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PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR 7 is important for early responses to elevated temperature in Arabidopsis seedlings.
Fiorucci A.S., Galvão V.C., Ince Y.Ç., Boccaccini A., Goyal A., Allenbach Petrolati L., Trevisan M., Fankhauser C. The New phytologist. Peer-reviewed.
Dairy consumption is associated with lower plasma dihydroceramides in women from the D.E.S.I.R. cohort.
Fumeron F., Nicolas A., Bastard J.P., Fellahi S., Wigger L., Ibberson M., Cruciani-Guglielmacci C., Le Stunff H., Velho G., Magnan C. et al. Diabetes & metabolism. Peer-reviewed.
Sleep-wake-driven and circadian contributions to daily rhythms in gene expression and chromatin accessibility in the murine cortex.
Hor C.N., Yeung J., Jan M., Emmenegger Y., Hubbard J., Xenarios I., Naef F., Franken P. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Peer-reviewed.
Functional integration of "undead" neurons in the olfactory system
Prieto-Godino L.L., Silbering A.F., Khallaf M.A., Cruchet S., Bojkowska K., Pradervand S., Hansson B.S., Knaden M., Benton R. Science Advances.
tRNA 2'-O-methylation by a duo of TRM7/FTSJ1 proteins modulates small RNA silencing in Drosophila.
Angelova M.T., Dimitrova D.G., Da Silva B., Marchand V., Jacquier C., Achour C., Brazane M., Goyenvalle C., Bourguignon-Igel V., Shehzada S. et al., 2020/01/16. Nucleic acids research. Peer-reviewed.
A partial genome assembly of the miniature parasitoid wasp, Megaphragma amalphitanum
Sharko Fedor S., Nedoluzhko Artem V., Lê Brandon M., Tsygankova Svetlana V., Boulygina Eugenia S., Rastorguev Sergey M., Sokolov Alexey S., Rodriguez Fernando, Mazur Alexander M., Polilov Alexey A. et al., 2019/12/23. PLOS ONE, 14 (12) pp. e0226485.
Mate discrimination among subspecies through a conserved olfactory pathway
Khallaf M.A., Auer T.O., Grabe V., Depetris-Chauvin A., Ammagarahalli B., Zhang D.-D., Lavista-Llanos S., Kaftan F., Weissflog J., Matzkin L.L. et al., 2019/11/25. bioRxiv.
Molecular mechanisms underlying phytochrome-controlled morphogenesis in plants.
Legris M., Ince Y.Ç., Fankhauser C., 2019/11/19. Nature communications, 10 (1) p. 5219. Peer-reviewed.
Enhanced emotional memory retrieval by chemogenetic activation of locus coeruleus norepinephrine neurons
Fukabori R., Iguchi Y., Takahashi K., Eifuku S., Tsuji S., Hazama A., Uchigashima M., Watanabe M., Mizuma H., Cui Y. et al., 2019/11/05. bioRxiv.
A multi-omics digital research object for the genetics of sleep regulation.
Jan M., Gobet N., Diessler S., Franken P., Xenarios I., 2019/10/31. Scientific data, 6 (1) p. 258. Peer-reviewed.
The RNA-binding ubiquitin ligase MKRN1 functions in ribosome-associated quality control of poly(A) translation.
Hildebrandt A., Brüggemann M., Rücklé C., Boerner S., Heidelberger J.B., Busch A., Hänel H., Voigt A., Möckel M.M., Ebersberger S. et al., 2019/10/22. Genome biology, 20 (1) p. 216. Peer-reviewed.
CDK4 Regulates Lysosomal Function and mTORC1 Activation to Promote Cancer Cell Survival
Martínez-Carreres Laia, Puyal Julien, Leal-Esteban Lucía C., Orpinell Meritxell, Castillo-Armengol Judit, Giralt Albert, Dergai Oleksandr, Moret Catherine, Barquissau Valentin, Nasrallah Anita et al., 2019/10/15. Cancer Research, 79 (20) pp. 5245-5259.
Advances and Applications in the Quest for Orthologs.
Glover N., Dessimoz C., Ebersberger I., Forslund S.K., Gabaldón T., Huerta-Cepas J., Martin M.J., Muffato M., Patricio M., Pereira C. et al., 2019/10/01. Molecular biology and evolution, 36 (10) pp. 2157-2164. Peer-reviewed.
Tanycytes Regulate Lipid Homeostasis by Sensing Free Fatty Acids and Signaling to Key Hypothalamic Neuronal Populations via FGF21 Secretion.
Geller S., Arribat Y., Netzahualcoyotzi C., Lagarrigue S., Carneiro L., Zhang L., Amati F., Lopez-Mejia I.C., Pellerin L., 2019/10/01. Cell metabolism, 30 (4) pp. 833-844.e7. Peer-reviewed.
The Role of Insulation in Patterning Gene Expression.
Özdemir I., Gambetta M.C., 2019/09/28. Genes, 10 (10). Peer-reviewed.
PIF transcription factors link a neighbor threat cue to accelerated reproduction in Arabidopsis.
Galvāo V.C., Fiorucci A.S., Trevisan M., Franco-Zorilla J.M., Goyal A., Schmid-Siegert E., Solano R., Fankhauser C., 2019/09/05. Nature communications, 10 (1) p. 4005. Peer-reviewed.
Glucose transporter 2 mediates the hypoglycemia-induced increase in cerebral blood flow.
Lei H., Preitner F., Labouèbe G., Gruetter R., Thorens B., 2019/09. Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism, 39 (9) pp. 1725-1736. Peer-reviewed.
The PPAR-microbiota-metabolic organ trilogy to fine-tune physiology.
Oh HYP, Visvalingam V., Wahli W., 2019/09. FASEB journal, 33 (9) pp. 9706-9730. Peer-reviewed.
Use of preclinical models to identify markers of type 2 diabetes susceptibility and novel regulators of insulin secretion - A step towards precision medicine.
Thorens B., Rodriguez A., Cruciani-Guglielmacci C., Wigger L., Ibberson M., Magnan C., 2019/09. Molecular metabolism, 27S pp. S147-S154. Peer-reviewed.
Closing the DNA replication cycle: from simple circular molecules to supercoiled and knotted DNA catenanes.
Schvartzman J.B., Hernández P., Krimer D.B., Dorier J., Stasiak A., 2019/08/22. Nucleic acids research, 47 (14) pp. 7182-7198. Peer-reviewed.
Oral transfer of chemical cues, growth proteins and hormones in social insects
LeBoeuf Adria C, Waridel Patrice, Brent Colin S, Goncalves Andre N, Menin Laure, Ortiz Daniel, Riba-Grognuz Oksana, Koto Akiko, Soares Zamira G, Privman Eyal et al., 2019/08/19. eLife, 8.
Fostering improved human islet research: a European perspective.
Marchetti P., Schulte A.M., Marselli L., Schoniger E., Bugliani M., Kramer W., Overbergh L., Ullrich S., Gloyn A.L., Ibberson M. et al., 2019/08. Diabetologia, 62 (8) pp. 1514-1516. Peer-reviewed.
Genome-wide association study identifies eight risk loci and implicates metabo-psychiatric origins for anorexia nervosa.
Watson H.J., Yilmaz Z., Thornton L.M., Hübel C., Coleman JRI, Gaspar H.A., Bryois J., Hinney A., Leppä V.M., Mattheisen M. et al., 2019/08. Nature genetics, 51 (8) pp. 1207-1214. Peer-reviewed.
Large-scale neuroanatomical study uncovers 198 gene associations in mouse brain morphogenesis.
Collins S.C., Mikhaleva A., Vrcelj K., Vancollie V.E., Wagner C., Demeure N., Whitley H., Kannan M., Balz R., Anthony LFE et al., 2019/08/01. Nature communications, 10 (1) p. 3465. Peer-reviewed.
Mendelian randomization integrating GWAS and eQTL data reveals genetic determinants of complex and clinical traits.
Porcu E., Rüeger S., Lepik K., eQTLGen Consortium, BIOS Consortium, Santoni F.A., Reymond A., Kutalik Z., 2019/07/24. Nature communications, 10 (1) p. 3300. Peer-reviewed.
The gut microbiota influences skeletal muscle mass and function in mice
Lahiri Shawon, Kim Hyejin, Garcia-Perez Isabel, Reza Musarrat Maisha, Martin Katherine A., Kundu Parag, Cox Laura M., Selkrig Joel, Posma Joram M., Zhang Hongbo et al., 2019/07/24. Science translational medicine, 11 (502) pp. eaan5662. Peer-reviewed.
iHam and pyHam: visualizing and processing hierarchical orthologous groups.
Train C.M., Pignatelli M., Altenhoff A., Dessimoz C., 2019/07/15. Bioinformatics, 35 (14) pp. 2504-2506. Peer-reviewed.
Dynactin1 depletion leads to neuromuscular synapse instability and functional abnormalities.
Bercier V., Hubbard J.M., Fidelin K., Duroure K., Auer T.O., Revenu C., Wyart C., Del Bene F., 2019/07/10. Molecular neurodegeneration, 14 (1) p. 27. Peer-reviewed.
Developmental dynamics of lncRNAs across mammalian organs and species.
Sarropoulos I., Marin R., Cardoso-Moreira M., Kaessmann H., 2019/07. Nature, 571 (7766) pp. 510-514. Peer-reviewed.
Gene expression across mammalian organ development.
Cardoso-Moreira M., Halbert J., Valloton D., Velten B., Chen C., Shao Y., Liechti A., Ascenção K., Rummel C., Ovchinnikova S. et al., 2019/07. Nature, 571 (7766) pp. 505-509. Peer-reviewed.
OMA standalone: orthology inference among public and custom genomes and transcriptomes.
Altenhoff A.M., Levy J., Zarowiecki M., Tomiczek B., Warwick Vesztrocy A., Dalquen D.A., Müller S., Telford M.J., Glover N.M., Dylus D. et al., 2019/07. Genome research, 29 (7) pp. 1152-1163. Peer-reviewed.
HCF-2 inhibits cell proliferation and activates differentiation-gene expression programs.
Gudkova D., Dergai O., Praz V., Herr W., 2019/06/20. Nucleic acids research, 47 (11) pp. 5792-5808. Peer-reviewed.
In Silico Transcriptomic Analysis of Wound-Healing-Associated Genes in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma.
Rouka E., Beltsios E., Goundaroulis D., Vavougios G.D., Solenov E.I., Hatzoglou C., Gourgoulianis K.I., Zarogiannis S.G., 2019/06/12. Medicina, 55 (6). Peer-reviewed.
Charting DENR-dependent translation reinitiation uncovers predictive uORF features and links to circadian timekeeping via Clock.
Castelo-Szekely V., De Matos M., Tusup M., Pascolo S., Ule J., Gatfield D., 2019/06/04. Nucleic acids research, 47 (10) pp. 5193-5209. Peer-reviewed.
The selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha modulator (SPPARMα) paradigm: conceptual framework and therapeutic potential : A consensus statement from the International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS) and the Residual Risk Reduction Initiative (R3i) Foundation.
Fruchart J.C., Santos R.D., Aguilar-Salinas C., Aikawa M., Al Rasadi K., Amarenco P., Barter P.J., Ceska R., Corsini A., Després J.P. et al., 2019/06/04. Cardiovascular Diabetology, 18 (1) p. 71. Peer-reviewed.
Mitigating Anticipated Effects of Systematic Errors Supports Sister-Group Relationship between Xenacoelomorpha and Ambulacraria.
Philippe H., Poustka A.J., Chiodin M., Hoff K.J., Dessimoz C., Tomiczek B., Schiffer P.H., Müller S., Domman D., Horn M. et al., 2019/06/03. Current Biology, 29 (11) pp. 1818-1826.e6. Peer-reviewed.
Cortical and Commissural Defects Upon HCF-1 Loss in Nkx2.1-Derived Embryonic Neurons and Glia.
Minocha S., Herr W., 2019/06. Developmental neurobiology, 79 (6) pp. 578-595. Peer-reviewed.
How to Recruit the Correct RNA Polymerase? Lessons from snRNA Genes.
Dergai O., Hernandez N., 2019/06. Trends in Genetics, 35 (6) pp. 457-469. Peer-reviewed.
Kleine-Levin syndrome is associated with LMOD3 variants.
Al Shareef S.M., Basit S., Li S., Pfister C., Pradervand S., Lecendreux M., Mayer G., Dauvilliers Y., Salpietro V., Houlden H. et al., 2019/06. Journal of sleep research, 28 (3) pp. e12718. Peer-reviewed.
Laser capture microdissection of human pancreatic islets reveals novel eQTLs associated with type 2 diabetes.
Khamis A., Canouil M., Siddiq A., Crouch H., Falchi M., Bulow M.V., Ehehalt F., Marselli L., Distler M., Richter D. et al., 2019/06. Molecular Metabolism, 24 pp. 98-107. Peer-reviewed.
Systemic PPARγ deletion in mice provokes lipoatrophy, organomegaly, severe type 2 diabetes and metabolic inflexibility.
Gilardi F., Winkler C., Quignodon L., Diserens J.G., Toffoli B., Schiffrin M., Sardella C., Preitner F., Desvergne B., 2019/06. Metabolism, 95 pp. 8-20. Peer-reviewed.
Design of in vitro Transcribed mRNA Vectors for Research and Therapy.
Tusup M., French L.E., De Matos M., Gatfield D., Kundig T., Pascolo S., 2019/05/29. Chimia, 73 (6) pp. 391-394. Peer-reviewed.
Arabidopsis S2Lb links AtCOMPASS-like and SDG2 activity in H3K4me3 independently from histone H2B monoubiquitination.
Fiorucci A.S., Bourbousse C., Concia L., Rougée M., Deton-Cabanillas A.F., Zabulon G., Layat E., Latrasse D., Kim S.K., Chaumont N. et al., 2019/05/21. Genome biology, 20 (1) p. 100. Peer-reviewed.
Correction for Minocha et al., "Rapid Recapitulation of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis upon Loss of Host Cell Factor 1 Function in Mouse Hepatocytes".
Minocha S., Villeneuve D., Praz V., Moret C., Lopes M., Pinatel D., Rib L., Guex N., Herr W., 2019/05/15. Molecular and cellular biology, 39 (10). Peer-reviewed.
From Normal to Obesity and Back: The Associations between Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number, Gender, and Body Mass Index.
Skuratovskaia D., Litvinova L., Vulf M., Zatolokin P., Popadin K., Mazunin I., 2019/05/09. Cells, 8 (5). Peer-reviewed.
ImtRDB: a database and software for mitochondrial imperfect interspersed repeats annotation.
Shamanskiy V.A., Timonina V.N., Popadin K.Y., Gunbin K.V., 2019/05/08. BMC genomics, 20 (Suppl 3) p. 295. Peer-reviewed.
Chromatin three-dimensional interactions mediate genetic effects on gene expression.
Delaneau O., Zazhytska M., Borel C., Giannuzzi G., Rey G., Howald C., Kumar S., Ongen H., Popadin K., Marbach D. et al., 2019/05/03. Science, 364 (6439). Peer-reviewed.
Breakpoint mapping at nucleotide resolution in X-autosome balanced translocations associated with clinical phenotypes.
Moysés-Oliveira M., Di-Battista A., Zamariolli M., Meloni V.A., Bragagnolo S., Christofolini D.M., Steiner C.E., Kosyakova N., Liehr T., Reymond A. et al., 2019/05. European journal of human genetics, 27 (5) pp. 760-771. Peer-reviewed.
Hepatic PPARα is critical in the metabolic adaptation to sepsis.
Paumelle R., Haas J.T., Hennuyer N., Baugé E., Deleye Y., Mesotten D., Langouche L., Vanhoutte J., Cudejko C., Wouters K. et al., 2019/05. Journal of hepatology, 70 (5) pp. 963-973. Peer-reviewed.
DynaStI: A Dynamic Retention Time Database for Steroidomics.
Codesido S., Randazzo G.M., Lehmann F., González-Ruiz V., García A., Xenarios I., Liechti R., Bridge A., Boccard J., Rudaz S., 2019/04/30. Metabolites, 9 (5) p. 85. Peer-reviewed.
Navigating in vitro bioactivity data by investigating available resources using model compounds.
Ilmjärv S., Augsburger F., Bolleman J.T., Liechti R., Bridge A.J., Sandström J., Jaquet V., Xenarios I., Krause K.H., 2019/04/29. Scientific data, 6 (1) p. 45. Peer-reviewed.
In vivo assembly and trafficking of olfactory Ionotropic Receptors.
Abuin L., Prieto-Godino L.L., Pan H., Gutierrez C., Huang L., Jin R., Benton R., 2019/04/17. BMC Biology, 17 (1) p. 34. Peer-reviewed.
Phylogenetic approaches to identifying fragments of the same gene, with application to the wheat genome.
Piližota I., Train C.M., Altenhoff A., Redestig H., Dessimoz C., 2019/04/01. Bioinformatics, 35 (7) pp. 1159-1166. Peer-reviewed.
Rare variants in the genetic background modulate cognitive and developmental phenotypes in individuals carrying disease-associated variants.
Pizzo L., Jensen M., Polyak A., Rosenfeld J.A., Mannik K., Krishnan A., McCready E., Pichon O., Le Caignec C., Van Dijck A. et al., 2019/04. Genetics in medicine, 21 (4) pp. 816-825. Peer-reviewed.
Worldwide distribution of blood values in elite track and field athletes: Biomarkers of altered erythropoiesis.
Robinson N., Saugy J., Schütz F., Faiss R., Baume N., Giraud S., Saugy M., 2019/04. Drug testing and analysis, 11 (4) pp. 567-577. Peer-reviewed.
Exploiting vulnerabilities of cancer by targeting nuclear receptors of stromal cells in tumor microenvironment.
Cheng H.S., Lee JXT, Wahli W., Tan N.S., 2019/03/30. Molecular cancer, 18 (1) p. 51. Peer-reviewed.
Genome-wide identification of microRNAs regulating the human prion protein.
Pease D., Scheckel C., Schaper E., Eckhardt V., Emmenegger M., Xenarios I., Aguzzi A., 2019/03. Brain pathology, 29 (2) pp. 232-244. Peer-reviewed.
Targeting the Brain to Cure Type 2 Diabetes.
Thorens B., 2019/03. Diabetes, 68 (3) pp. 476-478. Peer-reviewed.
Differential regulation of RNA polymerase III genes during liver regeneration.
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mtProtEvol: the resource presenting molecular evolution analysis of proteins involved in the function of Vertebrate mitochondria.
Kuzminkova A.A., Sokol A.D., Ushakova K.E., Popadin K.Y., Gunbin K.V., 2019/02/26. BMC evolutionary biology, 19 (Suppl 1) p. 47. Peer-reviewed.
Rapid Recapitulation of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis upon Loss of Host Cell Factor 1 Function in Mouse Hepatocytes
Minocha S., Villeneuve D., Praz V., Moret C., Lopes M., Pinatel D., Rib L., Guex N., Herr W., 2019/02/15. Molecular and cellular biology, 39 (5) pp. UNSP e00405. Peer-reviewed.
Depletion of Gram-Positive Bacteria Impacts Hepatic Biological Functions During the Light Phase.
Oh HYP, Ellero-Simatos S., Manickam R., Tan N.S., Guillou H., Wahli W., 2019/02/14. International journal of molecular sciences, 20 (4). Peer-reviewed.
The making of an olfactory specialist
Auer T.O., Khallaf M.A., Silbering A.F., Zappia G., Ellis K., Hansson B.S., Jefferis G.S.X.E., Caron S., Knaden M., Benton R., 2019/02/12. bioRxiv.
Human Semaphorin 3 Variants Link Melanocortin Circuit Development and Energy Balance.
van der Klaauw A.A., Croizier S., Mendes de Oliveira E., Stadler LKJ, Park S., Kong Y., Banton M.C., Tandon P., Hendricks A.E., Keogh J.M. et al., 2019/02/07. Cell, 176 (4) pp. 729-742.e18. Peer-reviewed.
Sensory neuron lineage mapping and manipulation in the Drosophila olfactory system.
Chai P.C., Cruchet S., Wigger L., Benton R., 2019/02/07. Nature Communications, 10 (1) p. 643. Peer-reviewed.
Cold-inducible RNA-binding protein (CIRBP) adjusts clock-gene expression and REM-sleep recovery following sleep deprivation.
Hoekstra M.M., Emmenegger Y., Hubbard J., Franken P., 2019/02/05. eLife, 8 pp. e43400. Peer-reviewed.
Renal mineralocorticoid receptor expression is reduced in lipoatrophy.
Toffoli B., Bernardi S., Winkler C., Carrascosa C., Gilardi F., Desvergne B., 2019/02. FEBS open bio, 9 (2) pp. 328-334. Peer-reviewed.
Are TADs supercoiled?
Racko D., Benedetti F., Dorier J., Stasiak A., 2019/01/25. Nucleic acids research, 47 (2) pp. 521-532. Peer-reviewed.
Proteo-Transcriptomic Dynamics of Cellular Response to HIV-1 Infection.
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KnotProt 2.0: a database of proteins with knots and other entangled structures.
Dabrowski-Tumanski P., Rubach P., Goundaroulis D., Dorier J., Sulkowski P., Millett K.C., Rawdon E.J., Stasiak A., Sulkowska J.I., 2019/01/08. Nucleic Acids Research, 47 (D1) pp. D367-D375. Peer-reviewed.
Assigning confidence scores to homoeologs using fuzzy logic.
Glover N.M., Altenhoff A., Dessimoz C., 2019. PeerJ, 6 pp. e6231. Peer-reviewed.
De Novo Duplication in the CHD7 Gene Associated With Severe CHARGE Syndrome.
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Enabling semantic queries across federated bioinformatics databases
Sima Ana Claudia, Mendes de Farias Tarcisio, Zbinden Erich, Anisimova Maria, Gil Manuel, Stockinger Heinz, Stockinger Kurt, Robinson-Rechavi Marc, Dessimoz Christophe, 2019/01/01. Database, 2019. Peer-reviewed.
Expanding the Orthologous Matrix (OMA) programmatic interfaces: REST API and the OmaDB packages for R and Python.
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GENCODE reference annotation for the human and mouse genomes.
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Global Genetic Networks and the Genotype-to-Phenotype Relationship.
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Human adipose tissue H3K4me3 histone mark in adipogenic, lipid metabolism and inflammatory genes is positively associated with BMI and HOMA-IR.
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Inferring Orthology and Paralogy.
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Ionotropic Receptors Specify the Morphogenesis of Phasic Sensors Controlling Rapid Thermal Preference in Drosophila.
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Omics Approaches in Sleep-Wake Regulation.
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Pharmacological PPARβ/δ activation upregulates VLDLR in hepatocytes.
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Profound Perturbation of the Metabolome in Obesity Is Associated with Health Risk.
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Rocking Promotes Sleep in Mice through Rhythmic Stimulation of the Vestibular System.
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Tanycyte Gene Expression Dynamics in the Regulation of Energy Homeostasis.
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Tissue- and sex-specific small RNAomes reveal sex differences in response to the environment.
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Toward unrestricted use of public genomic data.
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Transcriptome-wide sites of collided ribosomes reveal principles of translational pausing
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Updates in Rhea: SPARQLing biochemical reaction data.
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Whole-Night Continuous Rocking Entrains Spontaneous Neural Oscillations with Benefits for Sleep and Memory.
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µLAS: Sizing of expanded trinucleotide repeats with femtomolar sensitivity in less than 5 minutes.
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The Janus face of rosiglitazone.
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Mutations in MAST1 Cause Mega-Corpus-Callosum Syndrome with Cerebellar Hypoplasia and Cortical Malformations.
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Formal description of the new tree frog species inhabiting Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland
Dufresnes Christophe, Mazepa Glib, Rodrigues Nicolas, Brelsford Alan, Litvinchuk Spartak N., Sermier Roberto, Lavanchy Guillaume, Betto-Colliard Caroline Blaser Olivier, Borzée Amaël, Cavoto Elisa et al., 2018/12/18. Société Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles, 97 pp. 5-11.
Molecular evolution of juvenile hormone esterase-like proteins in a socially exchanged fluid.
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