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µLAS: Sizing of expanded trinucleotide repeats with femtomolar sensitivity in less than 5 minutes.
Malbec R., Chami B., Aeschbach L., Ruiz Buendía G.A., Socol M., Joseph P., Leïchlé T., Trofimenko E., Bancaud A., Dion V., 2019/01/10. Scientific reports, 9 (1) p. 23. Peer-reviewed.
Minimizing carry-over PCR contamination in expanded CAG/CTG repeat instability applications.
Aeschbach L., Dion V., 2017/12/21. Scientific reports, 7 (1) p. 18026. Peer-reviewed.
Contracting CAG/CTG repeats using the CRISPR-Cas9 nickase
Cinesi Cinzia, Aeschbach Lorène, Yang Bin, Dion Vincent, 2016. Nature Communications, 7 p. 13272. Peer-reviewed.
Regulation of recombination at yeast nuclear pores controls repair and triplet repeat stability.
Su X.A., Dion V., Gasser S.M., Freudenreich C.H., 2015. Genes and Development, 29 (10) pp. 1006-1017.
Visualizing the spatiotemporal dynamics of DNA damage in budding yeast.
Horigome C., Dion V., Seeber A., Gehlen L.R., Gasser S.M., 2015. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1292 pp. 77-96. Peer-reviewed.
Remodelers move chromatin in response to DNA damage.
Seeber A., Dion V., Gasser S.M., 2014. Cell Cycle, 13 (6) pp. 877-878.
Tissue specificity in DNA repair: lessons from trinucleotide repeat instability.
Dion V., 2014. Trends in Genetics, 30 (6) pp. 220-229.
How Broken DNA Finds Its Template for Repair: A Computational Approach
Gehlen Lutz R., Gasser Susan M., Dion Vincent, 2011. Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement, 191 pp. 20-29.
Regulation of nuclear positioning and dynamics of the silent mating type loci by the yeast Ku70/Ku80 complex.
Bystricky K., Van Attikum H., Montiel M.D., Dion V., Gehlen L., Gasser S.M., 2009. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 29 (3) pp. 835-848.
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