaab H., Peters S., Tuleasca C., Bourhis J. et al., 2024/04/29. Cancers, 16 (9). Peer-reviewed.
Le défi diagnostique des encéphalites auto-immunes [The diagnostic challenge of autoimmune encephalitis]
Di Liberto G., Uginet M., Lalive P.H., Du Pasquier R., 2024/04/24. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (871) pp. 822-827. Peer-reviewed.
Maladie du spectre des anticorps anti-MOG [Anti-MOG associated disease]
Lerusse J., Uginet M., Théaudin M., Bernard-Valnet R., Pot C., Lalive P.H., 2024/04/24. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (871) pp. 828-832. Peer-reviewed.
Maladies neuroimmunologiques : traiter vite et taper fort.
Lalive P.H., Du Pasquier R., 2024/04/24. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (871) pp. 819-820. Peer-reviewed.
Myasthénie grave : nouvelles thérapies immunosuppressives [Novel immunomodulatory therapies in myasthenia gravis]
Sukockiené E., Théaudin M., Loser V., Staedler K., Lalive P.H., Lascano A.M., 2024/04/24. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (871) pp. 848-851. Peer-reviewed.
Prise en charge de la polyradiculoneuropathie inflammatoire démyélinisante chronique [Management of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy]
Loser V., Staedler K., Sukockiené E., Uginet M., Du Pasquier R., Lalive P.H., Théaudin M., 2024/04/24. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (871) pp. 833-836. Peer-reviewed.
The Neurobiology of Life Course Socioeconomic Conditions and Associated Cognitive Performance in Middle to Late Adulthood.
Schrempft S., Trofimova O., Künzi M., Ramponi C., Lutti A., Kherif F., Latypova A., Vollenweider P., Marques-Vidal P., Preisig M. et al., 2024/04/24. The Journal of neuroscience, 44 (17). Peer-reviewed.
Traitements de la sclérose en plaques : mise à jour [Treatments for multiple sclerosis: update]
Uginet M., Lefeuvre L., Lerusse J., Pot C., Du Pasquier R., Lalive P.H., 2024/04/24. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (871) pp. 837-842. Peer-reviewed.
Traitements de la sclérose en plaques : quand les arrêter ? [Discontinuing disease-modifying therapies in multiple sclerosis]
Bernard-Valnet R., Lalive P.H., Bréville G., Théaudin M., Pot C., Du Pasquier R., 2024/04/24. Revue medicale suisse, 20 (871) pp. 843-847. Peer-reviewed.
Longitudinal microstructural changes in 18 amygdala nuclei resonate with cortical circuits and phenomics.
Ghanem K., Saltoun K., Suvrathan A., Draganski B., Bzdok D., 2024/04/18. Communications biology, 7 (1) p. 477. Peer-reviewed.
An evolutionary timeline of the oxytocin signaling pathway.
Sartorius A.M., Rokicki J., Birkeland S., Bettella F., Barth C., de Lange A.G., Haram M., Shadrin A., Winterton A., Steen N.E. et al., 2024/04/17. Communications biology, 7 (1) p. 471. Peer-reviewed.
Menopausal hormone therapy and the female brain: leveraging neuroimaging and prescription registry data from the UK Biobank cohort
Barth Claudia, Galea Liisa A.M., Jacobs Emily G., Lee Bonnie H., Westlye Lars T., de Lange Ann-Marie G., 2024/04/12..
Author Correction: Using rare genetic mutations to revisit structural brain asymmetry.
Kopal J., Kumar K., Shafighi K., Saltoun K., Modenato C., Moreau C.A., Huguet G., Jean-Louis M., Martin C.O., Saci Z. et al., 2024/04/10. Nature communications, 15 (1) p. 3098. Peer-reviewed.
A Clinical and Imaging Fused Deep Learning Model Matches Expert Clinician Prediction of 90-Day Stroke Outcomes.
Liu Y., Shah P., Yu Y., Horsey J., Ouyang J., Jiang B., Yang G., Heit J.J., McCullough-Hicks M.E., Hugdal S.M. et al., 2024/04/08. AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology, 45 (4) pp. 406-411. Peer-reviewed.
Acute ischaemic stroke in active cancer versus non-cancer patients: stroke characteristics, mechanisms and clinical outcomes.
Costamagna G., Hottinger A.F., Milionis H., Salerno A., Strambo D., Livio F., Navi B.B., Michel P., 2024/04. European journal of neurology, 31 (4) pp. e16200. Peer-reviewed.
Ambulatory seizure detection.
Bernini A., Dan J., Ryvlin P., 2024/04/01. Current opinion in neurology, 37 (2) pp. 99-104. Peer-reviewed.
Editorial: Epilepsy advances in 2023.
Ryvlin P., 2024/04/01. Current opinion in neurology, 37 (2) pp. 97-98. Peer-reviewed.
High-dose glucocorticoids in COVID-19 patients with acute encephalopathy: clinical and imaging findings in a retrospective cohort study.
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Immune checkpoint inhibitor-related myositis and myocarditis: diagnostic pitfalls and imaging contribution in a real-world, institutional case series.
Vicino A., Hottinger A.F., Latifyan S., Boughdad S., Becce F., Prior J.O., Kuntzer T., Brouland J.P., Dunet V., Obeid M. et al., 2024/04. Journal of neurology, 271 (4) pp. 1947-1958. Peer-reviewed.
Ischemic Stroke in Cancer: Mechanisms, Biomarkers, and Implications for Treatment.
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Recent advances in clinical electroencephalography.
Frauscher B., Rossetti A.O., Beniczky S., 2024/04/01. Current opinion in neurology, 37 (2) pp. 134-140. Peer-reviewed.
Residual Partial Least Squares Learning: Brain Cortical Thickness Simultaneously Predicts Eight Non-pairwise-correlated Behavioural and Disease Outcomes in Alzheimer's Disease.
Chén O.Y., Vũ D.T., Diaz C.S., Bodelet J.S., Phan H., Allali G., Nguyen V.D., Cao H., He X., Müller Y. et al., 2024/03/27..
Associations between antipsychotics-induced weight gain and brain networks of impulsivity.
Grosu C., Klauser P., Dwir D., Khadimallah I., Alemán-Gómez Y., Laaboub N., Piras M., Fournier M., Preisig M., Conus P. et al., 2024/03/26. Translational psychiatry, 14 (1) p. 162. Peer-reviewed.
Using rare genetic mutations to revisit structural brain asymmetry.
Kopal J., Kumar K., Shafighi K., Saltoun K., Modenato C., Moreau C.A., Huguet G., Jean-Louis M., Martin C.O., Saci Z. et al., 2024/03/26. Nature communications, 15 (1) p. 2639. Peer-reviewed.
Decoupling the role of verbal and non-verbal audience behavior on public speaking anxiety in virtual reality using behavioral and psychological measures
Girondini Matteo, Frigione Ivana, Marra Mariapia, Stefanova Milena, Pillan Margherita, Maravita Angelo, Gallace Alberto, 2024/03/19. Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 5.
Diffuse and acute pain syndrome in a 60-year-old woman.
Baumgartner T., Théaudin M., Loser V., 2024/03/19. Practical neurology, 24 (2) pp. 169-172. Peer-reviewed.
Botulinum Toxin for Pain Relief in Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials.
Lippi L., de Sire A., Turco A., Ferrillo M., Kesikburun S., Baricich A., Carda S., Invernizzi M., 2024/03/15. Toxins, 16 (3). Peer-reviewed.
Glioblastoma in the oldest old: Clinical characteristics, therapy, and outcome in patients aged 80 years and older
Stadler Christina, Gramatzki Dorothee, Le Rhun Emilie, Hottinger Andreas F, Hundsberger Thomas, Roelcke Ulrich, Läubli Heinz, Hofer Silvia, Seystahl Katharina, Wirsching Hans-Georg et al., 2024/03/15. Neuro-Oncology Practice, 11 (2) pp. 132-141.
Lateral medullary vascular compression manifesting as paroxysmal hypertension.
Giammattei L., Wuerzner G., Theiler K., Vollenweider P., Dunet V., Al Barajraji M., Squair J.W., Bloch J., Daniel R.T., 2024/03/15. Acta neurochirurgica, 166 (1) p. 139. Peer-reviewed.
Closing the scissor-shaped curve: Strategies to promote gender equality in academia.
Joyce J.A., Masina S., Michalik L., Pot C., Sempoux C., Amati F., 2024/03/14. Cell, 187 (6) pp. 1335-1342. Peer-reviewed.
Alzheimer's disease marker phospho-tau181 is not elevated in the first year after moderate-to-severe TBI.
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Cisternal nicardipine for prevention of delayed cerebral ischemia in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: a comparative retrospective cohort study.
Vandenbulcke A., Messerer M., Garvayo Navarro M., Peters D.R., Starnoni D., Giammattei L., Ben-Hamouda N., Puccinelli F., Saliou G., Cossu G. et al., 2024/03/12. Acta neurochirurgica, 166 (1) p. 133. Peer-reviewed.
Interrogation of endothelial and mural cells in brain metastasis reveals key immune-regulatory mechanisms.
Bejarano L., Kauzlaric A., Lamprou E., Lourenco J., Fournier N., Ballabio M., Colotti R., Maas R., Galland S., Massara M. et al., 2024/03/11. Cancer cell, 42 (3) pp. 378-395.e10. Peer-reviewed.
Successful Thrombectomy of the Posterior Cerebral Artery P2 Segment in a 61-Year-Old Man with Acute Ischaemic Stroke: A Case Report.
Palazzo P., Piechowiak E.I., Heldner M.R., 2024/03/05. The American journal of case reports, 25 pp. e941441. Peer-reviewed.
Management of sporadic intracanalicular vestibular schwannomas: A critical review and International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society (ISRS) practice guidelines.
Balossier A., Sahgal A., Kotecha R., Fariselli L., Gorgulho A., Levivier M., Ma L., Paddick I., Pollock B.E., Sheehan J.P. et al., 2024/03/04. Neuro-oncology, 26 (3) pp. 429-443. Peer-reviewed.
Anterior Petrosectomy With Intertentorial Approach.
Starnoni D., Peters D., Giammattei L., Fava A., Cadas H., Schranz S., Sabatasso S., Messerer M., Daniel R.T., 2024/03/01. Operative neurosurgery, 26 (3) pp. 301-308. Peer-reviewed.
Cell-binding IgM in CSF is distinctive of multiple sclerosis and targets the iron transporter SCARA5.
Callegari I., Oechtering J., Schneider M., Perriot S., Mathias A., Voortman M.M., Cagol A., Lanner U., Diebold M., Holdermann S. et al., 2024/03/01. Brain, 147 (3) pp. 839-848. Peer-reviewed.
Complement Activation Is Associated With Disease Severity in Multiple Sclerosis.
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COVID-19 outcomes in patients with multiple sclerosis: Understanding changes from 2020 to 2022.
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Endovascular Treatment for Acute Isolated Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion : A Propensity Score Matched Multicenter Study.
Kaiser DPO, Reiff T., Mansmann U., Schoene D., Strambo D., Michel P., Abdalkader M., Nguyen T.N., Gawlitza M., Möhlenbruch M.A. et al., 2024/03. Clinical neuroradiology, 34 (1) pp. 125-133. Peer-reviewed.
Focal electroclinical features in generalized tonic-clonic seizures: Decision flowchart for a diagnostic challenge.
Vlachou M., Ryvlin P., Armand Larsen S., Beniczky S., 2024/03. Epilepsia, 65 (3) pp. 725-738. Peer-reviewed.
Magnetic resonance imaging for diagnostic workup of embolic stroke of undetermined source: A systematic review.
Khenkina N., Aimo A., Fabiani I., Masci P.G., Sagris D., Williams S.E., Mavraganis G., Chen H.S., Wintermark M., Michel P. et al., 2024/03. International journal of stroke, 19 (3) pp. 293-304. Peer-reviewed.
Recommendations for a Better Understanding of Sex and Gender in the Neuroscience of Mental Health.
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Successful autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in a refractory anti-Caspr1 antibody nodopathy.
Afanasiev V., Tsouni P., Kuntzer T., Cairoli A., Delmont E., Vallat J.M., Devaux J., Théaudin M., 2024/03. Journal of the peripheral nervous system, 29 (1) pp. 116-119. Peer-reviewed.
The paired-pulse TMS paradigm of short intracortical inhibition is mediated by a reduction of repetitive motor neuron discharges.
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Cardio-audio synchronization elicits neural and cardiac surprise responses in human wakefulness and sleep.
Pelentritou A., Pfeiffer C., Schwartz S., De Lucia M., 2024/02/23. Communications biology, 7 (1) p. 226. Peer-reviewed.
The Integration of 3D Virtual Reality and 3D Printing Technology as Innovative Approaches to Preoperative Planning in Neuro-Oncology.
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Minimizing artifact-induced false-alarms for seizure detection in wearable EEG devices with gradient-boosted tree classifiers.
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Brain asymmetries from mid- to late life and hemispheric brain age.
Korbmacher M., van der Meer D., Beck D., de Lange A.G., Eikefjord E., Lundervold A., Andreassen O.A., Westlye L.T., Maximov I.I., 2024/02/01. Nature communications, 15 (1) p. 956. Peer-reviewed.
Combining general and personal models for epilepsy detection with hyperdimensional computing.
Pale U., Teijeiro T., Rheims S., Ryvlin P., Atienza D., 2024/02. Artificial intelligence in medicine, 148 p. 102754. Peer-reviewed.
Deep Brain Stimulation Improves Parkinson's Disease-Associated Pain by Decreasing Spinal Nociception.
Mylius V., Baars J.H., Witt K., Benninger D., de Andrade D.C., Kägi G., Bally J.F., Brugger F., 2024/02. Movement disorders, 39 (2) pp. 447-449. Peer-reviewed.
False Negative 99mTc-DPD Scintigraphy in pVal50Met (Val30Met) Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis.
Redzepi B., Kamani C.H., Maurizi N., Théaudin M., Prior J., Monney P., 2024/02. CJC open, 6 (2Part A) pp. 118-121. Peer-reviewed.
Investigating the synergistic effects of hormone replacement therapy, apolipoprotein E and age on brain health in the UK Biobank.
Ambikairajah A., Khondoker M., Morris E., de Lange A.G., Saleh RNM, Minihane A.M., Hornberger M., 2024/02/01. Human brain mapping, 45 (2) pp. e26612. Peer-reviewed.
Learn how to interpret and use intracranial EEG findings.
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